What to Serve with Potato Gratin- 20 Best Easy & Quick Sides

Potato gratin is an indulgent and comforting classic French dish that has been enjoyed for eras. Its creamy, cheesy goodness makes it the perfect side dish for any meal. 

As it served as a side or even as a main course, what are the best dishes to serve with potato gratin that will give your meal a truly unique flavor profile?

Here are some delicious options to choose from normal salad to unique Grilled meat. 

What to Serve with Potato Gratin for an Outstanding Meal – 20 Ideal Pairs

1. Steamed Vegetables- Most Healthy

Steaming vegetables bring out their natural sweetness and vibrant colors. Serve steamed vegetables alongside your potato gratin for extra help in nutrition and as a way to balance out the richness of the potatoes. 

Steaming vegetables bring out their natural sweetness and vibrant colors. Serve steamed vegetables alongside your potato gratin for extra help in nutrition and as a way to balance out the richness of the potatoes. 
Steamed Vegetable

Try steamed green beans, carrots, cauliflower, or broccoli. You can even mix and match several vegetables for an even more colorful plate! 

2. Salad 

There’s nothing better than a fresh, crisp salad to accompany a savory Potato Gratin. It adds a refreshing element to the meal. Still, you can also add lots of exciting flavors and textures depending on what kind of salad you choose.

Add crunchy nuts, croutons, and juicy fruit slices like apples, grapes, or even dried cranberries.

Choose one with bold flavors, such as arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette or kale salad with apples and pomegranate seeds.

Or try something more unexpected, like roasted butternut squash salad or sweet potato salad with cranberries and walnuts.

Try mixing different seasonal vegetables and your favorite dressing together for the perfect light side dish. You can also top off your salad with some cheese to make it incredibly decadent! 

In any case, you’ll provide a refreshing aspect that complements the richness of the potatoes.

3. Grilled Meat 

The combination of grilled meat and potato gratin is one that never fails to please. It’s simple to make and can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it ideal all year. 

Choose from steak cuts such as sirloin or ribeye, chicken breast fillets, pork chops, or salmon fillets; season them with salt and pepper, then grill them until they are cooked through. 

The combination of grilled meat and potato gratin is one that never fails to please. It's simple to make and can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it ideal all year. 
Grilled Meat

The smoky flavors from the grill will complement the creamy potatoes beautifully. For added flavor, marinate meats in olive oil and herbs before cooking or brush them lightly with barbecue sauce when serving for an extra punch of flavor. 

4. Roasted Vegetables 

Roasted vegetables are delicious Compliments to Your Potato Gratin and an excellent way to add a healthy twist to your meal. 

Plus, they’ll provide a nice contrast in texture and flavor with your creamy, cheesy potato gratin. 

Try roasting bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, carrots, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, beets, or any other vegetables of your choice with olive oil and herbs like rosemary and thyme. 

You can also sprinkle on some shredded cheese before serving for an extra cheesy touch! 

5. Grilled Asparagus

Grilled Asparagus is a wonderful side dish to pair with warm and creamy Potato Gratin. For those unfamiliar with this French-style dish, it consists of thinly sliced potatoes baked in the oven with cream and cheese – sinfully indulgent. 

Grilled Asparagus is a wonderful side dish to pair with warm and creamy Potato Gratin. For those unfamiliar with this French-style dish, it consists of thinly sliced potatoes baked in the oven with cream and cheese - sinfully indulgent. 
Grilled Asparagus

It’s quick and easy to make and provides a wonderful crunchy contrast to the creamy potatoes.

The nutty flavor of fresh asparagus infused with aromatic olive oil, fragrant garlic cloves, and succulent cherry tomatoes make for an unforgettable combination with Potato Gratin. 

Quick to prepare and with mouthwateringly delicious Grilled Asparagus as the perfect companion, this entree will be worthy of any dinner table. 

6. Honey Mustard Chicken- A top-rated side dish to pair with Potato Gratin

Honey mustard chicken is an ideal option for a delicious side dish to accompany your potato gratin. 

This sweet and savory combination creates a perfect balance. It can be produced with things that are most likely already in your kitchen.

To start, marinate the chicken in your favorite honey-mustard mix for one hour. When ready to cook, Simply bake the chicken in an oven-safe skillet until golden brown and well done.

Once out of the oven, garnish with fresh herbs such as thyme or rosemary to bring out all the amazing flavors. 

