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Cheese blintz is a classic dish that can be enjoyed in many ways. From being served as a main dish to being added to other dishes for extra flavor, cheese blintz is the perfect addition to any meal. 

Not only is it mouthwatering and versatile, but it’s also incredibly simple to prepare. But what should you serve with cheese blintz? Here are some of our famous sides that are sure to please your guests!

In short - What to Serve with Cheese Blintz

Roasted potatoes, Salad, Sautéed mushrooms, Fruits, Berries Compote, Cream Cheese Filling, Cherry Jam, French Toast, Vegetable Frittata, Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, Stuffed Peppers, Citrus Syrup, Chocolate Sauce

What is cheese Blintz and what does cheese blintz taste like?

Cheese Blintz is a type of breakfast food made with crepes filled with a creamy cheese mixture. Cheese blintzes typically have a mild, slightly sweet taste that comes from the combination of the creamy cheese filling and the thin, buttery pastry. 

The texture of cheese blintzes can vary depending on how thickly they are rolled and how long they have been cooked. 

When served hot, they often have a crispy exterior while still having a soft interior. Depending on the recipe used, additional ingredients such as raisins or cinnamon may be added to give it an extra burst of flavor. Cheese blintzes make for an easy yet delicious breakfast treat!

It’s also common to top your cheese blintzes with a sweet topping. Common toppings include jams, jellies, fruit compote and syrup. 

This can be added to enhance the flavor of your blintz and make it even more delicious! 

30 Amazing Sides to serve with cheese blintz

1. Roasted potatoes

Roasted potatoes are a great way to add some savory balance to a sweet dish like cheese blintzes. They also happen to be one of our favorite breakfasts sides. 

Roasted potatoes
Roasted potatoes

Simply cut your potatoes into bite-sized pieces, and mix them with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then roast in a 400-degree oven for 20-25 minutes, stirring once or twice during cooking. 

2. Salad

A light salad is a perfect way to balance out the richness of cheese blintzes. We like to mix greens, cherry tomatoes, and shaved Parmesan cheese, but you can use whatever you have on hand. 


Don’t forget the dress! A simple vinaigrette or even just a squeeze of lemon juice will do the trick.

Arugula salad is also a great option, a slightly bitter green that pairs well with rich dishes like cheese blintzes. For this side dish, simply dress some arugula with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Add shaved Parmesan cheese and croutons if desired. 

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3. Sautéed mushrooms 

Mushrooms are another excellent way to add some savoriness to your meal. Plus, they cook up quickly! 

Sautéed mushrooms is excellent to serve with cheese blintzes
Sautéed mushrooms 

To make this side dish, simply sauté some sliced mushrooms in butter or olive oil over medium-high heat until they’re tender and browned. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve alongside your blintzes and enjoy! 

4. Fruit 

Cheese blintzes are often served with fruit on top, but we also like to serve them with a fruit salad on the side. This is an excellent way to use up any ripe fruit you have on hand. 

We like to mix together berries, diced apples, and pears, but feel free to get creative! A drizzle of honey or maple syrup takes this dish over the top.

A crunchy topping of cooked apples on top of a warm cheese blintz is an excellent choice.

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5. Ricotta Filling

Stuff your cheese blintz with ricotta cheese for an extra creamy, delicious filling.

6. Berries Compote 

Berries Compote goes excellent with cheese blintz
Berries Compote

A fresh compote of mixed berries to serve on the side or spooned over a warm cheese blintz for an added sweetness.

7. Cream Cheese Filling 

Cream cheese is the classic filling for a cheese blintz, and it’s always a hit!

8. Cherry Jam  

Sweet and tart cherry jam makes a wonderful accompaniment to cheese blintzes.

9. Apricot Sauce 

An apricot glaze is a classic topping for cheese blintzes, adding just the right amount of tartness to balance out the sweetness of this dish.

10. Citrus Syrup

For a lighter alternative to traditional syrup, try drizzling citrus syrup over your cheese blintz for an added zing of flavor.

11. Sweetened Sour Cream

Topping your cheese blintz with sweetened sour cream is a delicious way to add some extra richness without overpowering the flavors of the other ingredients in the dish.

12. Caramelized Onions 

A layer of caramelized onions adds an unexpected savory note that perfectly complements the sweet flavors of a cheese blintz.

13. Nuts

Sprinkle some chopped nuts over your cheese blintz for an extra crunchy texture and nutty flavor.

14. Honey

For those who prefer a sweeter topping, drizzle honey over your cheese blintz to bring out its natural sweetness.

