What to serve with tikka masala- 15 Best Pairs

The chicken tikka masala was prepared using slices of chicken with onion and tomato-flavored gravy from India. It’s a popular dish of Indian cuisine, among international variations. 

The dish typically contains poultry marinated in spices, herbs, and yogurt, often served with tomatoes, butter, cream, and coconut milk. 

Even though it originated in Punjab, it has been consumed in India and across all subcontinents for decades. 

Chicken masala is an Indian favorite dish in the United Kingdom. Several sides to eat include onion haji, naan bread, or pilau rice. Here 15 side dishes to serve with tikka masala.

15 Best pairs to Serve with tikka masala

1. Pilau rice

Rice has my favorite side dish, like tikka masala. Imagine taking a small amount of the spicy Tiki Masala over fluffy rice. Lovely. Basmati rice is good for cooking; if you prefer more complex meals, try a pilau rice recipe. 

pilau rice is a popular dish which goes easily with tikka masala

These dishes involve making your rice into spices and infusing them with vibrant flavors and delicious textures. This easy Pilanau Rice requires minimal effort and is easy to prepare within just thirty seconds.

2. Saagaloo

How can you make vegan tikka masalas? Serve it with this delicious saag aloo for an ultimate meatless India meal. 

This dish consists of spinach and potato flavored with a traditional mixture of herbs ranging from turmeric to peppercorns to paprika. 

It is perfectly balanced with flavors and a nice spicy flavor, but it is not overly warm. Saagaloo can easily make up for a regular rotation on the meal.

3. Oven baked onion bhajis

Onion bhaji is a necessary ingredient for the chicken tikka masala. Bhajis can be considered an enduring tea-time snack in India that can be given to home guests for an informal snack. 

However, Western restaurants serve it as an appetizer or accompaniment in curry with lettuce garnish and sliced lemon. 

My oven-cooked onion bhajis are healthy and nongreasy, like most restaurants and takeaways.

4. Cabbage stir fry

Bring the tika masala to the perfect finish with these delicious cabbage stir-fried. Generally known as “gobhi ki sabzi,” it takes a few minutes to make this dish. 

Your humble cabbage can be enhanced with spices such as turmeric or green chilies. How do we make them healthier? 

Bring the tika masala to the perfect finish with these delicious cabbage stir-fried. Generally known as "gobhi ki sabzi," it takes a few minutes to make this dish

You can add other foods such as carrots or potatoes as well. This Indian fried cabbage stir-fried recipe is very easy to adapt.

5. Bombay potatoes

Bombay potatoes, also called “Bombayaloo,” are dry Indian potatoes that are often cooked by frying potatoes with fragrant aromatic spices with a bit of turmeric added to add a beautiful golden coloration. 

My Bombay Potato recipe creates a side dish that rivals your local takeaway and shows authentic and delicious Indian cuisine available to make in your home.

6. Aloo gobi

Aloo Gobi translates into potatoes and cauliflower. 

This delicious vegetable salad for chicken tikka masala is filling, soothing, and bursting with original Indian flavors. Add a little chopped coriander to the mix. 

Most of us also eat gabi as our main meal, a curry with basmati rice and bread. Why not put more portions in freezers? So easy to make delicious midweek meals!

7. Roasted cauliflower

It’s a delicious roasted cauliflower dish to accompany the tikka masala. It can be made in both meat and plant form. It’s fairly simple. 

You can just make cauliflower and season it before it’s done in a microwave. You get a crispy cauliflower floret that’s seasoned with warm spices such as cumin, paprika, and turmeric. This turmeric cauliflower roasted recipe tastes great.

8. Garlic naan bread

Do people prefer rice with their Tikki masala? If that is all, I can do. Use garlic bread instead. Do not confuse naan with pita bread because naan has rich ingredients which make it soft and cloudy. 

garlic naan bread is a popular dish that goes well with tikka masala

Perfect for soaking in some of your curry masala sauce. They are traditionally made from the oven, but this garlic bread recipe is modified for cooking over stovetops.

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9. Poppadoms and a pickle tray

I usually enjoy it during any Indian meal! The food is delicious, and the food is delicious. If a poppadom is a challenge, you can make them yourself, and you will get some good packaged ones from most stores. 

Lime pickle, mango chutney, teriyaki, and grilled onion salad are ideal accompaniments. The visitors are gonna know about it after they know it!

10. Onions pakora

Do you prefer adding crunchy side dishes to Indian spreads? You can’t go far beyond onion pakora. This is the Indian version of fries made using chickpea flour. They are fried, and they are ultra crispy and delicious. It also makes the job easy. Visit Gourmet Gourmet’s onion pakora recipe for more information.

11. Halloumi fries

Serve a fun flavoring to tikka masala by showcasing these halloumi fries. You have a crispy exterior with a firm middle, similar to mild feta. 

Try dipping them into your favorite tikka masala for an ideal cheesy bite. The halloumi fry has high addictiveness, so I recommend preparing two batches.

12. Fried okra

Fried okra doesn’t make a delicious side dish in the USA, so this dish will be an excellent way to add veggies to your food. Okra is available in most large retail shops, and it’s not too late to look. 

Okra is deliciously mild and grassy, and often the taste is similar to roasted potatoes or aubergines.

13. Ghee-roasted potatoes

If you haven’t cooked potatoes with ghee, there’s a good chance! Indian clarified butter is one of the greatest secrets to a good potato. 

You will be very pleased with all those crispy golden pieces. It’s a perfect potato recipe and served with curry as well as Sunday lunch.

14.Turmeric basmati rice

Basmati rice is aromatic rice perfect for Indian dishes. This rice-turmeric dish brightens up a curry night you could host and uses ingredients you probably already prepared. 

15. Chutney

It is a wonderful condiment for making a tasty dish. It is refreshingly light with strong zest and slight spice, and the taste is distinctly citrusy. 

The yogurt is rich in cream. The recipe for this dish is very easy. It’s hard to find anything better than cilantro mint chutney.

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Should Tikka Masala Be Red Or Orange?

Ideally, the Chicken Tiki Masala should be light orange, showing the presence of paprika.” I don’t need to switch to Thailand or sushi. In curry, however, red can be a danger.

What’s The Difference Between A Masala And A Tikka Masala?

Tikka describes grilled or cooked pieces or skewers which have been marinated or roasted in milk or spiced water. Masala means sour or sweetened sauces that use milk, yogurt, and tomatoes.

What Side Dishes Go With Tikka Masala?

How do you prepare Chickentikka masala? Steamed basmati rice and warm naan are one of my favorite combinations. 

Our food is often served with a little cauliflower rice. On our veggie side, we love roasting broccoli or tandoori cauliflower.

What Does Tikka Masala Come With?

It generally has tomatoes (often purée), cream coconut cream, and some masala spices mixed with sour cream. Sauce or chicken parts can be colored with spices or with food dye.

What Wine Goes Best With Tikka Masala?

The perfect tikka masala wine is hearty Riesling. The fruit notes and the bright acidity of the wine are important in balancing the spice in the dish and balancing its richness. Other fantastic options are Pinot Grigio and Gewürztraminer.

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