With its unique blend of sweetness and tanginess, you can enjoy honey mustard chicken as part of your meal!

7. Green Beans

Another great option is green beans, which can be steamed or sautéed in garlic butter – yum! This simple vegetable can easily take center stage with a flavorful Potato Gratin.

Green beans give their natural sweetness and light crunch. When cooked with olive oil, salt, and pepper, green beans add valuable nutrition to your meal while providing an exciting contrast to the soft, silky potatoes. 

Roasting green beans in the oven can also help develop deep caramelized flavors that pair deliciously with the potato gratin. 

Combining these two dishes will create a truly delicious and unique meal sure to delight everyone at your table!

8. Brussels Sprouts – Kale Salad

Brussels sprouts and kale salad is a top-rated, fast, and easy side dish to accompany any potato gratin dish. Its low-calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat, and high protein make it the perfect healthy addition. 

Brussels sprouts and kale salad is a top-rated, fast, and easy side dish to accompany any potato gratin dish.
Brussels Sprouts

Plus, with its refreshing crunchiness – plus the ease of prepping it with the help of pre-washed greens found in most grocery stores – it’s no wonder why this great side dish is growing more popular than ever before!

9. Baked Sweet Potatoes

For a lighter option, try baking some sweet potatoes. This low-carb alternative is just as tasty and takes less time to prepare – perfect for busy weeknights!

10. Pan-seared fish

Pan-seared fish is a delicious way to enjoy seafood. It is easy to prepare and can be cooked quickly in a pan with some oil or butter over medium-high heat. 

To get the perfect golden-brown crust, use fresh fish fillets that are at least an inch thick. Season the fish with your favorite spices before cooking for extra flavor. 

When searing the fish, flip it only once—this will give it a nice crust. Cook the fish for about 4-5 minutes per side, depending on thickness and desired doneness. 

When done, remove from heat and serve with your favorite sides! Enjoy your delicious pan-seared fish with Potato Gratin.

11. Cornbread 

Cornbread makes a delicious and easy side dish that complements potato gratin perfectly. It is hearty, cheesy, and full of comforting flavors.

The lightly sweet cornmeal perfectly contrasts the savory potatoes and cheese in the gratin. It is also a fantastic way to make your meal more filling; it will soak up all that creamy sauce! 

To make this classic side dish even more unique, try adding in some garlic powder and herbs like sage or rosemary. 

Their flavor pairs well with the already flavorful potatoes and cheese, making this combination an irresistible one your entire family will love.

12. Rosemary Chicken

Rosemary Chicken is an underrated side dish that pairs perfectly with a warm, creamy potato gratin. 

The subtle flavor of rosemary chicken contains sweet hints of vanilla and cinnamon that add a unique aroma to the gratin dish.

The texture of the meat is exquisitely soft and tender, as it has been cooked for several hours on low heat; this makes it melt in your mouth. 

Added to the creamy mashed potatoes and topped with cheese, this timeless combination yields a perfect side dish for any special occasion. Rosemary Chicken should definitely be added to your next potato gratin feast!

13. Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a classic British dish that has become increasingly popular as a side dish to many entrees. It features a juicy piece of beef tenderloin nestled inside a light, flaky pastry crust and baked until it’s a perfect golden brown. 

The ultimate combination of delightful flavors makes this an ideal accompaniment for any special meal. It pairs brilliantly with potato gratin, giving the dish an elegance and sophistication that will make it stand out from other sides. 

Besides the taste, Beef Wellington brings an intriguing texture to the plate – it’s crispy and crunchy yet still remains juicy and succulent on the inside. 

Overall, it’s an impressive dish that impresses your guests!

14. Quinoa Pilaf- Best For Picky Eaters

Fancy something different? Then quinoa pilaf is the ideal companion for Potato Gratin. The nutty flavor of quinoa combines deliciously with the backdrop of potatoes while still providing a lightness that keeps the meal balanced and healthy. 

Best of all, Quinoa Pilaf is incredibly easy to prepare and works well as either a main dish or a side, making it even more of an ideal pairing for Potato Gratin. 

Combine them for a supper that will please even the pickiest foodies!

15. Roasted Pork Chops- Satisfy all your Cravings

Roasted Pork Chops are a savory and delicious side dish, perfect for pairing with potato gratin. 

The juicy pork is perfectly seasoned and can be prepared on the stove or grill, depending on personal choice.

When roasted in the oven, pork chops develop a delicious golden crust that seals in their juices and makes them tender and juicy. 

