15 Perfect and Amazing Dishes to Serve with Grilled Kielbasa

Grilling is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and nothing beats a juicy and flavorful kielbasa on the grill. 

Kielbasa is a popular sausage that is enjoyed all year round, but especially during the summer months when grilling and outdoor dining are in full swing.

Whether you’re arranging a backyard barbecue or just cooking up some kielbasa for the family, finding the ideal side dish can make all the difference.

But what to serve with grilled kielbasa to make a complete and delicious meal? Fear not, as I have compiled some quick and amazing dishes that perfectly complement grilled kielbasa. 

These dishes are quite simple to prepare and will surely impress your guests. Whether it is for a family backyard barbecue or a weeknight dinner, these side dishes are sure to please.

What is grilled kielbasa? What does grilled kielbasa taste like?

Grilled Kielbasa is a type of smoked sausage prepared from pork, beef, or a combination of the two. It is usually flavored with garlic and other spices such as marjoram and pepper. 

grilled kielbasa

When it is grilled over high heat, the kielbasa takes on a smoky flavor that pairs well with its savory spices. 

The result is a juicy, flavorful sausage that can be enjoyed alone or served alongside other grilled meats and vegetables.

Best Sides to Serve with grilled kielbasa

1. Grilled Vegetables

Bell peppers, zucchini, onion, and mushrooms are perfect for grilling

Grilled Vegetables

Season them with salt, pepper, and olive oil, and then grill them along with your kielbasa for a more filling meal.

2. Potato Salad

Potato Salad

Potato Salad is a classic dish that complements grilled kielbasa perfectly. You can prepare it in advance and keep it chilled until ready to serve.

3. Caesar Salad

A crisp Caesar salad offers a refreshing and light balance to the smoky kielbasa. Add some crumbled bacon or sunflower seeds for an additional crunch.

4. Coleslaw


Creamy coleslaw is a must-serve when grilling kielbasa. It is best served chilled, and you can switch up the dressing and ingredients to make it more unique.

5. Mac and Cheese

Nothing screams comfort food than a plate of mac and cheese. It is hearty, creamy, and a sure crowd-pleaser.

6. Grilled Corn

Grilled corn

Grilling corn adds a smoky, sweet flavor to this summer favorite. Brush the corn gently with melted butter and sprinkle it with chili powder before grilling.

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7. Baked Beans

You can never go wrong with baked beans, and they go surprisingly well with grilled kielbasa. They are easy to make and can be served both hot and cold.

8. Greek Salad

If you are up for a lighter alternative, a Greek salad made with Feta, cucumbers, tomatoes, and olives is a perfect addition to kielbasa. Scatter some extra oregano before serving.

9. Pasta Salad

You can create a pasta salad with your favorite flavors and ingredients. Toss it with Italian dressing for a tangy finish.

10. Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread

What is an ideal partner for kielbasa if not garlic bread? Slice the bread and butter it up; add some oregano and minced garlic, then toast in the oven.

11. Sauteed Cabbage and Apples

Cook sliced cabbage and apples in butter until they’re tender and caramelized. The sweetness from the apples is a nice contrast to the savory kielbasa.

12. Jalapeno Cornbread

Nothing beats a warm slice of cornbread, especially when it’s spicy and cheesy. The jalapenos give it a nice kick and pair well with the smoky flavor of the kielbasa.

13. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasting Brussels sprouts brings out their nutty flavor and makes them crispy on the outside. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Toss them with some bacon and maple syrup for a sweet and salty side dish.

14. Grilled Pineapple

Grilling pineapple brings out its innate sweetness and adds a nice charred flavor. Serve it with some lime and cilantro for a refreshing side dish.

15. Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad is a healthy and flavorful salad packed with veggies like cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and red onions. 

The chickpeas add protein and texture, making it a filling side dish that pairs well with kielbasa. (Recipe)

Main Course to eat with grilled kielbasa

A delicious main course to enjoy with grilled kielbasa could be a classic German-style potato salad. 

German Potato Salad

This dish combines boiled potatoes, diced onion, celery, capers, and pickles with a dressing made from oil, vinegar, mustard, and herbs for an incredibly flavorful side dish. 

To complete the meal, adding some sauerkraut to the plate provides an extra hit of umami that pairs well with the smoky flavor of the kielbasa. 

The combination of these two traditional German dishes makes for an enjoyable meal that will fill you up without feeling too heavy.

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Appetizers to serve with grilled kielbasa

1. Grilled Potato Bites with Creamy Mustard Sauce

Bite-size potatoes are grilled until they are lightly browned and crispy then served along with a creamy mustard sauce for dipping. 

This is a great way to enjoy the flavor of kielbasa without having to serve it as the main course.

