24 Delightful Pairings: What to Serve with Apple Crumble

Apple crumble is a dessert that evokes warm, cozy feelings of home and gatherings with family and friends.

With its mouthwatering blend of soft, spiced apples and a crispy, buttery topping, this classic treat never fails to please.

While the star of the show is undoubtedly the apple crumble itself, your dessert game can be elevated even further by investing some creativity into what you serve alongside it.

In this blog post, we’re exploring a range of both sweet and savory delights that will make your apple crumble experience all the more memorable.

So, let’s get started with your favorite balcony coffee.

A Quick solution for what to serve with apple crumble

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What is Apple Crumble, and what does apple crumble taste like?

Apple Crumble is a classic British dessert traditionally made with apples and a crunchy, buttery topping of flour, sugar, and butter.

The topping usually contains oats or nuts for added texture. It can be served warm or cold with cream, custard, ice cream, or simply on its own.

The flavor of the apple filling depends on the variety of apples used and how they are prepared – you can use tart Granny Smiths or sweeter Golden Delicious apples.

There’s also lots of room to experiment with adding spices like cinnamon to create your own unique version.

The buttery crumble topping adds a delightful contrast in both texture and taste. As the name suggests, it contains a crumbly consistency that is sweet and nutty with a hint of buttery goodness.

Apple crumble is definitely one of those comforting desserts that everyone loves.

Its combination of sweet apples, crunchy topping, and warming spices make it the perfect end to any meal. Whether you have it on its own or with a dollop of cream, it’s sure to please! Enjoy!

What is apple crumble topping made of?

The apple crumble topping is traditionally made with butter, sugar, flour, and cinnamon. The butter is cut into the dry ingredients until it resembles a coarse meal.

Some recipes may also call for oats or walnuts to be added to the topping.

Once all of the ingredients are combined and mixed together, they can be sprinkled over your favorite fruit, such as apples, peaches, plums, or blackberries, before baking in an oven.

Apple crumble makes a delicious dessert served warm with ice cream or whipped cream on top! Enjoy!

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Best sides to serve with apple crumble

1. Custard

Nothing screams traditional British dessert quite like a warm apple crumble served with a generous helping of velvety smooth custard.

The creamy consistency of the custard melds perfectly with the crumble’s crunchy topping to create a match made in dessert heaven.

custard is a good side to serve with apple crumble

You can keep it simple by using a store-bought custard, but if you’d like to go the extra mile, homemade custard adds a personal touch and adds a level of thickness and richness that can’t be beaten.

2. Ice Cream

Another classic partner, a scoop of ice cream on top of a warm apple crumble, is undeniably delectable.

The contrasts in temperature and texture of the hot apple crumble and the cold, creamy ice cream make for a delightful and refreshing combination. 

While vanilla ice cream is an all-time favorite, don’t hesitate to play around with other flavors, such as salted caramel, cinnamon, or even a tangy sorbet to contrast with the sweetness of the apple crumble.

3. Whipped Cream or Crème Fraîche

Light, fluffy whipped cream adds a satisfying touch of cool creaminess that contrasts beautifully with the warm, gooey apples and crisp topping.

If you fancy something a little tangier to counterbalance the sweetness of the crumble, try serving it with a dollop of crème fraîche.

The slightly sour and creamy notes of the crème fraîche provided a unique taste sensation when combined with a generous spoonful of apple crumble.

4. Cheese Platter

For those wanting to venture into the savory side, consider serving a cheese platter alongside your apple crumble.

It may seem unconventional, but a cheese board with a mix of both hard and soft cheeses (think cheddar, brie or camembert) offers a delightful contrast to the sweetness of the dessert.

A good cheese platter will often include, aside from cheese, slices of bread or crackers, fruit preserves or chutneys, nuts, and fruits like grapes and apple slices. 

These components complement the flavors of the apple crumble and give you a well-rounded dessert experience.

5. Caramel, Toffee or Chocolate Sauce

A rich sauce drizzled over the top of a steamy apple crumble brings an indulgent, luxurious touch to this humble dessert.

Whether you prefer caramel, toffee, or chocolate, adding a sauce can elevate your apple crumble and take it to the next level. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider experimenting with infused syrups to bring unique flavors to the equation – think maple syrup with Bourbon or a raspberry coulis for a fruity finish.

6. Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

You can never go wrong by serving apple crumble with a scoop of smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream.

The cool creaminess of the ice cream perfectly offsets the warmth and richness of the apple crumble, creating a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.

Additionally, as the ice cream melts, it mingles with the crumble and creates a delectable sauce that will have you scraping the plate clean.

7. Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce

For a lighter alternative to ice cream, you can also serve your apple crumble with a dollop of whipped cream on the side.

This adds a cool and airy contrast to the dessert while still providing a touch of richness.

