What to serve with stuffed mushrooms- 22 Quick Side dishes

Mushrooms are good replacement meat, and they have a wonderful flavor. In addition, stuffed mushrooms are delicious and filling. 

You can use different types of mushrooms in this dish, though Cremini or Baby Bella types are strongly recommended. 

I am here to share what is best served on stuffed portobello mushrooms! This article lists the 22 best side dish recipes stuffed with portobello mushrooms.

What to serve with stuffed mushrooms- 22 quick & Easy Side dishes

You can make mushrooms using various techniques, and they can be eaten either alone or alongside salad or supper. The addition of dessert makes meals more enjoyable.

Herb-Roasted Potatoes

1. Roast potatoes

Roasted potatoes are one of my favorite and the easiest side dish for stuffed mushrooms. 

Just boiled the potatoes or directly bake them in an oven that will cook quickly. I recommend using baby potatoes.

Balsamic Glazed Steak

2. Balsamic Glazed Steak

Yes, it’s a meat dish, and you can add it as a side with stuffed mushrooms. Because glazed balsamic steak tastes outstanding and pairs perfectly with the mushroom.

The meat marinade softens and tenderizes beef allowing the meat to sink into the mouth after each bite. 

This balsam glaze is sweet but contrasts well with savory dishes. The steak will taste great in combination with the balsam glazed sauce and veggies such as broccoli.

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3. Spinach salad

Serve stuffed mushrooms as appetizers? Try spinach salad is easy enough for you and the ideal appetizer for a gourmet dinner. 

Serve stuffed mushrooms as appetizers? Try spinach salad is easy enough for you and the ideal appetizer for a gourmet dinner. 

The best thing about the salad is how easily you make it. The salad only requires five items and a 15-minute prep and cooking period. This quick, easy spinach salad instantly elevates the flavor of any restaurant meal.

4. Roasted Vegetables with garlic and Grated Parmesan cheese

Mushroom has a meat-based flavor, so adding garlic-roasted vegetables with grated Parmesan to a side dish is perfect for them. 

It’s good for the skin to cook vegetables cooked with garlic and sliced Parmesan, and they burst with nutrients that complement stuffed mushrooms. 

Use garlic powder or cloves for this beautiful aroma. Combining both dishes allows for a mix of tastes and gives you an entire meal without feeling full. 

Creamy Mashed Potato to serve with Spinach stuffed chicken

5. Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Creamed mashed potato will certainly go well alongside mushrooms. The dishes work well on practically every food item and are very simple to make. 

You satisfy your appetite and enjoy it as well. It’s possible to use various recipes when making creamy mashed potatoes, either using the evergreen class recipe or warming it with seasoned spices if desired. 

Whatever you want, mashed potatoes are ideal side dishes. You must pick the proper potatoes to make the best and most tasty dish.

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7. Garlic Bread

Add garlic bread on top of the mushroom stuffing. It provides a crisp texture paired with a meaty texture. And it works perfectly.

The taste of garlic bread adds freshness. Those mushrooms are the perfect way to satisfy a hungry person. Guests can also enjoy garlic-baked bread and mushrooms stuffed with mushrooms.

8. Pesto chicken pasta salad

Have you got any plans on hosting an event? You won’t be disappointed if you add pesto pasta salad to stuffed portobello. These can quickly become the most loved of any guest, despite age. 

This pasta salad offers a strong and mild flavor, enhanced with Burrata cheese. 

Warning: These pasta salads made with pestos are addictive! Do double batches whenever possible.

9. Roasted vegetable Polenta bowl

Get ready for the meatless Sunday dinner featuring vegetarian-cooked portobello mushrooms and the veggie polenta salad… 

Cheesy polenta provides an ideal foundation for your veggies, highlighting their flavor. 

During roasted vegetable preparation, you can add Smoked Paprika flavor, which complements your stuffed Portobello mushrooms.

Serve this roast vegetable polenta bowl with a mushroom soup and enjoy a tasty vegetarian meal. You may think that it is meat-free.

10. French onion soup

The soup is always delicious with meaty dishes. You can also serve a french onion salad on top of mushrooms. This is a fantastic recipe easy to create and tasty.

The soup is always delicious with meaty dishes. You can also serve a french onion salad on top of mushrooms. This is a fantastic recipe easy to create and tasty.

The best part is that French onion soup is a delicious and healthy meal that a family will love before it’s served. You could add more shredded cheese on top. 

The result is another delicious meal that doesn’t leave anyone hungry. 

You can use this for lunch, dinner, or as an appetizerHence, the mushrooms that are stuffed are perfectly merged with soup.

