21 Delicious Side Dishes to Serve with Twice-Baked Potatoes

If you’re looking for a delicious and creative side dish to serve with your main course, twice-baked potatoes are a great option.

Twice-baked potatoes are a classic comfort food deliciously filled with cheese, bacon, and other savory flavors. 

They’re cheesy and savory, crunchy and creamy and great for special occasions or just for a cozy night in. 

To make them the star of your meal, it’s important to pair them with dishes that bring out their flavor and provide balance to the plate. So, what to serve with twice-baked potatoes?

Here are some of our favorite dishes that pair perfectly with twice-baked potatoes. 

What are twice-baked potatoes? What do twice-baked potatoes taste like?

Twice-baked potatoes are a classic side dish that can be served with almost any meal. They are potatoes that have been hollowed out and then stuffed with various ingredients, usually cheese, bacon, sour cream, and spices. 

After being stuffed, the potatoes are re-baked until they become crispy on the outside and creamy and soft inside. The delicious combination of flavors creates an unforgettable taste sensation.

Twice-baked potatoes have a wonderful buttery flavor from the roasted potato skins combined with the sweetness of the interior ingredients like cheese, bacon, and sour cream. 

The addition of herbs and spices adds an extra layer of flavor to complete this tantalizing dish. 

20+ Sides to serve with Twice Baked Potatoes

1. Salads & Greens

A simple salad or green side dish is always a great pairing for twice-baked potatoes. Try a classic Caesar salad, or go for something more creative like an arugula and bacon salad. 

Caesar Salad

You could also try roasting some Brussels sprouts or broccoli with olive oil and garlic as another easy way to incorporate some greens into the meal. 

2. Vegetables

Roasted vegetables like carrots, squash, bell peppers, and onions are all perfect accompaniments for twice-baked potatoes. 

Roasted Veggies

For even more flavor, try adding some herbs or spices like thyme, oregano, or rosemary before roasting them in the oven. Or, if you want something even easier, just steam up some fresh veggies on the stovetop! 

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3. Meat & Fish

Meat and fish are always great options when it comes to pairing with twice-baked potatoes. 

Grilled steak

Grilled steak is a classic choice that pairs nicely with the rich potato flavor; salmon is also an excellent option because of its mild taste that complements the potatoes without overpowering them. 

Chicken is also another great option; try baking it in the oven with lemon juice and garlic for extra flavor! 

4. Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken is a classic option that pairs perfectly with twice-baked potatoes. It’s also hearty and filling, making it perfect as the main dish.

5. Seafood

From shrimp to salmon, seafood is another great option to serve alongside twice-baked potatoes for a slightly lighter dinner.

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6. Soup

Tomato Basil Soup

Soup is always comforting to have alongside creamy twice-baked potatoes on chilly nights—they make the perfect pair!

7. Chili

A hearty bowl of chili will fill you up and keep you cozy when served with these spuds during winter months or football season (or both!).

8. Pasta Dishes

From lasagna to spaghetti and meatballs, pasta dishes are great because you can get creative with your ingredients while still providing plenty of carbs to accompany your taters!

9. Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Sandwiches are excellent to serve with twice-baked potatoes. Burgers or sandwiches made in a skillet can easily be reheated in the oven right alongside your spuds for easy assembly once dinner time rolls around!

10. Tacos

Twice-baked potatoes plus tacos equal one seriously delicious dinner! Add some cheese, sour cream, lettuce or whatever toppings you like for ultimate flavor satisfaction!

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11. Macaroni & Cheese

Creamy macaroni and cheese drizzled over crispy roasted potatoes? Yes, please! Prepare this classic combination from scratch or use boxed versions, depending on how much time you have available.

12. Pork Chops

Pork Chops

Made on the stovetop or even in an air fryer, pork chops add just enough protein without being overly heavy when paired with double-stuffed spuds (or regular ones, too!).

13. Stuffed Peppers

Not only are stuffed peppers full of flavor but they’re also packed with nutrients like vitamins C & B6, so they’re pretty healthy too! 

Just top them off with cheese before baking them in the oven, and enjoy them alongside your mashed-up tuber treats.

14. Fried Fish

Fried Fish

Fried fish fillets go wonderfully well next to twice-baked potatoes since they both offer a crunchy texture that people love—and any additional tartar sauce takes it over the top!

15. Meatloaf

Meatloaf makes for an excellent main course when served alongside these fluffy potato delights thanks to its richness and savory flavors (plus, it’s usually kid-friendly!)

16. Baked Cod

Mild yet flavorful, baked cod pairs nicely with the cheesy goodness of twice-baked potatoes and makes for a healthy meal option that everyone can enjoy. (Recipe)

17. Barbecue Pulled Pork

The smoky, sweet taste of barbecue pulled pork is the perfect complement to the creamy texture of twice-baked potatoes and creates a delicious meal full of flavor.

18. Sautéed Mushrooms

Sautéed Mushrooms

The earthy taste of sautéed mushrooms goes wonderfully with twice-baked potatoes and adds an extra layer of intriguing flavor to your plate.

