20 Delicious Pairings to Serve with Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Tomato mozzarella salad is a simple and classic dish that’s perfect for a light lunch, dinner, or even as an appetizer. Made with juicy tomatoes, creamy mozzarella cheese, and fresh herbs, this dish offers a burst of flavor and texture that’s sure to satisfy. 

While this tasty salad is delicious on its own, pairing it with the right foods can take it to the next level. So, what to serve with tomato mozzarella salad?

We’ve gathered some creative and delicious ideas that will elevate your salad game and impress your guests.

From crispy bruschetta to creamy avocado, let’s discover together the best pairings for your tomato mozzarella salad.

What is tomato mozzarella salad? What does tomato mozzarella salad taste like?

Tomato mozzarella salad is a classic Italian dish featuring tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. 

The sweetness of the tomato, combined with the creaminess of the mozzarella and the aromatic flavor of the basil, makes for an incredibly refreshing and flavorful dish. 

tomato mozzarella salad

This delicious combination is typically served chilled or at room temperature as an appetizer or side dish. It also works well as a base for pasta dishes or pizzas. 

When it comes to taste, this salad has a light yet satisfying flavor that can be enjoyed by all ages!

Sides to serve with tomato mozzarella salad

1. Bruschetta

If you’re looking for something crispy and garlicky to complement your salad, then bruschetta is the way to go. 


Toasted ciabatta bread topped with fresh ripe tomatoes, garlic, and basil is a classic Italian appetizer that will never disappoint. Mizzle a little bit of olive oil on top, and you’re good to go.

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2. Grilled Vegetables

For a more substantial side dish that is still light and healthy, try grilling some mixed vegetables alongside your tomato mozzarella salad. 

Grilled Vegetables

Zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, and mushrooms are all great options that will add some color, flavor, and texture to your plate. 

Brush them with olive oil and pinch some salt and herbs for an extra taste.

3. Avocado and Cucumber Salad

If you’re in the mood for something creamy and refreshing, then this avocado and cucumber salad is perfect for serving with tomato mozzarella salad. 

Simply dice some ripe avocados, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes, mix them with lemon juice, olive oil, and salt, and voila! A healthy and delicious side dish that will make your taste buds dance.

4. Potato Salad

If you’re hosting a BBQ or a picnic and want to serve some classic American side dishes, then potato salad is a must-have. 

Potato Salad

You can keep it simple with boiled potatoes, mayo, mustard, and pickles, or add some crunchiness with celery, onions, and bacon bits. 

Either way, it will make for a comforting and delicious pairing with your tomato mozzarella salad.

5. Watermelon and Feta Salad

For a sweet and savory combination that screams Summer, try this watermelon and feta salad. (Recipe)

The juicy and sweet watermelon cubes are combined with crumbled feta cheese, mint leaves, and a tangy vinaigrette. It’s the ideal balance of flavors and textures that will make your taste buds sing.

6. Crusty Bread

Tomato mozzarella salad and crusty bread are a match made in food heaven. The crunchy texture of the bread complements the soft and creamy cheese, while the tangy flavor of the tomatoes is enhanced by the bread’s mild flavor.

Crusty Bread

Plus, bread is perfect for soaking up the leftover dressing on your plate. Sourdough, ciabatta, and French baguette are great options.

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7. Grilled Chicken or Shrimp

Adding some grilled chicken or shrimp to your tomato mozzarella salad is a great way to make it a more substantial meal. 

The savory flavors of the protein balance out the freshness of the salad, making for a well-rounded dish. 

To keep it simple, you can season your chicken or shrimp with just salt and pepper or add some spice with a marinade.

8. Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a type of Italian dry-cured ham that’s rich in flavor and texture. 

This salty meat complements the subtle sweetness of the tomatoes and the creaminess of the cheese, making it a perfect pairing for tomato mozzarella salad. 

Simply lay a few slices of prosciutto over the top of your salad to elevate its taste and appearance.

9. Basil Pesto

Basil pesto is a flavorful sauce prepared with fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and olive oil. 

Basil Pesto

When paired with tomato mozzarella salad, it adds a burst of herbaceous flavor that’s hard to resist. 

