Creative Dishes to Pair with Amarone: Perfect Pairing

If you’re looking for a delicious, bold red wine to pair with your next meal, look no further than Amarone. Also known as “the king of wines and the wine of kings,” Amarone is an Italian red wine that is produced using a unique technique called appassimento. 

This process involves drying grapes before fermentation, which gives the resulting wine its deep flavor and body. 

This full-bodied red wine pairs well with many different styles of food. So, what are some best food to pair with amarone or to serve alongside this exquisite Italian red? 

Read on to learn more about some creative dishes that will truly elevate your next dinner party. 

What are the Best Food to Pair with Amarone?

Amarone is a type of Italian red wine made from partially dried grapes that are then fermented and aged in barrels for several years. 

It is characterized by its intense flavor profile and robust tannins, making it an excellent pairing for heartier dishes such as roast beef or seared steaks. 

For a sophisticated yet simple entrée, try serving a grilled filet mignon topped with gorgonzola cream sauce alongside your glass of Amarone. 

The rich and creamy sauce complements the bold flavors of the wine beautifully, and the steak provides a nice balance between the two components of the dish. 

If you’re looking for something lighter, consider pairing your glass of Amarone with grilled salmon fillets served over roasted vegetable quinoa salad. 

The smokiness of the salmon provides an interesting contrast to the bright acidity of the wine while still allowing it to shine through. 

The quinoa salad also adds texture and flavor to the plate while providing some much-needed nutrition! 

Best Food to Pair with Amarone 1

For a truly unique pairing, serve up some crispy duck confit with blackberry chutney and wild rice pilaf alongside your Amarone glass. 

The richness of the duck pairs nicely with this full-bodied red wine, while the sweet and tart notes from the blackberry chutney add depth to both components of this delicious dish. 

The wild rice pilaf rounds out this mouthwatering combination by adding texture and additional flavor complexity that will tantalize all of your guests’ taste buds! 

If you want to experiment further, consider combining your favorite cheeses with Amarone for an unforgettable experience! 

Pairing cheese with wine is always a popular option among foodies who love to explore different flavor combinations. Consider trying varieties such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Gorgonzola for something truly delicious. 

Salty cured meats like prosciutto or salami are also great choices when paired with this robust red wine; their salty notes will bring out all of the complexity in each sip of Amarone. 

Finally, don’t forget about dessert! A sweet finish to any meal can be achieved by pairing desserts like gelato or panna cotta with your glass of Amarone—the sweet and savory combination is sure to leave an impression on your guests! 

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Best Sides to Serve with Amarone

1. Roast beef

Roast Beef

Amarone’s intense flavor profile pairs perfectly with the rich and savory taste of roast beef.

2. Osso Bucco

The tender and flavorful meat of Osso Bucco is a great match for the full-bodied taste of Amarone.

3. Truffle risotto

The earthy and nutty flavors of truffle risotto complement the bold taste of Amarone wine. (Recipe)

4. Grilled lamb chops

The rich and smoky flavors of grilled lamb chops are the perfect match for Amarone’s intense flavor.

5. Beef stew

Beef Stew

A hearty and savory beef stew is a great complement to the full-bodied taste of Amarone.

6. Venison

The gamey taste of venison pairs perfectly with the bold flavor and complexity of Amarone. (Recipe)

7. Mushroom risotto

Mushroom Risotto

The earthy and umami flavors of mushroom risotto balance the intense taste of Amarone.

8. Filet mignon

The tender and juicy meat of a filet mignon is a perfect match for the full-bodied taste of Amarone.

9. Braised short ribs

The rich and savory sauce of braised short ribs pairs well with the bold flavors of Amarone.

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10. Grilled ribeye steak

The smoky and charred flavors of a grilled ribeye steak complement Amarone’s intense and complex taste.

11. Wild boar ragu pasta

The bold and gamey taste of wild boar ragu is a great match for Amarone’s unique flavor profile.

12. Rack of lamb

The tender and juicy meat of a rack of lamb pairs well with the full-bodied taste of Amarone.

13. Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

The rich and savory taste of Beef Bourguignon complements the bold flavor of Amarone.

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Wrap Up

There you have it—several creative food pairings that will make your next dinner party one to remember! 

When served alongside dishes such as beef, mushrooms, risotto, cheese, cured meats or even dessert, Amarone becomes even more enjoyable. 

So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting to serve at your next event or dinner party, consider introducing the “king of wines” into the mix! 

With its bold flavors and complex aromas, you can rest assured that no one will go home disappointed after enjoying a glass (or two) of this exceptional Italian red. Cheers!


What flavor doesn’t go well with Amarone?

If you’re a wine lover, you probably know that Amarone is a prestigious Italian red wine appreciated for its complex and intense flavor profile. 

However, some flavors don’t pair well with this bold wine. Among them, we can mention fish, delicate meats, and acidic or spicy dishes. 

The reason why Fish doesn’t make a good match with Amarone is that this wine has a high alcohol content and a tannic structure that can overpower the delicate taste of fish. 

Delicate meats, such as chicken or pork, may also be overwhelmed by the robust flavor of Amarone, losing their subtlety and tenderness. As for acidic or spicy foods, they may exaggerate the tannins in Amarone, making the wine taste bitter or astringent. 

On the other hand, Amarone goes well with rich and flavorful dishes, such as beef, lamb, game, or aged cheese. Due to its full-bodied and hedonic character, Amarone can stand up to the strong flavors, balancing them with their own complexity and richness. 

So, if you want to enjoy a bottle of Amarone at its best, pair it with hearty and savory dishes that can match its personality.

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