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11. Roasted spaghetti squash

The spaghetti squash has a great flavor thanks to garlic cooked in olive oil and dried walnut flakes. It’s a healthy dish served with stuffed portobello mushrooms for a lively and full meal.

12. Garden Salad

Garden salads have become an easy side recipe you can prepare at the same time. 

If there is not a lot of time for cutting tomatoes and cucumbers into small pieces or sliced vegetables, celery, bell peppers, and onion — that should make a good salad dressing. 

There’s nothing wrong with plain iceberg lettuce or some croutons. This dinner is more than just a side dish; you can include proteins like fried chicken or tuna if you prefer it. 

Garden salads can work well with Italian dishes, and they are particularly good for those using pasta to serve the meal as the base.

13. Mashed potatoes along with cheddar cheese & Bacon

Bacon and cheddar potato casseroles make an enjoyable meal to prepare in a short time. You must boil potatoes and stir them with all the ingredients to make them cool enough. 

It can be used as breakfast because of its lightness and is suited to omelets or egg dishes. This is also good with the sandwiches as it gives you a cushion when adding some BBQ sauce.

14. Mandu

Make Chinese-inspired stuffed oxfords? Serve with Mandus. This Korean dumpling is often served with stuffed shiitake mushrooms. 

The kimchi is packed with everything from meat and vegetables to shrimp. Mandu is also cooked and deep-fried. 

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15. Enjoy Lemon garlic pasta with Stuffed portobellos

Enjoy an exquisite dinner when you prepare these garlic and lemon-based pasta for your stuffed portobellos. 

The lemon butter sauce, fried scallops, and shrimp will really make this pasta dish irresistible. This simple dish makes a dinner that feels like you’ve been cooking it for hours. 

In reality, cooking these dishes takes around 15 minutes. You’ll probably have lemon garlic pasta served alongside shrimp or scallops every day.

16. Ribeye steak

It’s impossible to go wrong by using traditional combinations like ribeye steak and stuffed mushrooms. 

Whether it’s steak or ribeye – this cut is very forgiving for a beginner to try. Make the perfect wine sauce for your rib-eye steaks and mushrooms.

17. French onion pork chops

Make a starch-filled portobello mushroom dish with these French onion pork chops. This juicy pork chop is smothered in the beefy, spicy onion sauce, making the dish a little more indulgent than usual. Trust me, this is not enough for you.

18. Cocktail meatballs

Game-day parties do not include appetizers. This grilled meatball and mushroom stuffed appetizer is one of the easiest to prepare appetizers for gamedays. 

Truthfully, meatballs are not special; they are incredibly euphoric because of their sweet and spicy sauce. Serve this cocktail meatball with a spoon and wait for it to be eaten in minutes.

19. Lobster sauce

Are you ready for a fancy meal? This elegant lobster sauce can easily be added to any meal. Risotto is already pretty good for itself though adding lobster takes that level up. 

What do you think? Serve stuffed portobello alongside this scrumptious lobster dish for a memorable dinner.

20. Cheesy Biscuits

Do you like the biscuit? These mushrooms are great to enjoy as a snack or as a salad. These cheesy biscuits are highly versatile and are the perfect accompaniment to stuffed mushrooms. 

It could be eaten with several more things, such as bacon strips, sausage links, eggs, etc. The use of good cheese in making biscuit pies is probably most preferred by many food enthusiasts. 

This easy recipe should be followed correctly to get better results than others you have not tried. After the meal, eats the mushroom. They are best eaten warm and should also be cooked before serving.

21. Creamy Tuscan chicken

Serve your Portobello filled with stuffed chicken for a perfect breakfast. This dish features tender, juicy chicken wrapped in a creamy garlic sauce. 

These sauces are good enough to make you feel like you can lick them off your plate. And are there other excellent features of these foods? This creamy Tuscan garlic chicken is ready for your meal within 25 minutes.

22. Celeriac puree

Celeriac is a creamy puree with a delicious, celery-like aroma that complements any stuffed mushroom or portobello. 

Plus, this is a healthy replacement for the usual potatoes. Put little stuffed mushrooms on top of the celeriac puree to make it a perfect dish. 

The celeriac puree mixed with the roasted balsamic shallots makes an excellent complement to your recipe collection.

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FAQs Related to Stuffed Mushrooms 

What do you eat with baked mushrooms?

Enjoy roasted mushrooms in a bowl with mashed potatoes, cauliflower, black beans or rice, or pasta. Keep in mind: juices = liquid gold!

Does cheese go with mushrooms?

Mushrooms, pasta, or rice also make a classic mix, often combined with creamy cheesiness or topped with a sprinkle of soft, salted cheese. 

Chopped sautéed mushrooms add great flavor to the mac and cheese and risotto dishes you love most!

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