19 Delicious Side Dishes to Accompany Chicken Pot Pie @easy & tasty

Chicken pot pie is a classic dish that can be enjoyed any time of year. It’s warm and comforting, and it’s perfect for feeding a crowd.

But if you’re looking to upgrade your chicken pot pie game, you need the perfect side dishes to complement the main course. 

And that is why today I am here with some of my best choices when it comes to sides that pair perfectly with chicken pot pie.

Ok, thank me later; now you just taste all these popular and tasty dishes that can be served alongside this cozy dish to make your dish the star of the show.

A Quick solution for what to serve with chicken pot pie –

Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans with Almonds, Crispy Roasted Carrots, Roasted Asparagus, Crusty French Bread, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread, Biscuits, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Slaw, Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Beans, Rice Pilaf, Roasted Carrots, Sweet Potato Fries, Green Beans Almandine, Parmesan Artichoke Hearts, Sauteed Spinach, Garlic Bread, Buttermilk Biscuits.

What is chicken pot pie? What does chicken pot pie taste like?

Chicken pot pie is a classic comfort food dish made with a flaky pastry crust filled with a creamy mixture of chicken, vegetables, and seasonings.

The traditional filling usually consists of diced chicken, carrots, potatoes, peas, and onions in a cream-based sauce. The top of the pie is then covered with the same flaky pastry crust that was used for the bottom layer.

When baked in the oven, the pastry turns golden brown and puffs up slightly around the edges.

When it comes to flavor, chicken pot pie is truly divine! The combination of tender pieces of chicken and vegetables mixed together with creamy sauce creates a savory taste that can be enjoyed by all ages alike.

Other ingredients, such as herbs and spices, can be added to the pot pie filling to further enhance the flavor, providing a unique and delicious twist on the classic dish.

Whether it’s served as an entree or a side dish, chicken pot pie is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters!

Do you really need side dishes to pair up with chicken pot pie?

If you want to keep it simple, just serve the pot pie with a nice salad or steamed vegetables.

However, if you’re looking to add more flavor and texture to this classic dish, try pairing it up with some roasted vegetables such as squash, carrots or Brussels sprouts.

You can also pair it with mashed potatoes for an extra-filling meal that is sure to satisfy your whole family. 

Finally, don’t forget about a yummy dessert like homemade ice cream or fresh fruit sorbet to finish off the meal. Enjoy!

Best sides to serve with chicken pot pie

1. Creamy Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes just taste delicious with chicken pot pie. The creamy texture goes perfectly with the creamy filling in the pie itself.

creamy mashed potatoes just taste delicious with chicken pot pie
Creamy Mashed Potato

To make mashed potatoes that are extra delicious, you can add butter and cream cheese to the mix! This will give them an extra richness that no one can resist.

Moreover, if you love mashed potato then you can also try it to serve with Coconut shrimp.

2. Green Beans with Almonds 

This is a great way to get some greens into your meal while also adding some crunchy texture as well. 

Start by blanching green beans until they are just tender, then season them with salt and pepper and top with slivered almonds for an added crunch.

This side dish is absolutely healthy, delicious for you, and, most importantly, very easy to prepare!

3. Crispy Roasted Carrots 

Carrots are always a great partner for chicken pot pie because their sweetness pairs nicely with the savory flavors of the dish itself. 

Crispy Roasted Carrots
Crispy Roasted Carrots 

To take your roasted carrots up a notch, try adding a few spices like cumin or smoked paprika before roasting them in the oven until they’re crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

4. Roasted Asparagus 

I love to taste asparagus with chicken pot pie because it’s light yet flavorful and goes well with the rich creaminess of the dish. 

To prepare it, simply preheat your oven to 400°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Then, trim off the tough ends of the asparagus spears and spread them out on the baking sheet.

Drizzle olive oil over them and season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and lemon juice (or any other desired herbs/seasonings).

Lastly, roast for 15 minutes or until tender and done to your liking.

5. Crusty French Bread 

A crunchy French bread just tastes wow if you try it for your meal — especially one like chicken pot pie!

To make it extra special, brush slices of baguette lightly with melted butter and sprinkle on some parmesan cheese before baking in an oven preheated at 375°F for around 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve warm in the oven for maximum effect!

6. Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

I always welcome mashed potatoes to my table when it comes to coupling with main courses like chicken pot pie!

This simple recipe requires you to peel and cube potatoes into small pieces before boiling them in salted water until they become soft enough to mash easily.

Then add in butter, milk, garlic powder, salt & pepper (optional), and parsley flakes (optional) — mix thoroughly until creamy.

You can also add sour cream if desired, but this isn’t necessary unless you prefer a more tangy flavor profile! Serve hot & enjoy!

7. Cornbread 

A staple of southern cuisine, cornbread is the perfect side to a hearty chicken pot pie.

Its slightly sweet flavor gives your dish a savory flavor of the dish and its coarse texture provides a pleasant contrast to the softer ingredients.

8. Biscuits 

Fluffy, buttery biscuits are delicious when enjoyed with chicken pot pie. They help to soak up some of the gravy or sauce that is released during cooking, making every bite delicious.

9. Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

Roasted Brussels sprouts add both a colorful element and a hearty taste to your dinner plate when served with chicken pot pie.

you can add roasted brussels sprouts to serve with chicken pot pie
Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

The slight crunchiness of this vegetable pairs beautifully with the creamy filling inside each flaky crust pocket.

10. Slaw 

Tangy coleslaw is my other favorite side with chicken pot pie as it is an excellent way to add freshness and crunch to a meal of chicken pot pie.

It’s also a great option if you’re looking for something lighter than more traditional sides like mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese.

11. Macaroni and Cheese 

Rich and creamy macaroni and cheese is an absolutely delicious partner to your chicken pot pie dinner due to its cheesy flavor profile and smooth texture.

12. Baked Beans 

With their unique sweet taste, baked beans make an interesting side with chicken pot pie as they bring out the savory flavors in each bite. You can add some extra protein by sprinkling on bacon bits before serving!

13. Rice Pilaf 

Rice pilaf adds a nutty flavor and fluffy texture to your meal when paired with chicken pot pie, making it a great side dish alternative that’s high in fiber yet still flavorful enough to consume on its own if desired!

14. Sweet Potato Fries 

You can mix things up by serving sweet potato fries as a great couple for your next chicken pot pie dinner!

Their golden color will brighten up any meal, plus their unique sweetness pairs well with all types of meats like poultry or beef too!

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15. Green Beans Almandine

This classic side dish offers both flavor complexity as well as nutrition thanks to its crunchy green beans lightly coated in almonds which provide a tantalizing nuttiness sure to please your palate when served with your favorite comfort food-chicken pot pies!

16. Parmesan Artichoke Hearts

These tender artichokes are packed full of flavor thanks to their cheesy coating made from grated Parmesan cheese, which gives every bite an irresistible salty tanginess that complements any type of poultry dish, such as chicken pot pies!

17. Sauteed Spinach

I tried Sauteed spinach, and it makes for an easy yet nutritious addition that packs plenty of vitamins into one little side dish while taking just minutes from start-to-finish thanks to its simple preparation process.

Simply sauté oil, garlic & spinach together until wilted & serve next to your main entrée item like everyone’s favorite comfort food-chicken pot pies!

18. Garlic Bread

My top favorite Garlic bread adds both warmth & crunchiness when served alongside hot dishes like chicken pot pies plus, its garlicky aroma helps stimulate appetite & appetite anticipation.

Meaning everyone at your dinner table will be ready & waiting for their first bite once garlic bread arrives on their plate!

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19. Buttermilk Biscuits

Buttermilk biscuits deliver both lightness & intense flavor, all bundled into one yummy package, which means they perfectly fit right with home-cooked favorites like Chicken Pot Pie.

Buttermilk Biscuits
Buttermilk Biscuits

So dig in & enjoy these delicious fluffy treats alongside your warm meal tonight!

What are the best flavors to go with chicken pot pie?

Chicken pot pie is a classic comfort food, and it pairs well with a variety of flavors. To get the most out of your dish, you can choose from a range of herbs and spices to enhance its flavor.

Popular options include oregano, basil, thyme, sage, rosemary and garlic powder. You could even try adding some red pepper flakes for an extra kick!

Additionally, why not consider adding some lemon zest or juice to brighten up the flavor? For additional creaminess and richness, you can add grated Parmesan cheese or a rich, creamy sauce such as béchamel or Alfredo.

