31 Best Side Dishes to Serve with Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob is a summertime classic. It’s easy to prepare, and it pairs perfectly with grilled meats and vegetables. 

But if you want to take your corn on the cob up a notch, try pairing it with some creative side dishes that will really wow your guests. 

So, what to serve with corn on the cob? Whether you’re serving it as part of a barbecue, picnic, or family dinner, there are countless. Just remember to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn too much! Side dishes that can be served alongside your corn on the cob. 

Here are some of our favorite side dishes to serve with corn on the cob. Let’s explore some of the best options for perfecting your meal. 

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31 Sides to serve with corn on the cob

1. Grilled Potatoes 

Potatoes are a Perfect accompaniment to any meal. Whether you prefer mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes, they can easily be cooked on the grill alongside your corn. 

Grilled Potatoes 

For the most flavor, try roasting small red potatoes in olive oil, garlic salt, and freshly cracked black pepper over indirect heat until they’re golden brown and crispy. 

2. Salad 

A light salad is always a great way to round out any meal. Try tossing together a simple garden salad with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers for an added crunch. 

Or go for something more substantial, like a quinoa salad with fresh herbs and feta cheese for added flavor. The possibilities are endless! 

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3. Grilled Veggies 

When it comes to grilling season, nothing is better than grilled veggies! 

Grilled Vegetables

Try grilling up some asparagus or zucchini slices for an easy side dish that is sure to please everyone at the table. 

You can also try grilling up different types of peppers, such as jalapenos or poblanos, for a bit of extra kick! Just remember to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn too much!  

4. Beans 

Beans are an excellent side dish that pairs well with just about anything—including corn on the cob! 

Try black beans cooked in garlic and cumin for a flavorful Latin-inspired dish. Or, if you want something lighter but still protein-packed, go for cannellini beans cooked in olive oil and rosemary. 

Beans are also incredibly versatile; they can be served hot or cold, depending on what kind of meal you’re making! 

5. Grilled Cheese-Bacon Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese-Bacon Sandwiches are a combination of savory bacon, melted cheese, and lightly toasted bread that pairs perfectly with corn on the cob.

6. Southern-Style BBQ Ribs

Enjoy a classic summer barbecue meal with slow-cooked ribs and juicy grilled corn on the cob.

7. Baked Potato Salad

Baked Potato Salad

Jazz up a traditional potato salad recipe with roasted corn for a delicious side dish that’s perfect for picnics or barbecues.

8. Tex-Mex Street Corn

Take your corn to the next level by grilling it in Mexican-style street corn fashion, slathering it in creamy mayonnaise and chili powder seasoning for an extra kick of flavor.

9. Roasted Chicken Breasts In BBQ Sauce

Satisfy your dinner cravings with tender roasted chicken breasts smothered in tangy barbecue sauce served alongside sweet corn on the cob.

10. Spicy Buffalo Burgers

For an extra punch of flavor, top flavorful buffalo burgers with creamy blue cheese dressing, tomatoes and pickles to enjoy with some grilled corn on the cob for a complete meal.

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11. Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

Toss shrimp, potatoes and sausage together in foil packets for an easy one-dish meal that goes great when paired with grilled or boiled sweetcorn on the cob as a side dish.

12. Mexican Taco Salad Bowls

Mexican Taco Salad

Enjoy restaurant-style Mexican food right at home with this taco salad bowl recipe featuring fresh greens topped with seasoned beef, cheese and salsa that pairs well with grilled or boiled corn on the cob to complete this tasty meal.

13. Pulled Pork Sliders

Get creative in the kitchen by combining pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw and crispy onions, complementing the sweetness of boiled or grilled corn on the cob as a side dish.

14. Stuffed Grilled Peppers With Rice & Beans

Create warm stuffed peppers filled with rice and beans for a healthy dinner option enhanced by adding some steamed or grilled sweetcorn on the cob as a side dish.

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15. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Spears

Enhance meals by wrapping asparagus spears in salty bacon slices to pair perfectly with steamed or grilled sweetcorn on the cob.

16. Chipotle Lime Grilled Salmon

Enjoy an explosion of flavor from chipotle lime marinated salmon served alongside some charred or buttered sweetcorn on the cob.

17. Zucchini Fritters with Ranch Dipping Sauce

Zucchini Fritters with Ranch Dipping Sauce

Make tasty zucchini fritters drizzled in cool ranch dipping sauce to go well alongside some boiled or grilled corn on the cob as a side dish.

18. Creamy Macaroni & Cheese Bites

Kids will love these cheesy macaroni bites paired perfectly with some steamed or grilled sweetcorn on the cob as a full meal option.

19. Garlic Parmesan Roasted Vegetables

Elevate dinners by roasting broccoli florets, carrots, onions and bell peppers tossed in garlic parmesan seasoning, which pairs beautifully when served alongside charred or buttered sweetcorn on the cob.

20. Honey Garlic Cauliflower Wings

Spice up dinners by making cauliflower wings tossed in a honey garlic glaze to enjoy with some freshly grilled or boiled sweetcorn on the cob.