You can elevate this pairing further by drizzling some caramel sauce over both the crumble and the whipped cream; the sweet, buttery notes of the caramel tie everything together beautifully.

8. Spiced Nuts and Seeds

Adding some spiced nuts and seeds to your apple crumble can bring a welcome dimension of flavor and texture.

Choose nuts like walnuts, pecans, or almonds and seeds like pepitas (pumpkin seeds) or sunflower seeds. 

Toss them in butter, honey, or maple syrup with a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin pie spice, and roast in the oven for about 10 minutes.

Then sprinkle the spiced nuts and seeds on top of your crumble just before serving for an added crunch that echoes the spices found within your dessert.

9. Cheese

For an unusual yet surprisingly delicious combination, pair your apple crumble with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese or a soft, creamy blue cheese such as Cambozola.

The salty tang of the cheese offsets the sweetness of the apples and the buttery topping, creating a multifaceted flavor profile that works surprisingly well together.

Give it a try next time you’re looking to surprise your dinner guests with an unexpected dessert match.

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10. Greek Yogurt

This tart yet creamy yogurt adds a protein boost to an apple crumble, making your dish an ideal side for those watching their waistline or looking for extra nutrition in their dessert.

greek yogurt is a good dish to serve with apple crumble
Greek Yogurt

11. Caramel Sauce

For those seeking something even sweeter than the Apple Crumble itself, caramel sauce creates its own unique flavor profile when paired together with this classic British favorite.

12. Clotted Cream

Clotted cream has long been served alongside desserts in England and makes a wonderful sidekick to any apple crumble as it enhances its sweetness without being overpowering.

So, you can also try it, and it will surely satisfy your taste bud.

13. Salted Caramel Ice Cream

With its hint of saltiness cutting through the richness of any apple crumble, salted caramel ice cream is sure to hit all the right notes when you are served alongside this classic comfort food dessert.

14. Mascarpone Cheese

You can use this Italian cheese which offers up an unexpected yet delightful addition to an apple crumble, offering up just enough flavor and richness without overwhelming the dessert’s delicate balance of flavors and textures.

15. Burnt Sugar Syrup

Simple yet effective, this syrup takes on hints of butterscotch or caramel, depending on how you make it.

Thus adding even more depth of flavor to your already delicious apple crumble dish while still allowing its delicate flavors to shine through each bite you take!

16. Spiced Rum Raisin Sauce

A great way to give your Apple Crumble some extra oomph is by serving it with spiced rum raisin sauce – perfect for those that like their desserts with a bit more kick!

17. Maple Syrup 

Not only does maple syrup offer up plenty of sweetness, but its distinct flavor gives depth and complexity to any apple crumble dish that other syrups simply can’t match!

18. Coconut Whip 

Perfect for vegans or anyone wanting something dairy free – coconut whip goes unbelievably well with an Apple Crumble as it adds both creaminess and subtle tropical notes to your dessert plate!

19. Honeycomb 

An underappreciated sidekick in many desserts due to its intense sweetness – honeycomb added crunchy texture and deep flavor when served alongside Apple Crumble which makes it essential to try at least once!

20. Poached Pears 

Poached pears are amazing when partnered with Apple Crumble, as they provide subtle fruity flavors which add complexity whilst still allowing all elements on your plate to stand out in their own right.

21. Vanilla Custard

My favorite Vanilla custard is a classic choice for an apple crumble, offering up a comforting and creamy accompaniment that goes perfectly with the sweet flavor of apples!

22. Salted Caramel Sauce 

Taking the decadence of caramel to the next level, salted caramel sauce is every bit as delicious as it sounds – adding plenty of sweetness with just enough saltiness to balance out your dessert plate in perfect harmony!

23. Cinnamon Ice Cream

You can Combine both creamy vanilla ice cream and warm notes of cinnamon which makes this side dish ideal for anyone looking to add some extra spice to their Apple Crumble experience!

 cinnamon ice cream can add some extra spice to their apple crumble
Cinnamon Ice Cream

24. Toffee Sauce 

This is Deliciously rich and oozing with sweetness, and this topping offers depth but is never overpowering – creating a wonderful balance when combined with the flavors of an Apple Crumble.

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What are the best flavors to go with apple crumble?

When it comes to picking the best flavors to accompany your apple crumble, you’re really only limited by your imagination.

From classic combinations like ice cream and caramel sauce to more adventurous combinations like cinnamon-infused mascarpone or a dollop of clotted cream, there are endless ways to enjoy this classic dish.

Other popular flavor pairings for apple crumble include vanilla custard, yogurt, honeyed ricotta, and even salted butter caramel. 

If you’d prefer something refreshing alongside your sweet treat, try adding a scoop of tangy crème fraîche or a splash of tart cranberry sauce.

