What to serve with Reuben sandwiches | 8 Effortless Idea

If you are confused about “what to serve with Reuben sandwiches?”, then you’re in a treat. 

I’ll give the 8 best items which you can easily, without effort, serve with a Reuben sandwich anytime to everyone. 

Like normal Sauerkraut to creamy potato soup, let’s overlook and know how to serve these side dishes with your favorite Reuben sandwiches.

What is Reuben Sandwiches? What are the ingredients in a Reuben sandwich? Reuben toppings

Reuben sandwich is made by putting a slice of corned beef on pumpernickel or rye bread with sauerkraut, dressing, and Swiss cheese. It is one of the most popular grilled sandwiches now. It is very easy to make.

The ingredients of a Reuben sandwich are quite different from region to region. Still, a typical Reuben sandwich consists of rye bread, corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and dressing with either Russian dressing or thousand island dressing. 

The Reuben sandwich is one of the best-known variants of the classic “hero” or “submarine” sandwich and a symbol of Jewish-American cuisine. 

In some ways, it is similar to pastrami (corned beef), except that pastrami is cured in spices and brine. The Reuben sandwich is often garnished with a dill pickle spear.

Pioneer woman Reuben sandwich Spicy Reuben sandwich can be prepared as a main dish for lunch or as a side dish for dinner.

What to serve with Reuben sandwiches?

If you can’t understand or try something new with Reuben sandwiches, then there are tons of options you can serve with a Reuben sandwich. So, let’s move on to that; I will help you decide what to serve with Reuben sandwiches.

Obviously, the most important thing you can do is drink, and as you may be sitting at home drinking while watching a game, there are plenty of other options.

You could serve some things with Reuben sandwiches: soup (cream of chicken is always a winner), ice cream (because who doesn’t like that), or even nachos.

Number1. Coleslaw

coleslaw is one of the good tasty option to serve with reuben sandwiches
fig: Coleslaw goes well with Reuben Sandwich

You can serve it with the Reuben sandwich. Homemade is always better when it comes to serving food for people.

French Fries

Number 2. French Fries

You can serve it with the Reuben sandwich is french fries. French fries are a huge hit all over the world.

Number 3. Popcorn

You can serve it with a Reuben sandwich is popcorn. Popcorn is the perfect game-time snack; when you’re munching, you’re not eating (and drinking), and it’s pretty healthy (more so than other things).

Number 4. is a Cream of potato soup.

The creamy potatoes are great as a whole and don’t overpower the strong sandwich ingredients, which is why it goes so well with Reuben Sandwich. Even okay, you can dip your sandwich into the hot soup to soften the bread and make it even better.

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Coconut shrimp is a delicious, flavorful dish that can be served as an amazing appetizer or main course. As with any meal, it's crucial to choose a side dish that perfectly complies with the flavors of the coconut shrimp.

Number 5. Coconut Shrimp

Make a plate of delicious coconut shrimp that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside to serve with your Reuben sandwich. The shrimp’s natural sweetness is enhanced by adding coconut flakes to the seasoning.

Number 6. Sauerkraut 

Try Sauerkraut. Since a Reuben is so tasty, you should pair it with a tart side to balance off its richness. This meal, which is sometimes referred to as fast fermented foods, is a great addition, even if you’re not normally a huge lover of fermented veggies.

Try Sauerkraut. Since a Reuben is so tasty, you should pair it with a tart side to balance off its richness. This meal, which is sometimes referred to as fast fermented foods, is a great addition, even if you're not normally a huge lover of fermented veggies.

It contrasts well with the soft and juicy corned beef in your sandwich and is flavorful and peppery with a delicious crunch. 

Number 7. Potato Chips

You can use either regular potato or sweet potato chips. They’re really simple to prepare, and you can flavor them as you choose.

You can go lavish with truffles and cheese or just keep it simple using salt and pepper. Simply open a package of chips, and the preparation is complete. No need to start a fire or sauté onions and garlic.

Number 8. Onion Rings

Last but not least, my favorite item that can go with a Reuben sandwich is onion rings. Red ale is used to make these rings, but any type of beer will taste fantastic. 

Although they may be prepared at home, these delicious spherical rings might be challenging to produce. 

Alternatively, you can purchase pre-made frozen rings from your neighborhood supermarket.

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What soup goes with Reuben Sandwiches?

Some soup goes perfectly with Reuben Sandwiches, including

many soups along with potato soups are ok to serve with reuben sandwiches
  • · Cream of Potato Soup.
  • · Potato leek soup
  • · Creamy Chicken soup
  • · Creamy vegetable soup (broccoli, spinach, or asparagus.)
  • · Pumpkin soup
  • · Split pea soup

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What is a good side dish to go with a Reuben sandwich?

  • · Mushroom and Olive Tapenade
  • · Potato salad
  • · Leftover mashed potatoes
  • · Eggplant Caponata
  • · Giardiniera
  • · Stuffed Olives
  • · Devil eggs
  • · Steak Fries
  • · Dill pickle
  • · Pickles & Peppers
  • · Green Salad

What to drink with a Reuben sandwich? 

  • · Beer
  • · Wine
  • · Cabernet 
  • · Sauvignon, 
  • · Zinfandel, or 
  • · Petite Sirah.

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What pairs well with Reuben sandwiches?

French dip with Reuben sandwich, Traditional potato salad, baked bean, Macaroni salad, Rustic Potato Leek Soup, dill pickles -these pair well with Reuben Sandwich any time.

What wine goes with a Reuben sandwich?

The best wine goes with a Reuben sandwich are Petite Sirah, Cabernet, Zinfandel and Sauvignon.

How long does corn beef take to cook?

Generally, corned beef is cooked at a low simmer for 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 hours for fork tender or 45 to 50 minutes per pound under medium heat and baked for 2 hours covered with foil in preheated oven to 350 F.

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