Finally, serve with buttery crusty bread or fluffy mashed potatoes for a delicious accompaniment! Enjoy!

How do you jazz up chicken pot pie?

Well, one way is to use an array of ingredients. Instead of using the traditional carrots, peas and potatoes, you can switch it up with a variety of other vegetables like corn, celery, mushrooms and bell peppers.

You could also add some additional spices like fresh herbs or paprika. If you want to give your pot pie an extra kick, try adding some hot sauce or jalapenos.

To top it off, you can always experiment with different cheeses or even swap out the usual biscuit topping for something more unique, like puff pastry or mashed potatoes.

How do you display chicken pot pie on a platter?

To display chicken pot pie on a platter, start by preheating your oven to the desired temperature. Grease a baking dish with cooking spray or butter and pour in the chicken pot pie mixture. Spread it evenly across the pan.

Place any desired toppings over the top of the mixture, such as cheese, herbs, onions, bacon bits, etc. Bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

Once cooked, carefully remove from oven and place onto a large serving platter or plate. Decorate with fresh herbs and serve warm! Enjoy!

FAQs on what to serve with chicken pot pie

Q1. How many chicken pot pies per person?

The amount of chicken pot pies per person varies depending on the size of the pie and how hungry everyone is. Generally, one 9-inch chicken pot pie serves 4-6 people, while a 10-inch pie may serve 6-8 people. 

If you are having a large gathering, it may be wise to purchase additional pies.

Additionally, if you’re serving sides alongside the chicken pot pie, then you can expect to feed more people with fewer pies. Ultimately, it’s best to plan ahead and decide what works for your specific gathering so that everyone leaves satisfied!

Q2. What does Ina Garten serve with chicken pot pie?

Ina Garten typically serves a crisp green salad with a light vinaigrette or some sautéed vegetables such as asparagus, peas, or zucchini when she serves chicken pot pie. She often finishes the meal with a side of crusty French bread.

For dessert, she recommends an apple tart or a scoop of vanilla ice cream to top off the comfort food classic. With these simple yet delicious accompaniments, Ina Garten’s chicken pot pie is sure to be a hit in any household.

Q3. What is the correct way to eat chicken pot pie?

The best way to enjoy chicken pot pie is to first preheat your oven according to the instructions on the package. Then, place the pie in a baking dish and bake it for the suggested amount of time until golden brown.

Once cooked, let it cool for 5-10 minutes before serving. To serve, cut into slices and enjoy! You can also add some steamed vegetables or a salad as a side with this delicious comfort food. Enjoy!

Q4. What is the difference between chicken pie and chicken pot pie?

Chicken pie is a pastry-filled dish, usually containing chunks of cooked chicken and vegetables in a thick gravy. The pastry can be either shortcrust or puff pastry. Chicken pot pie, on the other hand, is typically made with a biscuit-type dough that has been dropped into the top of the filling as it cooks. This type of dough gives the dish its unique look and texture.
The filling for both dishes is similar, but chicken pot pie tends to be thicker than chicken pie due to its topping. Additionally, chicken pot pie often includes additional ingredients such as diced potatoes or mushrooms, whereas these are not seen as commonly in chicken pies. Both dishes are delicious comfort foods that pair well with sides like mashed potatoes or steamed vegetables.

Both dishes are prepared in slightly different ways and have their own distinct flavor. The method of preparation for chicken pie usually involves a combination of baking and simmering the ingredients on top of the stove, while chicken pot pie is more oven-focused. Chicken pie is typically served with a side of gravy or other sauce, but chicken pot pie can be eaten alone or as part of a larger meal.

At the end of the day, both dishes offer a hearty and delicious meal that will satisfy any appetite. Whether you prefer chicken pies or pot pies, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs! So grab some ingredients and try out these recipes to add some variety to your dinner routine. Enjoy!

Q5. What vegetables go with meat pie?

Some of the most popular vegetables to serve with a meat pie include roasted potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, peas, and onions. You can also add herbs like thyme or rosemary for additional flavor. Other options could be bell peppers, squash, sweet potatoes, or even brussels sprouts.

Depending on how you season the filling of your pie and what sides you serve it with, there are plenty of delicious vegetable combinations that pair perfectly with any type of meat pie. Try mixing and matching different vegetables to find the perfect combination for your meal!

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