15. Chocolate Sauce

For a decadent treat, top off your cheese blintz with melted chocolate sauce for added richness and indulgence.

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16. Graham Cracker Crust – 

Create a crispy graham cracker crust to give some extra crunchiness to your cheese blintz.

17. Whipped Cream

To make your cheese blintz even more indulgent, top it off with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

18. Sprinkles

Add some color to your plate and some extra sweetness to your dish by sprinkling colorful sprinkles over your cheese blintz!

19. French Toast

Start your day journey with a warm stack of French toast topped with creamy cheese blintz filling and fresh fruit or syrup.

20. Baked Ziti

Combine cheese blintz with ricotta and mozzarella for an Italian twist on a classic baked ziti dish.

21. Spinach Pie

A savory spinach pie with cheese blintz, parmesan cheese and herbs makes the perfect side dish or appetizer for any gathering.

22. Omelette

Stuff an omelet with cheese blintz, ham, mushrooms, and onions for a complete breakfast in one bite!

23. Lasagna Roll-Ups

Layer lasagna noodles with creamy cheese blintz filling and top with a marinara sauce for an easy yet tasty dinner option.

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24. Quiche Lorraine

Cheese blintz makes the perfect addition to quiche Lorraine, adding a richness of flavor that can’t be beaten!

25. Waffles

Make Belgian waffles extra special by blending some cream cheese into your batter and then topping them off with a generous helping of cheesy blintzes filling!

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26. Creamy Chicken Casserole

Create a creamy casserole using cooked chicken breasts, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and thick slices of cheesy blintzes on top!

27. Stuffed Peppers

Use some creamy cheese blintzes filling in place of traditional rice stuffing inside roasted bell peppers – they’re sure to be a hit at dinner time!

28. Cheesy Enchiladas

Fill flour tortillas with spicy enchilada sauce, black beans and thick slices of cheesy blintzes for an out-of-this-world dinner option!

29. Macaroni & Cheese Bake

Add some extra flavor to mac & cheese by stirring in some pre-made cheesy blintzes before baking for an unforgettable dish!

30. Vegetable Frittata

Let your taste buds tingle when you add creamy, fluffy pieces of cheese blintz into your veggie frittata (recipe) mixture before cooking it up!

31. Chicken Pot Pie 

Who said pot pies had to be boring? Add some thick slices of cheesy blintzes into the mix before baking this comforting dinner favorite!

32. Cheesy Scrambled Eggs 

Give scrambled eggs something extra special by stirring in chunks of cheese blintz just before serving them up for breakfast or brunch!

What are cheese blintzes made of?

Cheese blintzes are traditional Jewish pancakes made of a thin crepe-like batter, filled with a cheese filling and lightly fried in butter. 

The cheese filling is typically made from cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract. They can also be served with sour cream, jam, honey or fruit compote as toppings. 

Cheese blintzes are often served as part of a breakfast meal or brunch dish. They can also be enjoyed for dessert with ice cream or whipped cream on top!

What are the best flavors to go with cheese blintz?

Cheese blintz is a classic dessert dish that can be served in a variety of flavors. Some popular flavor pairings include sweet options such as fruit preserves, honey, or chocolate sauce; or savory toppings like sour cream and chives. 

You can even go traditional and serve it with applesauce or cinnamon sugar.

With so many different combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless and guaranteed to please everyone! Experiment and find your favorite pairing for this decadent and delicious treat. Enjoy!

How do you jazz up cheese blintz?

One way to jazz up cheese blintz is to top them with a variety of fruits. Fresh berries such as raspberries and blueberries add a blast of flavor and color to the dish. 

If you prefer sweeter flavors, try using diced apples or peaches mixed with cinnamon for a delicious topping. 

You can also mix yogurt or sour cream into a fruit compote for an added layer of flavor.

For some crunch, sprinkle chopped nuts on top of the blintzes before baking. Pecans, walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts all work well in this recipe. You could also use seeds like pumpkin or sunflower for an extra nutty taste.

Finally, don’t forget about the sauce. A mizzle of honey or maple syrup can give the blintzes a little extra sweetness, while a dollop of melted butter or cream cheese adds richness. 

With these tips, you can easily jazz up cheese blintz for an impressive and delicious dessert. Enjoy!

What is the best way to serve cheese blintz on any occasion?

The best way to serve cheese blintz on any occasion is to top them with a delicious topping of your choice. If you want something sweet, you can top your cheese blintz with fruits like apples, blueberries or strawberries. 

You can also consider the addition of a dollop of sour cream and some honey for added sweetness. For a savory option, try adding melted butter and freshly chopped herbs such as chives, parsley or basil for an extra flavor kick! 