21. Spicy Sausage & Vegetable Skewers

Use colorful vegetables and spicy sausages for a delicious dinner that pairs perfectly with char-grilled or buttered sweetcorn on the cob as a side dish.

22. Chili Lime Grilled Corn On The Cob

Take your corn on the cob game to the next level by brushing it with melted butter, chili powder, and lime juice before grilling it to perfection, which pairs wonderfully with any summer meal.

23. Greek Salad With Feta Cheese

Greek Salad With Feta Cheese

Enjoy a fresh salad of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and olives topped with tangy feta cheese that pairs wonderfully with some boiled or grilled sweetcorn on the cob.

24. Baked Stuffed Artichokes With Garlic Aioli

Upgrade your dinner experience by baking artichokes filled with bread crumbs and garlic Parmesan butter, which goes perfectly when served alongside char-grilled or buttered sweetcorn on the cob.

25. Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Chimichurri Sauce

Make a meal special by grilling juicy shrimp skewers brushed in flavorful chimichurri sauce that pairs nicely when served alongside charred or buttered sweetcorn on the cob.

26. Grilled Halloumi Cheese & Vegetable Skewers

Make a healthy meal by creating veggie and halloumi cheese skewers complimented nicely with some freshly boiled or grilled sweetcorn on the cob as a side dish.

27. Italian Chicken Parmesan Bake

Enjoy an Italian classic featuring breaded chicken breasts and fresh tomatoes baked in marinara sauce that pairs perfectly when served alongside grilled or boiled corn on the cob.

28. Baked Cajun Tilapia & Rice Pilaf

Create flavorsome fish dishes with spiced cajun tilapia and rice pilaf enhanced by some steamed or grilled sweetcorn on the cob to complete this delicious meal.

29. Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Take your grilled cheese game to the next level by adding savory ingredients such as bacon, tomatoes and onions between melted cheese slices that taste amazing when served alongside some charred or buttered sweetcorn on the cob.

30. Southern Style BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Enjoy a delicious combination of pulled pork with spicy barbecue sauce tucked inside hamburger buns to pair wonderfully with boiled or grilled corn on the cob as a side dish. (Recipe)

31. Baked Zucchini Parmesan Cups

Give meals an upgrade by making zucchini parmesan cups filled with melted cheese and fresh herbs, which pairs nicely alongside char-grilled or buttered sweetcorn on the cob for a balanced meal.

Chicken that goes with corn on the cob

A classic summer favorite, chicken and corn on the cob is an easy and delicious meal that’s perfect for outdoor barbecues. 

The juicy sweetness of the grilled chicken pairs perfectly with the crunchy texture of the sweet summer corn, making it a truly satisfying combination. 

Marinating the chicken beforehand with your favorite herbs and spices can help to bring even more flavor to the dish. 

Even better, since both ingredients are cheap and widely available, you’ll be able to enjoy this classic pairing without breaking your budget. Whether you prefer grilling or baking in the oven, you’ll never regret serving up a plate of this tasty combination.

What is corn on the cob? What does corn on the cob taste like?

Corn on the cob is a type of corn that is cooked while still attached to its cob. It is popular in many cultures and has different ways of being cooked. 

Generally, it is boiled or grilled with butter, salt, and sometimes other seasonings added for flavor. Corn on the cob can also be roasted in an oven or over an open flame.

The taste of corn on the cob depends on how it’s cooked – which seasonings are used, what kind of corn was chosen, etc. 

Corn on the cob

Generally speaking, it has a sweet and savory flavor that can vary from mild to intense depending on how many flavors have been added during cooking. Some people love adding more garlic or spices for extra depth of flavor. 

The texture can vary, too – from crunchy to tender and juicy. When cooked properly, corn on the cob is a delicious summer dish that can be enjoyed in many different ways.

What are the best flavors to go with corn on the cob?

Corn on the cob is a staple summer food, and it’s incredibly versatile. From grilled to boiled, spiced up or kept simple, there are so many ways to enjoy corn on the cob. Here are some of the best flavors and ingredients to pair with your corn:

– Butter and Salt: This classic combination never fails. The salty, buttery flavor brings out all of the sweetness of the corn. Add a sprinkle of black pepper or paprika for an extra kick!

– Mayo and Parmesan Cheese: Whisk together mayonnaise and grated Parmesan cheese, then brush it over warm pieces of corn on the cob for an herby, cheesy treat.

– Chili Lime: Start with a squeeze of lime juice and a sprinkle of chili powder, then finish off with a generous amount of cilantro for extra flavor.

– Sweet & Spicy: Drizzle honey over your corn on the cob, then add a pinch of cayenne pepper and smoked paprika. The sweet and spicy combination will tantalize your taste buds!

– Garlic Parmesan: Rub garlic butter onto warm corn on the cob, followed by freshly grated Parmesan cheese. This combo adds great depth to the sweetness of the corn.

Enjoy experimenting with different flavors and ingredients to find your perfect combination.

Happy grilling! 🙂

How do you jazz up corn on the cob?

There are many ways to jazz up corn on the cob. One way is to slather it with herbed butter or garlic butter. If you want a smokier flavor, you can wrap the ears of corn in foil and roast them over an open flame. 