Remember to season thoroughly before cooking and cook over high heat to ensure your pork chops are crispy on the exterior and moist and delicious on the inside.

When the pork chops are done, remove them from the skillet and set aside for a few moments before serving. Serve with your favorite side dishes or sauces like mashed potatoes or gravy.

16. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Suppose you’re looking for a flavorful and visually appealing side dish to pair with potato gratin. In that case, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus is a great choice. 

Simply wrap thin slices of bacon around asparagus spears and bake until cooked. The salty flavor of the bacon will bring out the best in the creamy potato gratin while adding an extra crunch to every bite

Plus, thanks to the vibrant green hue of the asparagus, it will surely add a touch of color to your plate – making it look just as good as it tastes.

17. Caesar Salad

For an extra-special side dish, whip up some classic Caesar salad to accompany your potato gratin. Crisp romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, and creamy dressing make for a perfect pairing.

Adding this tasty salad to your potato gratin makes for a delicious meal. It’s also an excellent way to add some vegetables to the meal, as salads can be loaded with all sorts of vegetables depending on how you make them. A nice finish for such a unique dish!

18. Garlic Bread

A great way to give your potato gratin a bit of crunch and flavor is to accompany it with some delicious garlic bread. It’s an excellent way to mop up all those tasty flavors!

Whether you buy pre-made slices from the grocery store or make your own, garlic bread works perfectly as a side for your gratin dish. 

To make homemade garlic bread, simply spread butter and minced garlic on cut and toasted sourdough bread for a fantastic taste combination. 

Serve the garlic bread with a freshly made batch of potato gratin, and you’ll have an incredible meal that everyone will love!

19. Sauteed Spinach

Count some leafy greens to your dinner with sautéed spinach or kale. A little garlic, olive oil, and salt are all you require to bring out the best of this nutritious vegetable.

you can serve sauteed spinach with potato gratin
Sauteed Spinach

This easy dish adds both flavor and nutrition to a meal, making it an excellent choice. It’s also quick to prepare – all you need to do is heat some oil in a large pan and add the spinach leaves with a pinch of salt and pepper. 

Cook until they just begin to wilt, then serve immediately along with your gratin. There’s nothing like the combination of creamy potatoes and deliciously sauteed spinach – why not try it tonight?

20. Roasted Broccoli

Lastly, Roasted broccoli is a delectable side dish to pair with potato gratin. The crunchy texture of the broccoli, combined with its slightly nutty flavor, complements the creamy texture and robust flavors in the potato gratin quite nicely. 

Try adding some fresh herbs or Parmesan cheese for extra flavor – delicious!

Additionally, this delicious food will make you happy and full of energy, as roasting vegetables will enhance their natural sweetness and give the vegetables a smokey flavor.

Plus, this simple-to-prepare side dish won’t take more than 15 minutes – making it ideal for busy weeknights when time is of the essence!

So, What to Serve with Potato Gratin

When looking for something special to pair with your beloved potato gratin dish, look no further than these Incredible options.

All these choices offer something different in terms of texture and flavor, so you can pick which ones work okay for you at any given time. 

For even more ways to enjoy potato gratin, try various topping combinations, such as adding herbs like rosemary and thyme or sprinkling crumbled bacon over the top before baking. 

You can also mix sautéed vegetables like mushrooms or onions for added flavor and texture. You’ll never get bored with this classic side dish with so many possibilities! So get cooking and serve up a scrumptious meal with Potato Gratin as the star of the show! Enjoy!


What kind of meat goes best with potato gratin?

Serving a savory, classic Potato Gratin dish is an easy way to bring together any meal. The best way to complement this side dish is with a lean cut of meat, such as chicken breast or pork tenderloin. 

Chicken breasts are an excellent source of protein and cook quickly and easily in the oven; pair them with your Potato Gratin for an easy, balanced dinner. 

Alternatively, pork tenderloin offers a delicious flavor that pairs nicely with the creamy potatoes in the gratin. 

If you want something more substantial, consider beef short ribs, which can be slow-cooked until they’re incredibly tender and flavorful. 

What vegetable goes with au gratin potatoes?

Some excellent vegetable side dishes to serve with au gratin potatoes are green beans, roasted asparagus or broccoli, sautéed spinach or kale, and grilled zucchini. 

Other vegetables that pair nicely are steamed carrots, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, squash, and bell peppers. 

A salad made of mixed greens is also a delicious accompaniment. 

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