Cheese blintz can also be served with a side of cold Greek yogurt or creme fraiche for dipping into the blintzes. Enjoy!

10 best cheese blintz recipes you should try

1. Classic Cheese Blintz

This traditional cheese blintz recipe is perfect for any time of year and only takes about an hour to make. It features a classic combination of crepe-like pancakes filled with a creamy cheese filling, all baked together and topped with your favorite syrup or fruit.

2. Pecan Pie Cheese Blintz

This decadent version of the classic cheese blintz combines a pecan pie filling with cream cheese and ricotta for an indulgent treat that everyone will love.

The nutty flavor of the pecans pairs perfectly with the tangy sweetness of the cheeses, making this a must-try recipe.

3. Apple Cinnamon Cheese Blintz

Apples and cinnamon are two flavors that just belong together, so why not combine them in a cheese blintz?

This delicious variation on the classic includes fresh apples sautéed in butter and cinnamon sugar paired with a cream cheese ricotta filling for an amazing twist on an old favorite.

4. Spinach Artichoke Cheese Blintz

If you’re searching for something a little more savory than sweet, this spinach artichoke combination is just what you need!

A mix of creamy artichokes, wilted spinach, garlic, Parmesan and mozzarella are combined in this veggie-packed version of the traditional dish for an unforgettable meal.

5. Strawberry Cheesecake Blintz

Take your cheese blintzes to the next level with this decadent strawberry cheesecake version!

A layer of rich cream cheese mixed with sweetened ricotta is sandwiched between two crepes before being topped off with strawberries macerated in sugar for a treat that will have everyone begging for seconds!

6. Nutella Banana Cheese Blintz

If you’re trying to satisfy both your sweet tooth and savory cravings simultaneously, then this Nutella banana combo is sure to hit the spot! A layer of creamy Nutella sits beneath sliced bananas while a fluffy ricotta mixture tops it off in this unique spin on traditional cheese blintzes – perfect for breakfast or dessert!

7. Bacon Gruyere Cheese Blintz

Make your cheesy fillings even more tantalizing by adding savory bacon crumbles into the mix!

This bacon Gruyere blend is sure to be a hit at dinnertime thanks to its salty smokiness paired with gooey melted Gruyere – definitely one you’ll want to try again soon!

8. Mexican Chocolate Cheese Blintz

Get ready for some serious flavor adventure when you make these Mexican chocolates-inspired melty masterpieces!

Spicy chili powder blends beautifully with cayenne pepper and cocoa powder in these dreamy crepes stuffed full of cream cheese and ricotta before being topped off with warm chocolate sauce – amazing!

9. Pumpkin Mascarpone Cheese Blintze

If you’re looking for something cozy yet unique, then look no further than these pumpkin mascarpone delights!

The creamy mascarpone pairs perfectly with spiced pureed pumpkin, while brown sugar adds just enough sweetness – truly autumnal perfection that everyone will enjoy!

10. Blueberry Cream Cheese Blintzes

Nothing says summer like fresh blueberries, so why not add them to your next batch of cheese blintzes?

Tangy cream cheese gets sweetened up by juicy blueberries while lemon zest brings out their tartness – one bite, and you’ll be hooked forever on these divinely delicious treats!


Cheese blintzes are delicious on their own, but they’re even better when served with the right-side dishes. These are just a least of our favorite sides to serve with cheese blintzes, but really, the sky’s the limit! Get innovative and give it a try today and see why so many people love this timeless classic!


What is the difference between crepes and blintzes?

The main difference between crepes and blintzes is in the batter. Crepes are made with a thin batter that consists of eggs, milk, butter, and flour. Blintzes use a slightly thicker batter made from cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, and flour. 

Crepes are usually served as a sweet dessert or breakfast item filled with fruit or cream. Blintzes are traditionally served as entrée filled with savory ingredients like cheese, potatoes, or vegetables. Both dishes can be served either hot or cold. 

Another difference between crepes and blintzes is their shape: crepes have a thinner consistency than blintzes and tend to be larger and more circular in shape, while blintzes have a thicker consistency and are usually smaller in size and oval-shaped. 

The cooking method of crepes and blintzes also differs; crepes are traditionally cooked on a flat griddle, while blintzes are cooked in an oven or skillet. Finally, the texture of each dish is different – crepes have a light, airy texture, while blintzes are denser and more chewy.

Overall, both crepes and blintzes make delicious dishes that can be served as either sweet or savory meals. Whichever one you choose will depend on your preference for batter consistency, shape, cooking method and texture!

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