Another option is to cut off the kernels and sauté them in a skillet with some diced onions and peppers for a southwestern-style side dish. 

corn on the cob

You can also sprinkle your cooked corn with grated cheese, chili powder, or Old Bay seasoning for added flavor. For something sweet, try brushing melted honey butter on the cobs before serving. 

Lastly, don’t forget about adding fresh herbs like parsley, chives, tarragon, dill, or cilantro for a gourmet touch. No matter which method you choose, your corn on the cob is sure to be a hit!

Whether served as an accompaniment to a meal or as the star of the show, jazzed-up corn on the cob will add flavor and flair to any dish. Enjoy!

How do you display corn on the cob on a platter?

To display corn on the cob on a platter, start by laying out some wide lettuce leaves or cabbage leaves around the perimeter of the platter. 

Place the cooked ears of corn in the center of the platter and garnish with fresh parsley sprigs, chopped chives, and thin slices of lemon or lime. 

Finish off your presentation with colorful bell peppers cut into strips and wedges of avocado. Serve with butter, mayonnaise, chili powder, salt and pepper for an extra flavorful side dish that will be sure to impress your guests. Enjoy!

Wrap Up on What to Serve with Corn on the Cob

The next time you’re looking for delicious sides to serve alongside your corn on the cob, look no further than these tasty options!

Grilled potatoes are great for adding texture and flavor, while salads provide a light, crunchy option that won’t weigh you down after eating all that delicious grilled food! 

And lastly, don’t forget about those tasty grilled veggies that add even more color and flavor to your meal! With these sides in mind, you can create a delicious summer feast that everyone will enjoy!


How much corn is on the cob per person?

When planning for a gathering of people, the amount of corn on the cob you should provide per person will depend on how much each individual would like to eat. 

A general rule of thumb is to plan for 1 ear per person if it’s served as an appetizer or side dish and 2 ears per person if it is being served as a main course. 

If there will be a lot of other dishes at the gathering, then you may want to adjust this number accordingly. 

Additionally, some people may prefer more or less than the suggested amounts, so it’s helpful to ask your guests in advance what their preferences are. 

If possible, try to purchase fresh corn on the cob just before the event so that it can be cooked during peak freshness. Enjoy!

*Note: The amount of corn suggested is based on a single ear measuring 7-9 inches in length. If the ears are smaller or larger, you may want to adjust the portion size accordingly.

What main course goes with corn on the cob?

Main course dishes that go well with corn on the cob include barbecued chicken, grilled steak, roasted pork chop, blackened salmon, and baked cod. 

Other side dishes you could pair with a main course and corn on the cob include roasted potatoes, steamed green beans, macaroni and cheese, boiled carrots, mashed sweet potatoes or squash. 

For a vegetarian option, try serving grilled vegetable quesadillas or a hearty bean salad. There are countless possibilities to choose from when pairing main courses with corn on the cob! Enjoy!

How do you serve corn on the cob to guests?

When serving corn on the cob to guests, it is important to make sure that the corn is cooked properly and served hot.

The perfect way to cook corn on the cob is to boil it in salted water for about 10 minutes or until tender. 

Once cooked, carefully remove each ear of corn from the boiling water with tongs and place them into a large bowl filled with ice water. 

This will stop the cooking process and cool down the corn quickly so you can easily handle them without burning yourself.

To serve, place each individual ear of cooked corn onto a plate along with butter, salt, pepper, and any other desired condiments, such as parmesan cheese or chili powder.

Then provide each guest with a separate small plate of butter, salt and pepper so they can season their individual ear of corn to their liking. 

Finally, provide each guest with a large napkin to use while eating the corn on the cob.

What meat goes with corn on the cob?

One of the most popular accompaniments for corn on the cob is grilled or barbecued chicken. 

This classic combination is great for a summer barbecue or family dinner and can easily be cooked on the same grill. Ribs, pork chops, steaks, burgers and sausages are also delicious options for pairing with corn on the cob. 

For a lighter option, fish such as cod fillets or salmon work well too. If you want to make a vegetarian meal out of your side dish, roasted tofu cubes or veggie skewers are perfect complements for corn on the cob. 

Finally, don’t forget about potatoes! Mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes are both delicious sides that go great with corn on the cob. Enjoy experimenting

what protein goes with corn on the cob?

There are many ways to enjoy corn on the cob, and there are plenty of proteins that can be paired with it to round out a meal.

Grilled chicken, fish, or steak make for delicious protein options when served alongside your freshly cooked ear of corn. 

These proteins pair especially well with grilled or boiled corn on the cob, as they provide a contrast in both flavor and texture.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, shrimp is always a great option! Shrimp pairs nicely with either grilled or boiled corn on the cob and adds just enough flavor without overpowering the dish. 

You could also try adding some black beans to your meal for an extra boost of plant-based protein. This combination makes for a flavorful, vegan-friendly meal.

Finally, if you’re looking for something even lighter and more refreshing, grilled tofu is a great option. The tangy flavor of grilled tofu pairs perfectly with the sweetness of corn on the cob. 

Additionally, it adds an extra dose of protein to your meal while also keeping things light and healthy.

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