What to Serve with Cassoulet – 15 Quick and Amazing Side Dishes to Serve

Cassoulet is an ideal traditional French dish that is hearty and satisfying, perfect for chilly evenings. The rich and flavorful stew is made with beans, sausages, and different meats. 

However, adding sides to the dish makes the meal more complete and satisfying. So, what to serve with cassoulet?

That’s why you need to have an amazing side dish to make the perfect meal combo. This blog will highlight some quick and amazing side dishes to serve with cassoulet that will elevate your dinner into an unforgettable experience.

I’ve created a list of some amazing side dishes to serve with your cassoulet that will complement the flavors of the stew and impress your guests. These sides are easy to make and will take your cassoulet to the next level.

What is cassoulet? What does cassoulet taste like?

Cassoulet is a traditional French dish of beans and meat. It is usually composed of white beans, pork sausage, duck confit, and other types of meat, such as bacon or mutton. 

The beans are cooked in a creamy sauce made from stock, tomatoes, herbs and spices. 


Cassoulet has a very rich flavor profile with a combination of savory meats, earthy beans and fragrant herbs. 

It has a slightly smoky flavor from the duck confit and bacon that adds depth to the dish. 

The texture of the cassoulet is creamy yet hearty due to the combination of beans and meat. It can be served either hot or cold and is often accompanied by crusty bread for added texture. 

Cassoulet is a great comfort food that warms you up on cold winter days while still leaving plenty of room for experimentation with different ingredients.

Best Sides to serve with cassoulet

1. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

The creamy texture of mashed potatoes pairs perfectly with cassoulet’s rich and savory flavors. Adding roasted garlic to the dish will make it even more delicious.

2. Crusty Bread

Crusty Bread

A warm loaf of the crusty bread is a classic side dish for cassoulet. Sopping up the stew’s juices with the bread is the perfect way to soak up every flavor.

3. Braised Leeks

Braised Leeks are a perfect pairing for cassoulet because it’s light yet flavorful. The braised leeks’ sweetness and earthiness complement the stew’s rich flavors. (Recipe)

4. Roasted Root Vegetables

Roasting a variety of root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, and turnips makes for a colorful and healthy side dish. Plus, the flavors of these earthy vegetables match perfectly with the cassoulet.

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5. Ratatouille


A bright, aromatic vegetable dish like ratatouille makes a lovely contrast to the ideal rich flavors of the cassoulet. 

This dish features a mix of vegetables simmered together in garlic, tomato, and herbs and is a great complement to any French dish.

6. Salad with Vinaigrette

To freshen up the palate, serve a side salad with a tangy vinaigrette. The acidity of the dressing counterbalances the richness of the stew.

7. Grilled Sausages 

Grilled Sausages 

Adding grilled sausage to the cassoulet mixture can enhance the meaty flavor of the stew. It’s a great way to add more protein to the meal.

8. Green Beans with Almonds

Green Beans with Almonds is a simple side dish that cooks up quickly and adds a pop of color to the table. The almonds add a nutty flavor, which pairs well with the cassoulet.

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9. Mushroom Cognac Sauce

Mushroom Cognac Sauce is a side dish that offers an extra layer of richness and allows guests to customize their cassoulet experience. 

While not a traditional side dish served with cassoulet, the mushroom cognac sauce offers a different taste option, and it works perfectly with the rich meaty flavors of the stew.

10. Garlic Roasted Tomatoes

Roasting tomatoes imbues them with a rich, savory flavor that makes them a great accompaniment to cassoulet. 

The garlic will complement the flavors in the stew and add a touch of depth to the dish.

11. Steamed or Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables

Steamed broccoli or tender roasted carrots are the perfect side dish to enjoy with cassoulet. These veggies are a healthy side dish option that balances out the richness of the dish.

12. Creamy Coleslaw

Coleslaw is typically a cold side dish, which makes it a perfect contrast for the hot cassoulet. 

Creamy Coleslaw

The creaminess of the dressing complements the robust flavor of the cassoulet, making it the perfect combination.

13. Grilled Asparagus

Fresh grilled asparagus is always a great choice for a quick and amazing side dish to serve with cassoulet. The smoky flavor of the grilled asparagus pairs well with the richness of the cassoulet.

14. Sautéed mushrooms

Melt some butter and sauté some mushrooms for an ideal quick and easy side dish that pairs well with the meat and beans in the cassoulet. 

Sautéed Mushrooms

The buttery mushrooms also help to balance the richness of the cassoulet.

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15. Buttered Green Beans

Another healthy option to balance out the richness of cassoulet is buttered green beans. 

This quick side dish is easy and delicious, and it’s crispiness and buttery flavor perfectly complement the hearty cassoulet.

What are the best flavors to go with cassoulet?

Cassoulet is a French dish made of pork, duck, sausage, and white beans. It has a savory flavor that pairs well with many complementary ingredients.

One of the best flavors to go with cassoulet is garlic. The aroma and taste of garlic are strong enough to stand up to the bold flavors in the dish but not so overwhelming that it overwhelms or takes away from the other components. 

Add finely chopped fresh garlic when sautéing your beans and meats for an extra punch of flavor.

Another great flavor pairing for cassoulet is herbs like oregano, thyme, rosemary, and sage. 


