Dessert Goes with Tortilla | 12 Best Desserts Pair with Tortilla

Have you ever wanted to try something new but weren’t sure what to pair it with? Today, we’ll explore the unique combination of tortillas and desserts. 

Tortillas are incredibly versatile and can be used in both savory and sweet recipes. Read on to learn how you can use them to craft a mouth-watering dessert that goes with a tortilla that your family and friends will love. 

12 Best Dessert Goes with a Tortilla

Churro Bowls 

churro bowls perfect pair with tortilla

Churros are a classic Mexican street food snack from fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. 

Deliciously crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, churros are deep-fried pastries usually covered in sugar and cinnamon that go perfectly with a warm tortilla.

You only need some round corn or flour tortillas, cooking oil, sugar, cinnamon, and honey to make churro bowls. Heat up the oil and fry the tortillas until they’re golden brown. 

Then sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon while they’re still hot. Serve them with some warm honey as a dip for an extra sweet taste. 

2. Fried Ice Cream

fried ice cream

If you want something cold and creamy, try making fried ice cream using your favorite Tortilla! 

Simply wrap scoops of ice cream in the tortilla shells before deep frying them until they turn golden brown. 

For a sweet touch, add some chocolate syrup or caramel sauce! 

3. Taco Pie

One of the delicious pies combines two popular Mexican dishes—tacos and flan—into one tasty treat! 

Start by layering ground beef, onion, tomatoes, taco seasoning, cheese, lettuce, and black olives in a greased 9×13-inch baking dish. 

Cover the top with broken pieces of tortilla chips before pouring over a premade flan mix (or make your own). Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes or until the center is set, then let cool before serving. 

4. Sopaipillas

Sopaipillas are a traditional Mexican dish made from fried dough and served with honey or syrup. This sweet treat is the perfect accompaniment to any tortilla dish.


5. Flan

A silky smooth custard, flan is an iconic Latin American dessert that pairs brilliantly with savory tortillas for a unique flavor combination.

6. Tres Leches Cake

A light sponge cake soaked in three types of milk (hence the name), tres leches cake is a creamy and delicious Mexican favorite that goes great with any tortilla recipe.

7. ChocoFlan

chocoflan goes well with tortilla

Combining two classic desserts, chocoFlan is an indulgent layer cake of chocolate cake topped with flan. This decadent dessert goes with a savory tortilla-based dish.

8. Sopapillas con Miel

A variation on the classic sopaipillas, these treats are fried dough puffs served in honey syrup for a sweet treat to accompany your taco or enchilada night.

9. Arroz con Leche

Rice pudding is always welcome as a side to many Mexican meals. This rice pudding is flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, and more for a delicious dessert that goes well with tortillas.

10. Buñuelos

These crisp fried dough balls are flavored with cinnamon, sugar, and sometimes even honey for an irresistible sweet treat that goes great with any tortilla dish.

11. Empanadas de Manzana

Fried turnovers filled with spiced apples and cheese perfectly accompany your favorite tortilla recipe.

12. Tres leches Cupcakes

Tres leches Cupcakes perfect pair with tortilla

An extra-special twist on the classic tres leches cake; these cupcakes marry traditional Mexican flavors like coconut and cream cheese in a sweet little package that’s perfect alongside any tortilla dish.

Why Tortilla Makes a Great Dessert Base?

Tortillas have many benefits when used as a dessert base. They are tasty and offer a convenient way to present your dessert without extra utensils. 

Additionally, there are so many flavors available! Chocolate chip tortillas, cinnamon-sugar tortillas, and even plain ones – the possibilities are endless! 

And since most supermarkets will carry them premade, you don’t have to worry about making them from scratch. 

What Kind of Desserts Can I Make? 

The beauty of using a tortilla as your dessert base is that you can get creative with it! 

You can make everything from Mexican-style flan or tres leches cakes to simple cinnamon sugar twists or chocolate quesadillas. 

Even better – these recipes don’t have to take all day either; some can be ready in less than 30 minutes! 

So next time you want something different to serve at your party or gathering, think outside the box and try one of these delicious desserts. 

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Wrap-Up On- Best Dessert Goes with a Tortilla

As you can see, many desserts are waiting for a partner with Tortilla, and there are plenty of reasons why using a tortilla as your dessert base is a great idea. 

With its versatility and convenience, it’s no wonder more people are turning to this unique pairing for their desserts. 

Whether you opt for something savory like quesadillas or something sweet like flan, no doubt serving up one of these delicious treats will leave everyone wanting more! 

So next time you want to try something unique and delicious, look no further than the perfect match – Tortillas and Desserts!

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