To make your own pesto, simply blend the ingredients in a food processor until smooth, and then drizzle it over your salad.

10. Caprese Skewers

For a fun and festive appetizer, try making caprese skewers with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and bite-sized mozzarella balls.

11. Ratatouille

A traditional French dish, ratatouille is a vegetable stew made with eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes. It’s the perfect side dish to pair with your salad.

12. Gazpacho

For a refreshing cold soup option, try serving gazpacho alongside your tomato mozzarella salad. Made with pureed tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, it’s a perfect summer dish.

13. Lemon Garlic Shrimp

These tender, juicy shrimp are cooked in a flavorful lemon garlic sauce that pairs perfectly with the fresh flavors of a tomato mozzarella salad.

14. Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad

For a protein-packed vegetarian option, try making a quinoa salad with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh herbs.

15. Garlic Butter Mushrooms

Garlic Butter Mushrooms are savory mushrooms cooked in garlic butter and seasoned with fresh herbs, making them a truly delicious side dish for your salad.

16. Pesto Pasta Salad

A classic pasta salad with a twist, pesto pasta salad is perfect for serving with a tomato mozzarella salad.

17. Grilled Steak

For a heartier option, try grilling a juicy steak and serving it alongside your salad for a satisfying and satisfying meal.

18. Melon and Prosciutto Skewers

For a sweet and salty appetizer option, try making melon and prosciutto skewers. The sweetness of the melon goes perfectly with the tanginess of the tomato mozzarella salad.

19. Tuna Nicoise Salad

Another classic option, tuna nicoise salad, is a perfect complement to the fresh flavors of a tomato mozzarella salad.

20. Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms are rich, savory stuffed. Portobello mushrooms are packed with flavor and pair perfectly with a light tomato mozzarella salad.

What bread to serve with tomato mozzarella salad?

One of the best bread to serve with a tomato mozzarella salad is ciabatta. This Italian-style bread has a crisped crust and chewy texture, which makes it perfect for soaking up the tangy, acidic flavors of a traditional tomato mozzarella salad. 

Focaccia is another type of Italian bread that works well in this dish. It has a slightly sweeter flavor than ciabatta and can be topped with herbs or nuts for added flavor and texture.

Multi-grain or whole-wheat sourdough is another excellent choice to pair with a tomato mozzarella salad. This hearty bread has chewy, nutty notes that really stand out against the creamy cheese and juicy tomatoes in the salad. 

Sourdough can be found in many artisan bakeries, making it an ideal option when you want to elevate your meal to restaurant quality.

Baguettes are also great for serving with a tomato mozzarella salad since they have a crunchy crust that allows the soft flavors of the ingredients within to truly stand out. Plus, they can be cut into slices and arranged on a plate for an attractive presentation.

Finally, garlic toast is always an excellent choice when pairing with this type of salad since it adds both flavor and texture to each bite. 

You can either purchase pre-made slices from your local grocery store or make your own using fresh Italian or French bread brushed with garlic butter or olive oil before baking until golden brown.

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What soup goes well with tomato mozzarella salad?

1. Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a classic Spanish soup that is the perfect complement to a tomato mozzarella salad, with its refreshing combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, garlic, and olive oil. 

The mild acidity of the tomatoes brightens up the salad’s creamy mozzarella perfectly.

2. Creamy Tomato Bisque

With a comforting blend of tomatoes and cream, this rich soup brings out all of the flavors in the tomato mozzarella salad. (Recipe)

The creamy texture also adds a nice contrast to the freshness of the other ingredients in the salad.

3. French Onion Soup

The sweet onion flavor balances out the tanginess of a tomato mozzarella salad beautifully. 

French Onion Soup

Add some robust cheese on top for an added layer of richness that takes it over-the-top delicious!

4. Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Perfectly roasted red peppers add an amazing smoky sweetness to any dish, and when paired with a tomato mozzarella salad, make for an unforgettable meal. It’s simple yet sophisticated enough for any occasion!

5. Lentil Soup

Lentils are packed with protein and fiber, making them an ideal addition to any meal, including your tomato mozzarella salad. 

A hearty lentil soup will give your meal extra staying power so you can be sure you won’t leave hungry!

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What are the best flavors to go with tomato mozzarella salad?