These fragrant herbs bring out the savory notes in the dish without overpowering it; use fresh, if possible, for an even more potent flavor. You can add them in at all stages of cooking or sprinkle fresh on top before serving.

For a bit of umami richness, try adding mushrooms like shiitake or porcini along with diced onions into your cassoulet mixture before simmering. 

The mushrooms will release their complex earthy flavors as they cook, which will bring out all the wonderful smoky notes from the pork and duck elements.

If you’d like some zestiness to help cut through the fat in this dish, consider adding a few slices of bacon just before serving. 

This way, you’ll get all the smoky-salty bacon goodness along with its crunchy texture without being too overwhelming for your guests’ palettes.

Finally, don’t forget about citrus! A hint of lemon juice right before serving will lighten up this typically heavy dish and give it a brightness that’s sure to please everyone at your table!

How do you jazz up cassoulet?

To jazz up a cassoulet, you can add sautéed vegetables such as onions, peppers, mushrooms and garlic. 

You can also add some chopped herbs like sage or rosemary for additional flavor. To add a pinch of sweetness, try adding dried fruit like raisins or apricots to the mix. 

Lastly, top off your cassoulet with crunchy breadcrumbs or crispy bacon pieces for added texture and taste. Enjoy!


How do you display the cassoulet on a platter?

To display the cassoulet on a platter, arrange the individual ingredients in an inviting and aesthetically pleasing way. 

Start with a layer of garlicky sausages, followed by a layer of flaky pastry. Top this layer with stewed beans, onions, bacon, and herbs. 

Finally, top the platter with a layer of crispy breadcrumbs. This arrangement will ensure that all of the flavors are highlighted for your guests. 

For added visual appeal, sprinkle fresh herbs and edible flowers over the finished dish before serving.

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Wrap Up on what to serve with cassoulet.

Adding side dishes to the cassoulet can elevate the meal from something fantastic to something even more memorable. The ten quick side dishes listed above can help you do just that. 

Whether you want something light, something hearty, or something to complement the flavors of the stew, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next cassoulet meal. 

Try out one (or all!) of these dishes, and see how they transform your cassoulet into a complete, hearty and enjoyable feast.


How much cassoulet per person?

A typical portion of cassoulet is about 1/2 cup or around 120 grams. Depending on how hungry your diners are, you can estimate that each person will need between 120 and 240 grams of cassoulet. 

As it is a very rich and filling dish, it’s usually best to err on the low side so that your guests don’t feel overly full afterward. 

Additionally, if your recipe includes large portions of meats or sausages, it may be a good idea to serve slightly less cassoulet per person in order to balance out the dietary fat content.

What is the best way to eat cassoulet?

The best way to eat cassoulet is to thoroughly enjoy the unique flavors of each ingredient that make up this traditional French dish. 

Start by heating up the cassoulet slowly in a Dutch oven or deep casserole pan at a moderate temperature, stirring occasionally. 

The combination of duck confit, pork sausage, and white beans should be simmered together until all ingredients are cooked through, and the flavors have had time to meld together. 

Once heated, serve the cassoulet with a side salad or fresh vegetables. Enjoy the layers of flavor from the smoky bacon, rich white beans, and tender duck confit that create an unforgettable meal. 

To finish off your experience with a bang, sprinkle some freshly grated parmesan cheese over each bowl for added depth and flavor complexity. 

When done right, cassoulet can be a truly unique and satisfying dining experience!

what veg to serve with cassoulet

A cassoulet is a classic French dish that usually consists of white beans, pork, lamb, and duck. 

To complement the heartiness of this meal, consider serving a bright and flavorful vegetable side. 

Roasted root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, beets, onions, and squash have a wonderful sweetness that pairs nicely with the savory flavors in the cassoulet. 

If you’re looking for something green to add to your plate, try steamed broccoli or string beans tossed in olive oil and lemon juice. 

Another great option is a crunchy fennel salad with apples and walnuts dressed in a vinaigrette. 

Whatever vegetables you choose to serve with your cassoulet – make sure they bring some texture and flavor to contrast the richness of the meal.

what wine to serve with cassoulet

When it comes to what wine to serve with cassoulet, the best option is a medium-bodied red. 

For example, a Grenache or Syrah would pair nicely with this hearty French dish.
A New World Pinot Noir could also work well. The key is to choose something that won’t overpower the flavors of the cassoulet, so light and fruity Beaujolais might be too mild for this traditional rustic dish.

For an added touch of flavor, look for wines with some earthy notes and hints of spice, like black pepper or clove. 

These subtle nuances will compliment the cassoulet’s smoky bacon and savory herbs like sage and thyme nicely. 

If you’re looking for something more unique, opt for a Rhone blend such as Cotes du Rhone. 

The variety of grape types used in these blends bring out multiple layers of flavor, from cherry to licorice to spice, that stand up well against the boldness of cassoulet.

dessert to serve with cassoulet

A classic dessert to serve with cassoulet is a decadent creme brulee. With its creamy custard base and crunchy sugar top, it is the perfect way to end the meal. 

For an extra treat, you can add seasonal fruit such as raspberries or blueberries layered into the creme brulee before baking for a delightful contrast of texture and flavor. 

Consider topping your creme brulee with a dollop of freshly whipped cream or a pinch of chopped nuts just before serving.

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