2. Garden Fresh Bruschetta

A delicious combination of diced tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar makes this bruschetta the perfect accompaniment to grilled kielbasa. 


Serve each bite on a thick slice of crusty bread to really bring out the flavor in the dish.

3. Sweet & Spicy Bacon Wrapped Dates

These sweet and savory bites are sure to be a hit at any gathering! 

Dates are wrapped in bacon and seasoned with chili powder for an additional kick of heat that pairs nicely with grilled kielbasa.

4. Cheesy Sausage Dip

Cheesy Sausage Dip

Cheesy Sausage Dip is an easy dip that combines cream cheese, shredded cheese, cooked sausage (such as kielbasa), and spices for a delicious snack that goes perfectly with grilled kielbasa slices or links!

5. Kielbasa Skewers

Cut up pieces of cooked kielbasa into cubes and skewer them on bamboo sticks along with other tasty ingredients like peppers, onions, mushrooms, and more!

Serve these skewers alongside your favorite sauces for dipping.

6. Stuffed Mushrooms

These creamy stuffed mushrooms make an impressive appetizer that can be made quickly using pre-cooked sausage such as kielbasa! 

Stuffed Mushrooms

Combine cream cheese and seasonings before stuffing each mushroom cap for an irresistible bite-sized treat!

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7. Potato Skins Stuffed with Kielbasa

Crisp potato skins are filled with crumbled cooked kielbasa and topped off with melted cheese – what’s not to love? 

Serve these cheesy potatoes along with sour cream or ranch dressing for even more deliciousness!

What else is served with grilled kielbasa

Drinks to pair with grilled kielbasa

1. Grilled Fig and Ricotta Crostini

Grilled Fig and Ricotta Crostini is a delightful appetizer that pairs perfectly with grilled kielbasa, as the sweetness of the figs helps to balance out the smokiness of the sausage. 

The creamy ricotta cheese gives this dish an added layer of richness that is sure to please any palette.

2. Beer and Kielbasa Skewers

If you’re looking for a beer-based pairing for your grilled kielbasa, look no further than these savory beer and kielbasa skewers. 

By marinating the sausage in beer prior to grilling, you can enhance the flavor and create a delicious contrast between the sweet malt notes of the beer and the smoky, juicy flavor of the sausage.

3. Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese

Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese: This refreshing salad combines sweet watermelon chunks with salty feta cheese and is a great way to cool off after biting into a piping hot piece of grilled kielbasa. 

Watermelon Salad

The sweetness from the watermelon helps to balance out the smokiness of the sausage and creates an interesting flavor profile that will tantalize your taste buds.

4. Sauerkraut

Nothing goes better with grilled kielbasa than sauerkraut. The tartness from this fermented cabbage dish helps to cut through some of the fattiness from the sausage while also adding a nice brightness to each bite.

5. Classic Mashed Potatoes

Another ideal classic side dish that pairs perfectly with kielbasa is mashed potatoes! 

Mashed Potatoes 

The creamy texture balances out some of the spiciness from many varieties of kielbasa while also providing a comforting warmth that everyone enjoys during colder months.

6. Red Cabbage Slaw

For those who want something more crunchy alongside their grilled kielbasa, red cabbage slaw is a great option! 

The acidity from this slaw helps to bring out some of the flavors in many types of sausage while also adding an extra kick every now and then when you come across one of its crunchy bits!

7. Non-Alcoholic Cider

For those looking for a non-alcoholic beverage alternative that pairs well with grilled kielbasa, non-alcoholic cider is an excellent choice! 

It’s light yet flavorful enough to not overpower any flavors in your meal while still providing enough sweetness to break up any savory notes present in your meal!

Desserts to go with grilled kielbasa

1. Apple Strudel

A classic dessert in Central and Eastern Europe, apple strudel is the perfect way to complete a grilled kielbasa meal. 

Apple Strudel

It has a flaky and buttery crust filled with apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and raisins. Topping it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes this dish a truly delicious delight!

2. Poppy Seed Cake

Poppy Seed Cake is a lightly sweet cake that contains poppy seeds, which pair wonderfully with the smoky flavor of grilled kielbasa. 

The poppy seeds give the cake an interesting texture that is both crunchy and moist at the same time. Serve it warm for an even more complementary flavor combination!

3. Plum Compote

A traditional Polish treat, plum compote offers a refreshing taste after biting into the hearty kielbasa. 

It is made by simmering fresh plums with sugar until they are softened, then adding cinnamon and lemon juice for additional flavor. Enjoy it chilled for an irresistible summery dessert! (Recipe)

4. Pampuchy

Another traditional Polish dish, pampuchy, is fluffy dumplings made from potato dough filled with fruit or jam and served warm with sour cream or melted butter on top. 

