What to serve with Jambalaya- 16 Tasty & quick side dishes

Jambalaya is an aromatic, savory, and sweet creole-based rice meal originating in the USA. This is one bowl of meal stuffed with rice and Cajun spiced peppers. 

This mild version uses just sausage and is an important meal for our family.

I have 15 of my favorites, and they make an easy jambalaya-style dinner. 

The authentic Jambalaya is a hearty dish that includes andouille pork, chicken shrimp, and fried cajun peppers. The long grains absorb all these flavors making Jambalaya the most heavenly meal you can eat! 

16 Hearty Side dishes Perfect to serve with Jambalaya

Traditional Southern sides for making Jambalaya include rice cornbread, collard greens, and much more. It’s crucial that you stay simple – and there are many quick and simple recipes perfect for that.

Serve with rice dishes, green vegetables, or green beans for an even more balanced heat. Fried Okra is another South Favorite. All three are great side dishes.

1. Green Salad

Salads make great pairs with nearly all meals, and they’ll go perfectly with Jambalaya too. Here you should avoid wasting time on salads and not combining too many flavors. 

Keep this simple with greens, salads, and tangier dressings. It is possible to make your meal from greens, onion, cucumber, or sunflower seeds. 

This chilled salad is incredibly rich in jambalaya spices. For optimum flavor, look for cream dressings that do not taste sour and tangy.

2. Grilled oysters

Grilled oysters are sweet, and buttery, if not quite tangy. It is also possible that you can add some savory and spicy jambalaya to them. 

Grilled oysters are sweet, buttery, if not quite tangy. It is also possible that you can add some savory and spicy jambalaya to them. 

My recommendation would probably be to grill oysters, perhaps accompanied by remoulade sauce. It will make them an excellent addition to Jambalaya.

3. Corn Maque Choux

Oh yeah. Corn is excellent for Jambalaya. This makes it crunchy and sweet but also lightly flavored. I love the taste. 

Corn Maque Choux contains corn, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Your Jambalaya will most probably have tomato and peppers. It will serve these in a freshly prepared meal that will make them crunchy and crisp. 

The Louisiana dish makes an ideal accompaniment to jams.

4. Try Fried Okra

Some people add okra to Jambalaya, but this is hardly the intention behind the dish initially. A bit of cooked okra also serves as the best side in the Jambalaya. 

Jambal is southern cuisine, and the fried okra makes sense. Fried okra has a lighter flavor and crunchy taste, and pairing it with Jambalaya completes the food beautifully.

5. Fried Zucchini

Similar to fried okra, fried zucchini also makes an exciting addition. 

Zucchini has very mild flavors, and the bread and fry method provides you with a light but delicious and crisp side, which complements the flavors of Jambalaya and completes the spicy dish as much.

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6. Steamed broccoli

The most effective method for boiling broccoli at room temperature in less than 3 min. Then there was Jambalaya. 

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7. Cornbread

Speaking of starch, the most common accompaniment in Jambalaya is cornbread. Cornbread is essential in southern cuisine, where Jamba originated, and therefore goes hand in hand. 

The flavor of Jambalaya will determine how the cornbread tastes. 

Cornbread makes it an excellent choice to add some broth to the dish or crumble some in it as an added bonus. 

you can serve jabalaya with cornbread which is an excellent choice

Cornbread is the main dish on the jambalaya table, so this is one variant that you may try: Buttermilk cornbread muffins will make the perfect addition to any jambalaya pot!

Cornbread muffins are savory, moist, and delicious that can easily be created at home.

8. Easy Roasted asparagus

Add a little sweetness with roasted asparagus. The food is simple enough to prepare. 

corn on the cob

9. Corn on the Cob

Other good options include corn, especially corn on cobs. Again, corn has an important part of Creole, so pairing good corn with your Jambalaya will make it a perfect dish. 

The corn is made in many varieties and may be buttered or seasoned as desired. Corn’s mild, sweet flavor will enhance Jambalaya’s rich flavor. 

10. Collard Greens

Collard greens and sometimes chard combine nicely with jambalayas. Remember that your main dish was designed to complement the main dish and that you wanted both lighter and complementary flavors. 