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19. Honey-Glazed Carrots

For a slightly sweet touch that also brings plenty of color and texture to your plate, serve twice-baked potatoes with honey-glazed carrots.

20. Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad bring together the sweetness of roasted beets, the sharpness of goat cheese, and the creamy texture of twice-baked potatoes for a truly unique meal that’s sure to please.

21. Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

When the weather is cold outside, nothing warms up like a hearty bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup served alongside a delicious side of twice-baked potatoes. 

It’s a classic pairing that will never go out of style!

What are the best flavors to go with twice-baked potatoes?

Twice-baked potatoes are a delicious side dish that can be enjoyed with a variety of flavors. Popular flavor combinations for twice-baked potatoes include garlic and Parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon, and sour cream and chives. 

For those looking to add a bit of tanginess, try topping the potatoes with diced tomato, feta cheese, and olives. 

They also pair nicely with southwestern flavors such as ground beef chili, black beans, salsa, and jalapenos.

For a lighter option, consider topping them with steamed broccoli or roasted Brussels sprouts and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. 

How do you jazz up twice-baked potatoes?

One way to jazz up twice-baked potatoes is to add cheese. A sharp cheddar, Parmesan, or cream cheese can take your potatoes to the next level. 

You can also try folding in some bacon bits for extra flavor. For a fancier presentation, you could top your potatoes with sour cream and chives or diced green onions. 

twice-baked potatoes

Another option would be to stuff them with sautéed vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, and spinach. 

To finish off the dish, sprinkle it with paprika and freshly ground pepper for an added kick! With these toppings and fillers, you’ll have a delicious side dish that everyone will enjoy. Enjoy!

How do you display twice-baked potatoes on a platter?

To display twice-baked potatoes on a platter, start by arranging the potatoes in an attractive pattern.

Lay them out so that they overlap slightly and fill up the entire surface of the serving dish. 

You can then sprinkle fresh herbs over the top for added color and texture. If desired, you may also drizzle melted butter or olive oil over the potatoes to give them an extra burst of flavor and moisture. 

Once prepared, your twice-baked potatoes are ready to be served! Enjoy!

Wrap Up on What to serve with Twice-Baked Potatoes

With so many delicious options out there, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect companion dish for your twice-baked potatoes! 

Whether you opt for something light like a salad or greens, something hearty like roasted vegetables, or something substantial like meat or fish – we guarantee this tasty combination will be sure to please your family and friends alike! 

So, get creative in the kitchen and start cooking up some delicious sides today!


How many twice-baked potatoes per person?

Typically, you should plan on one to two potatoes per person. If it’s a side dish for a larger meal, consider making four or six small twice-baked potatoes per person instead of one large one. 

For additional guests or larger appetites, increase the amount accordingly. It’s always better to make too much than too little!

When preparing your twice-baked potatoes, remember that they need plenty of time in the oven and can easily double in size as they bake. 

Be sure to factor this into your cooking timeline when planning your meal—it takes about an hour to prepare and cook each potato. Enjoy!

What meat goes with twice-baked potatoes?

When it comes to pairing with twice-baked potatoes, classic roast beef or steak is always a great option.

Roast beef can be served as thin slices, cubes, or as a pot roast for larger appetites. Steak is also deliciously grilled or pan-seared and served alongside the potatoes. 

Other proteins like chicken, pork tenderloin, and even salmon are all excellent options that pair beautifully with the starches of these twice-baked potatoes. 

For vegetarians, you can dress up the potatoes with some lightly cooked vegetables like mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, or spinach to create an entirely meatless meal. 

With so many choices available to you when it comes to picking what meat goes best with twice-baked potatoes, you can’t go wrong! Enjoy your delicious meal.

What to serve with twice-baked potatoes vegetarian?

Twice-baked potatoes vegetarian make for a great side dish, going well with roasted vegetables, a protein-packed salad, or a savory soup. 

For a heartier meal, try pairing it with grilled tofu or lentils. To lighten up the plate and add some color, serve alongside steamed asparagus, kale salad with citrus dressing, or roasted bell peppers. 

Add some crunch to the mix by sprinkling on some toasted almonds or sunflower seeds. 

For an even more flavorful option, top with freshly chopped herbs like parsley or chives!

Are you supposed to eat the skin of a twice-baked potato?

The answer to this question depends on personal preference.

Generally, the skin of a twice-baked potato is edible and can be consumed if desired. 

However, some people prefer to remove the skins from their twice-baked potatoes before eating them. 

Additionally, if the potato skin is especially tough or leathery, it may not be desirable to keep the skin on when consuming a twice-baked potato. 

Ultimately, it is up to you whether or not you want to eat the skin of your twice-baked potatoes.

What compliments a baked potato bar?

What compliments a baked potato bar? If you are looking for a delicious side dish to serve with your baked potato bar, try adding some roasted vegetables. 

Roasted vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, and onions are the perfect accompaniment to a creamy, buttery baked potato. 

You can also add some variety by roasting different types of potatoes, such as sweet potatoes or purple potatoes. 

To top it off, sprinkle your favorite cheese over the top for an extra cheesy finish. Enjoy your delicious baked potato bar!

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