For an extra special touch, top with freshly grated nutmeg or a sprinkling of flaked almonds. Whichever flavors you choose, your apple crumble is sure to be a delicious treat. Enjoy!

How do you jazz up an apple crumble?

One way to jazz up an apple crumble is by adding a topping of crunchy granola. You can also add your dishes some chopped nuts, such as pecans or walnuts, for added texture and flavor.

Another great topping option is crushed graham crackers or crushed gingersnaps.

For an indulgent twist, you can top your crumble with something sweet, like a sprinkle of brown sugar or cinnamon sugar.

If you’re feeling creative, try making a streusel topping out of oats, flour, butter, and spices such as nutmeg and allspice.

Don’t forget the “crumble” in apple crumble; sprinkle some rolled oats over the top before baking to give it that classic crumbly texture. Enjoy!

If you want to increase the nutritional profile of your apple crumble, consider adding some grated or chopped carrots, zucchini, or other vegetables into the mix.

How should apple crumble be served?

Apple crumble is best served warm and fresh out of the oven. Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream for an extra special treat.

If you have leftovers, keep them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. To reheat, place portions on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 350°F oven until warm. Enjoy!

Best apple crumble toppings you should try

Apple crumble is a classic dessert that everybody loves. To truly bring out the flavors of the dish, you should top it with the best ingredients. Here are some of the most delicious and unique toppings you should try:

1. Roasted Almonds 

Adding roasted almonds to your apple crumble provides a crunchy texture and nutty flavor to contrast with the sweetness of the apples.

2. Crushed Cookies 

Crushed cookies can be used as an alternative or in addition to traditional streusel toppings. They provide a buttery flavor and crunchy texture that pairs perfectly with soft apples.

3. Caramel Sauce 

Drizzling caramel sauce over your apple crumble adds an extra layer of sweetness and complexity that brings all of the other flavors together.

4. Whipped Cream 

Whipped cream is always a great choice to top off any dessert! Its light and fluffy texture contrasts nicely with the heavier crumb topping, making it a perfect complement for this treat.

5. Cinnamon Sugar 

Sprinkling cinnamon sugar over your apple crumble creates a sweet and spicy flavor that enhances every bite. Plus, it gives off a heavenly aroma when baking!

Bonus tips: 

For a more decadent twist, try adding chocolate chips or shredded coconut to your apple crumble toppings. These ingredients add a rich and indulgent flavor that will make your dessert even tastier.

You could also try stirring in some dried fruit, such as raisins or cranberries, for a hint of tartness or using pecans or walnuts for an extra crunch.

Conclusion on what to serve with apple crumble

Serving the perfect side dish with your apple crumble is key in elevating this classic dessert and making it truly memorable.

From the traditional warmth of custard to the unexpected delight of a cheese platter, there’s an option for every palate.

So, the next time you find yourself baking an apple crumble, spice things up by pairing it with one of these scrumptious accompaniments. Your taste buds will thank you!

FAQs on what to serve with apple crumble

Q1. What cream to serve with apple crumble?

The answer to this question really depends on personal preference. Some people prefer to enjoy their apple crumble with a creamy, warm custard, while others may opt for the colder, sweeter option of vanilla ice cream. 

Therefore, it is ultimately up to you to decide which accompaniment best suits your tastes! For a conventional dessert experience, the custard is always a crowd-pleaser. 

However, if you’re looking for something unique and special, why not try some indulgent salted caramel or chocolate chip ice cream alongside your apple crumble? Whichever way you choose to enjoy it – with custard or ice cream – one thing is certain: there’s nothing quite as comforting and satisfying as an old-fashioned apple crumble!

Q2. Is apple crumble better with custard or ice cream?

The question of whether apple crumble is best served with custard or ice cream is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the thick, creamy texture of custard, while others like the smooth sweetness of ice cream. 

Custard can provide a nice contrast to the crunchy topping and tart apples in an apple crumble, while ice cream can offer a more indulgent treat. Whichever accompaniment you choose, it’s sure to be delicious!
If you really can’t decide, why not serve both?

Apple crumbles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a helping of warm custard are the ultimate comfort food. Alternatively, you could consider creating an apple-crumble-inspired sundae with rich caramel sauce and extra toppings like chopped nuts or whipped cream. Enjoy!

Q4. Should apple crumble be served hot or cold?

The answer to this question depends on personal preference. Some people like their apple crumble served hot with a scoop of ice cream or custard, while others prefer it cold. If serving it hot, make sure not to overcook the crumble and that the apples are soft before serving. 

If you would like to serve your apple crumble cold, make sure the crumble is completely cooled before refrigerating it. It can be reheated if desired for a few minutes in the oven or microwave at a later time. No matter how you choose to serve your apple crumble, it’s sure to be a delicious treat!

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