Food Revealer is a place where I get my dreams to come true. You read this page, which means you have already gone through some of my posts and ideas, which I will share with you.

Now, About Me- My name is April, and I’m a 28-year-old soul who enjoys traveling, eating, cooking, and spending time with family.

If I tell you that I have loved cooking from childhood, that is not true. Cooking actually came into my life when I was 15. My mom and dad were out of town for some urgent personal work for 4 days, and although mom prepared some snacks and meals for us (me and my cute 2 sisters), they were always annoyed with the food my mom cooked.

So, both started nagging at me. That was the first time I bravely went to the kitchen to make them what they wanted ( mushroom garlic fried rice) from one cookbook. My mom used it sometimes. That was my first attempt. Honestly, it was not that popular, but they loved it. Then they started again. I cooked one meal at a time at night, something special from that book they used to enjoy. I was genuinely happy to see them enjoying my food.

From then on, I started cooking. Every time I was free, my mom and dad also loved the taste. Mom helped me to improve. All thanks to my mom and her effort. This is my first time. I started My Food Revealer to help people make fun, tasty, and easy recipes with leftover food, what to serve with (some easy, quick ideas), and substitutes. I believe the food you make for someone else brings you joy and peace.

That’s all, fellas… I hope my ideas will help you in the kitchen rush. Feel free to contact me, comment on me, or share your ideas via email. I’ll try to respond to every comment and email I get. Thanks for your support.