30 Delicious Dishes to Enhance Your Champagne Experience

Champagne is a perefct classic drink that is ideal for any occasion. Whether it’s a special occasion or just an ordinary night, you can always pop open a bottle of champagne and have some fun! 

But if you want to make your champagne experience even more special, why not pair it with some delicious food? So, what is the best food to pair with champagne?

There are plenty of food options to pair with champagne to elevate your champagne experience.

It all depends on the occasion. Here are a few tips to help home cooks find the perfect pairings for their next celebration. 

30 Best Food to Pair with Champagne

1. Foie Gras

Foie gras is a rich, buttery spread made from goose liver. It has a velvety texture and pairs perfectly with champagne. 

Foie Gras

If you want to make something extra-special for your next celebration, try making some foie gras and pairing it with your favorite champagne. The combination of the two will be sure to tantalize your taste buds! 

2. Oysters

Oysters are one of the most common seafood dishes to pair with champagne. They have a briny flavor that goes perfectly with the sweet bubbles in the drink. 


You can enjoy them raw or cooked in various ways, from steamed to grilled or fried. No matter how you prepare them, they’re sure to be a hit with your guests! 

3. Caviar

Caviar is another popular dish to accompany champagne. The salty roe has an intense flavor that complements the flavor of the bubbly beverage nicely. 

You can serve it on toast points or blini (small buckwheat pancakes). Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try making caviar sushi rolls? This identical dish is sure to impress your friends! 

4. Cheese

Cheese is always a welcome addition when it comes to pairing foods with wine or drinks like champagne. 


It adds richness and complexity to the bubbly beverage without overpowering its delicate flavors. 

Try serving an assortment of cheeses such as brie, cheddar, gouda, and blue cheese for maximum deliciousness! 

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5. Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a divine food when paired with bubbles! Whether it’s dark chocolate truffles or white chocolate mousse, this sweet treat will bring out the best in your favorite champagnes and sparkling wines. And who doesn’t love indulging in some decadent chocolate? 

6. Sweet Treats with Sweet Wines 

Some champagnes, like demi-sec and doux styles, have a sweetness that calls for sweet pairings. This can be anything from a creamy dessert to salty snacks. 

Caramel apples, peanut butter cookies, vanilla ice cream, and even salted caramel popcorn can all make excellent accompaniments to these sweet wines. 

Or try pairing your sparkling wine with some fresh fruit like strawberries or melon slices—the acidity of the wine pairs ideally with the sweetness of the fruits. 

7. Savory Snacks with Brut Wines 

Brut champagne is an ultra-dry variety that pairs best with savory snacks like roasted nuts or olives. 

savory snacks

If you’re looking for something more substantial, try serving your brut champagne alongside some charcuterie or cheese platters. 

Gouda, brie, and blue cheeses are especially good choices because their salty flavors complement the acidity in brut wines nicely. 

For a more exotic option, try pairing your brut champagne with some caviar or smoked salmon—the saltiness of these dishes will bring out the yeasty flavor notes in brut wines beautifully. 

8. For Something Hearty 

If you want to go beyond snacks and appetizers but don’t want to serve a full meal at your next celebration, try pairing your sparkling wine with some hearty dishes like risotto or pasta dishes made with rich sauces like carbonara or bolognese. 


The creamy texture of risotto complements the bubbles in sparkling wines, while rich sauces add an extra layer of depth to each sip. 

For something even heartier, consider making steak tartare served alongside a bottle of fizzy rosé champagne—the combination will be sure to wow your guests! 

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9. Lobster

The delicate flavor and texture of lobster make for an elegant pairing with dry champagne.

10. Truffles

The earthy, savory flavor of truffles pairs beautifully with the subtle fruit flavors of many champagnes.

11. Sushi


The clean flavors of sushi, particularly sashimi, pair well with the delicate effervescence of champagne.

12. Fried Chicken

The crispiness and saltiness of fried chicken are balanced out by the acidity and effervescence of champagne.

13. Fried fish

Similar to fried chicken, the lightness of fried fish is complemented by the refreshing bubbles of champagne.

14. French fries

The saltiness and crunch of French fries are a surprisingly delicious pairing with champagne.

15. Popcorn

 Another unexpected pairing, the butteriness and saltiness of popcorn, is offset by the acidity and effervescence of champagne.

16. Strawberries

The sweetness of strawberries pairs perfectly with the fruity notes of many champagnes.

17. Macarons

The delicate sweetness of French macarons pairs well with the subtle fruit flavors of champagne.

18. Potato chips

Potato chips

The salty and crunchy texture of potato chips makes for a surprisingly delicious pairing with crisp champagne.

19. Truffles

Whether you’re grating truffles over pasta or enjoying them in a rich and velvety sauce, the earthy flavors of truffles are a great match for the effervescence of champagne.

20. Chicken in cream sauce

A classic French dish, chicken in cream sauce is a delicious pairing for champagne. The creamy flavors of the dish are balanced out by the acidity of the wine.

21. Grilled shrimp

Whether they’re skewered or presented as a platter, grilled shrimp is a delicious and elegant choice to pair with champagne.

22. Charcuterie board

A spread of cured meats, cheeses, and crackers is a great way to showcase the versatility of champagne. 

Charcuterie Board

Try pairing different meats and cheeses with different styles of champagne to find your perfect match.

23. Steak tartare

If you’re looking for something a little different, try serving up some steak tartare alongside your champagne. The raw beef is balanced out by the acidity of the wine. (Recipe)

24. Grilled salmon

Salmon is a light and refreshing pairing for champagne, with its mild flavor and buttery texture.

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25. Mushroom risotto

Whether you’re vegetarian or just looking for a lighter option, mushroom risotto is a great pairing for champagne. The earthy flavors of the mushrooms pair perfectly with the wine’s acidity.

26. Sashimi

Just like sushi, sashimi is a delicate and delicious pairing for champagne.

27. Lobster bisque

lobster bisque

If you’re looking for soup to pair with your champagne, lobster bisque is a great choice. The creamy and rich flavors of the soup are balanced out by the wine’s effervescence.

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28. Baked brie

For a decadent appetizer, try serving up some baked brie with your champagne. The creamy and nutty flavors of the cheese are a perfect match for the wine.

29. Cheese fondue

Cheese Fondue

If you’re serving up a larger group, consider a cheese fondue. The cheesy flavors of the dish are balanced out nicely by the acidity of the champagne.

30. Chocolate truffles

For a sweet ending to your meal, try serving up some chocolate truffles alongside your champagne. The rich and velvety texture of the chocolate complements the wine perfectly.

Wrap Up

Champagne can be enjoyed on its own, but why not take it up a notch by adding some delicious food into the mix? 

From foie gras and oysters to caviar and cheese to chocolates—there are countless dishes that will bring out the best in any bubbly beverage! 

So next time you open up a bottle of bubbly, remember these five dishes so you can elevate your experience even further! 

With these options available at hand, now’s definitely the time to start planning out all those occasions that call for popping open bottles of bubbly! 

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