Collard green and chard are both mild in their flavors, so the pairing is perfect for Jambalaya. You can sauté them, and you have a healthy and nutritious side that helps balance your meals. 

Keep this simple – sauté your greens in a little oil and vinegar, and add brown sugar to this. Adding onions would be a perfect way.

11. Potatoes

I normally wouldn’t recommend adding another carb on top, as Jambalaya contains rice. A little potato soup will enhance your Jambalaya.

You do not want the potatoes to be overpowering, so choose a simple thing such as mashed potatoes, apricot potatoes, or maybe some cheesy scalloped potatoes for the win.

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12. Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

This cheddar biscuit comes together quickly. This biscuit can easily be stuffed inside a jambalaya. The red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit Recipe will take around 15 minutes to prepare. It can be made easier if it tastes better than the restaurants.

13. Fruit Salad

Try to avoid bread and veggies and try some excellent fruit salads. 

The fruits are sweet and light, combined with Jambalaya’s spicy, savory flavors. 

The fruits are sweet and light, combined with Jambalaya's spicy, savory flavors. 

It may actually be desserts. We suggest using fruit in a fruit smoothie to add to the sweetness.

14. Instant Pot White Rice Recipe

Jambalaya flavors are balanced in white rice dishes. Simple to prepare but tastes great. Instant pot white rice is very easy to cook in large quantities of rice. 

15. Orange/Yellow vegetables

Despite not having the same color contrast, citrus and orange veggies make a nice side dish for your Jambalaya.

16. Cheddar biscuits

Is Jambal always good or bad? Cheeses. This recipe makes some delicious cheddar biscuits infused with garlic cheese, and your creation should taste like a jambalaya. 

Cheddar biscuits are an easy addition to your jambalaya recipe, and cheddar flavors complement it very nicely. 

What is traditionally served with Jambalaya?

Jambalaya contains a high percentage of Asian foods with starchy rice flavor and rich protein content, so it is the perfect side to have… 

  • Cornbreads
  • Buttermilk Cornbread Muffin 
  • Baked cornbread
  • Simple Mexican cornbread
  • Cornbreads with Cheddar Sage spice
  • Crawfish jalapenos cornbreads
  • Buttermilk muffin
  • Skillet. Cornbreads
  • Cornbreads made in Cheshire
  • Crabs and jalapenos. 


What kind of salad goes well with Jambalaya?

Simple green salad, tomato cucumber salad, fruit salads. 

All are crispy, cooling, delicious, and just as beautiful as it sounds. It has creamy avocado and creamy goat cheese. Think how good it tastes in Jambalaya if eaten in one ounce.

What dessert goes well with Jambalaya?

All people love to enjoy dinners with delicious desserts. Choice options to complement Jambalaya include rich chocolates and decadent liqueurs. 

This chocolate dessert could be an excellent choice. Choosing which to attempt first can be difficult.

What is an ideal vegetable to serve with Jambalaya?

Even despite okra’s slimy texture, the vegetables can really transform into an enjoyable dish unless they have been baked. 

Spinach cream, Broccoli, Spritzy Zucco Chip, collars greens, Roast jicama, Spicy zucchini chips, etc.

What alcoholic drink goes with Jambalaya?

Jambalaya & Sazerac has a reputation as New Orleans’official drinking beverage. Take absinthe and whiskey from Sazerac; it’s a fantastic Native pairing.

What goes with Jambalaya and gumbo?

Pasta salads. Buttermilk cornbreads. Chardon and onion. Baking okra – Corn in cobs. Cheddar biscuits. Ham with green bean. Grilled shrimp. Pasta. Buttery bread. Chard & onion. Baked okras. Corn. Corn in the cobs. Cheeseburger bakes. Ham & White Beans. Grilled shrimps. – a good combination for gumbo-jambalaya.

What kind of bread goes well with Jambalaya?

You may wonder what you can make with Jambalaya, but this one-dish meal makes for a fantastic dinner. This dish already has countless ingredients, so you can add a little extra for an evening dinner. Cornbread is one of its most cherished pairings.

What meat goes with Jambalaya?

It is made from chicken andouille sausages and chicken – turkey. If you don’t like Andouille, use beef instead! Andouille, hams, and fish are also served.

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