They make an excellent accompaniment to grilled kielbasa because their subtle sweetness balances out the flavorful sausage perfectly!

5. Gingerbread Cookies

Thick and chewy gingerbread cookies are just as good at the end of a meal as they are during the holidays! 

Gingerbread Cookies

Made with molasses, ground ginger, and other spices, these cookies have a robust flavor that pairs well with kielbasa’s smokiness while still providing plenty of sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth!

What are the best flavors to go with grilled kielbasa?

Grilled kielbasa is a delicious and hearty meal option that accompanies well with a variety of flavors. 

For starters, the smoky flavor of the kielbasa goes wonderfully with a touch of sweetness, such as honey or brown sugar. 

Additionally, plenty of herbs and spices can help bring out the flavor of the meat. Mustard and caraway provide a zesty kick, while garlic and onion powder add depth to the taste. 

Finally, smooth out the meal with some creamy sides such as sour cream or yogurt; they help to balance out the spicier elements of the dish. 

With its endless possibilities for flavor combinations, grilled kielbasa is sure to be a hit at any gathering!

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How do you jazz up grilled kielbasa?

Grilled kielbasa can be jazzed up in a variety of ways

Try marinating it in a combination of olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and herbs, brushing it with your favorite barbecue sauce before grilling, or topping it with sautéed onions and peppers. 

You can also serve grilled kielbasa alongside cooked potatoes for an easy meal. 

For an additional kick of flavor, try adding spicy seasonings such as cayenne pepper or chili powder. Whatever you choose to do with it, grilled kielbasa is sure to please!

grilled kielbasa

How do you display grilled kielbasa on a platter?

Grilled kielbasa can be presented in a variety of ways on a platter. 

To start, arrange the cooked kielbasa on a large serving plate or platter in an attractive design. Surround the sausage with fresh vegetables such as green peppers, onions, and tomatoes. 

To add more flavor to the dish, include condiments such as mustard and horseradish sauce. 

For added texture, mix in some crunchy pickles or olives. 

Finish off with a garnish of chopped parsley or chives for an additional touch of flavor and color. 

Serve immediately so that everyone can enjoy the delicious grilled kielbasa!

Wrap Up on what to serve with grilled kielbasa

Kielbasa is always a delicious choice, and with these side dishes, your meal will be more complete and exciting. 

Whether you prefer a classic potato salad or something more unique like Greek salad, hopefully, we have given you plenty of options to serve your guests. 

From grilled corn salad to jalapeno cornbread, these dishes are sure to elevate any meal.

So, the next time you fire up the grill for some kielbasa, you have these side dishes in mind to create a more satisfying and memorable meal.


How much-grilled kielbasa per person?

Assuming that there will be four people attending the party, about one-sixth of a pound of grilled kielbasa per person should suffice. 

This is approximately 4 ounces or 112 grams for each person, which is enough to make sure everyone can enjoy a few slices of the delicious smoked sausage. 

To get an even better flavor, try marinating the kielbasa overnight in some olive oil, garlic, and herbs before grilling it. 

That way, each bite will be packed with robust, smoky flavor and aromatics.

What do Polish people eat with kielbasa?

Polish people usually pair kielbasa with a variety of side dishes. 

Popular accompaniments range from boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, cooked cabbage, or pierogi. 

Other classic sides include boiled dumplings (kluski), salads made with pickled vegetables, and various condiments such as mustard or horseradish. 

Most traditional Polish meals also include bread – either rye for savory dishes or white for sweet dishes. 

Kielbasa can also be served on its own as an appetizer or main dish. 
Sliced kielbasa is often served cold with various dressings, but it can also be grilled and served hot with onion and/or mushroom sauces.
Pickled kielbasa is a popular snack in Poland that is enjoyed any time of the day – especially with beer!

What is a good side dish for kielbasa and sauerkraut?

great side dish for kielbasa and sauerkraut is boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes are a simple yet delicious addition to any meal, and they complement the savory flavors of kielbasa and sauerkraut perfectly. 

Not only that, but potatoes are rich in potassium and fiber, which help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Plus, they’re easy to prepare! 

All you need to do is chop them into cubes, add some salt and pepper (or even some herbs or spices), then boil them until tender. 

Enjoy your comforting plate of kielbasa, sauerkraut, and boiled potatoes for a filling yet nutritious meal!

What is the traditional way to eat kielbasa?

The traditional way to eat kielbasa is to cook it slowly in simmering liquid (such as beer, wine, or broth), then serve it with sauerkraut and potatoes. 

It is also often served on a bun or roll as a sandwich. 

In addition, it can be grilled, boiled, stewed, or fried for other dishes like soups and casseroles. 

Kielbasa is typically served hot but may also be served cold in salads and sandwiches.

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