Some of the most popular flavors that go well with tomato mozzarella salad are basil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Other herbs such as oregano, parsley or thyme also work great in this dish. 

Additionally, adding a pinch of sugar to the salad dressing helps to balance out the acidity of the tomatoes. 

Fruits like oranges or pomegranate seeds are also delicious additions to this flavor combination. 

For an even more flavorful experience, try tossing in some freshly chopped herbs like chives or basil for a burst of flavor! 

Finally, finishing off the salad with a sprinkle of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese will add a nice depth and complexity of flavor that pairs wonderfully with the tomato mozzarella. Enjoy!

How do you jazz up tomato mozzarella salad?

One great way to jazz up a tomato mozzarella salad is by adding some crunch. Add croutons, nuts, or even crispy bacon for an extra layer of texture and flavor. 

Additionally, add some fresh herbs such as basil, oregano, or parsley for an additional layer of flavor. 

You can also dress it up with a flavorful vinaigrette like balsamic or lemon-infused olive oil. Or try drizzling your favorite Italian dressing over the top for an exotic touch. 

Finally, you can top it off with freshly grated Parmesan cheese for added richness and savory goodness! Enjoy!

tomato mozzarella salad

Another way to take your tomato mozzarella salad to the next level is by adding a few extra ingredients. Fresh basil, chopped olives, and roasted red peppers are all delicious additions that will give your salad an extra zing. 

A sprinkle of toasted nuts or seeds such as pine nuts or sunflower seeds can also add crunch and flavor. 

Finally, if you’d like a bit of heat, try adding a finely diced jalapeno pepper or some crushed red pepper flakes. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create an amazing tomato mozzarella salad that’s sure to impress! Enjoy!

How do you display tomato mozzarella salad on a platter?

To display tomato mozzarella salad on a platter, start by arranging slices of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese in an alternating pattern. 

You can layer the tomatoes and cheese to create a more interesting presentation. Sprinkle olives, chopped herbs or spices over the top for extra flavor. 

Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar before serving. Finish off the plate with fresh basil leaves or parsley sprigs. Serve cold or at room temperature for best results. Enjoy!

Wrap Up on what to serve with tomato mozzarella salad

Tomato mozzarella salad is a classic Summer dish that can be easily upgraded by adding some tasty side dishes.

From crispy bruschetta to creamy avocado, grilled vegetables, potato salad, and watermelon and feta salad, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Depending on your mood and taste, you can mix and match different dishes to create a perfect meal that will please everyone. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your food!


How much tomato mozzarella salad per person?

The amount of tomato mozzarella salad per person will depend on individual preferences. 

Generally speaking, a good portion size would be around 150 grams (or 5-6 ounces) per person. This should be enough to satisfy hunger while still allowing room for other dishes or snacks. 

If a larger portion is desired, double the amount and serve it as a main course. The salad consists of fresh tomatoes, diced mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil – all ingredients that are both healthy and packed with flavor. 

To add an extra touch of freshness, you can also sprinkle some lemon zest or juice over the salad before serving.

What goes well with mozzarella?

Mozzarella is a delicious and versatile cheese that goes great with many different dishes. It pairs especially well with tomatoes, basil, and olive oil for classic Italian dishes such as bruschetta or caprese salad. It also makes a great addition to pizza and lasagna. 

Mozzarella is also often served melted over eggplant parmesan or stuffed into fried zucchini blossoms. 

For those who prefer sweet flavors, mozzarella can be paired with honey or figs for a unique appetizer or dessert dish. 

Finally, mozzarella can be used to top off hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, and other savory entrees. Regardless of the dish you’re making, mozzarella always adds a touch of richness and flavor to any meal!

What meat to serve with tomato mozzarella salad?

A tomato mozzarella salad is a classic Italian staple, and there are a variety of options for a protein to serve alongside it. 

For a heartier dish, grilled chicken or pork loin are great choices. For those looking for something with a bit more flavor, try grilling shrimp or adding crumbled feta cheese. 

If you’d like to keep the meal vegetarian-friendly, roasted chickpeas or white beans make excellent additions. Adding any of these proteins will give your tomato mozzarella salad more depth and complexity.

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