25  Delicious and Creative Side Dishes to Serve with Gazpacho Soup for Dinner

Hot summer days call for refreshing and light meals, and gazpacho soup is perfect for just that. This chilled soup is packed with fresh ingredients and has a satisfying blend of flavors that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

But have you ever wondered what to serve with gazpacho soup for dinner to make a complete meal? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you some best and most delicious side dishes that go well with gazpacho soup. 

So, serve it up at your next holiday meal or weekend family dinner, and you’re sure to hear everyone say ‘mmmm’ when it hits the table!

A Quick solution for what to serve with gazpacho for dinner –

Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Skewers, Quinoa Salad, Avocado Toast, Grilled Chicken Salad, Cheese and Crackers, Bruschetta, Grilled Shrimp Skewers, Panzanella Salad, Stuffed Mini Peppers, Lemon and Herb Chicken Skewers, Grilled shrimp, Manchego cheese, Garlic croutons, Marinated olives, Avocado slices, Pickled vegetables, Hummus, Pesto toast, Grilled corn on the cob, Feta cheese crumbles and many more.

What is gazpacho soup? What does gazpacho soup taste like?

Gazpacho soup is a cold tomato-based soup that originated in the southern region of Spain.

Gazpacho soup has a refreshing flavor and velvety texture. The combination of fresh vegetables makes it light yet flavorful.

Gazpacho can be suited as an appetizer or a main course, depending on the ingredients added to the soup. It is usually quite healthy since it doesn’t contain any dairy products or added fats like cream or butter.

If you are searching for a healthier choice in the hot summer months when it’s too hot to eat hot food, gazpacho is a perfect choice.

As it is served cold, it can be enjoyed at any time of day and is ideal for picnics, barbecues, and outdoor parties.

Moreover, when properly prepared, gazpacho has a refreshing tomato taste combined with the slight sweetness of vegetables like cucumber, bell peppers, and onions. 

Depending on the additional ingredients, such as garlic or hot pepper, there may also be hints of spiciness in the soup.

The addition of herbs like basil or oregano gives even more flavor to this unique soup dish. Gazpacho is often garnished with croutons or freshly chopped herbs before serving.

Gazpacho soup made of which ingredients?

Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish soup made with a variety of fresh vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, and garlic.

This chilled soup is perfect for hot summer days and is often served as a starter or light meal.

The vegetables are typically pureed until smooth, creating a flavorful and refreshing broth that can be enjoyed on its own or garnished with croutons, diced vegetables, or herbs.

Gazpacho also makes an excellent topping for grilled meats and seafood dishes.

Do you really need side dishes to pair up with gazpacho soup?

Absolutely yes! It is delicious enough to stand on its own. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, some options that work well with gazpacho are grilled chicken, chorizo, or shrimp.

You can also pair it with salads and crudites such as cucumbers, celery, bell peppers, and carrots.

Pita bread, warmed tortillas, and crusty loaves of bread are all excellent partners for sopping up the flavorful broth.

For a refreshing finish, a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes a great contrast against the savory flavors in gazpacho soup.

To make your meal complete, serve any combination of these sides with your favorite recipes for Gazpacho Soup! Enjoy

Best foods to serve with gazpacho for dinner

1. Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Skewers

Nothing spells summer quite like grilled foods, and grilled shrimp and vegetable skewers are a perfect partner for gazpacho soup.

The combination of succulent grilled shrimp and fresh grilled vegetables creates a delightful contrast to the soup’s chilled and tangy taste.

Brush the skewers with olive oil, sprinkle with your favorite seasonings, and get ready to grill up a storm.

2. Quinoa Salad

I can say that adding a quinoa salad to your gazpacho soup dinner menu is a brilliant way to make it more satisfying and filling.

Quinoa is a high-protein grain that’s light and fluffy, and it goes well with the flavors of the soup.

You can mix quinoa with fresh vegetables, black beans, and a vinaigrette dressing for a delicious and filling side dish.

3. Avocado Toast

I just love to eat avocado toast as it is simple yet scrumptious and is the perfect coupling to gazpacho soup.

The creamy and buttery texture of the avocado on a toasted slice of bread adds a flavorful contrast to the soup’s cool and tangy taste.

You can also add some tomato slices, a squeeze of lime juice, or hot sauce to make it more interesting.

4. Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken salad with fresh greens and vegetables is another perfect side dish to pair with gazpacho soup.

grilled chicken salad with fresh greens and vegetables is a perfect side dish to pair with gazpacho soup

The lightness of the salad balances the soup’s coolness and acidity, making for a well-rounded meal. You can drizzle a simple balsamic vinaigrette for extra flavor.

5. Cheese and Crackers

The simplest side dish to grace your gazpacho soup dinner table is cheese and crackers. This is a great option when you’re looking for something quick and effortless. 

You can pick your favorite cheese and crackers and let your guests help themselves to a light and tasty snack.

6. Bruschetta

I tried this combination many times, and believe me, it is just yam! with Gazpacho soup. The bread’s crispy texture contrasts wonderfully with the soup’s silky smoothness.

Additionally, the bruschetta’s fresh tomato, garlic, and basil mixture adds an extra layer of flavor that complements the gazpacho, providing an extra burst of summer freshness.

Plus, bruschetta is very simple to make, so you don’t have to fear spending hours in the kitchen.

7. Grilled Shrimp Skewers

I preferred it most of the time as a protein-packed side dish; grilled shrimp skewers are delightful with gazpacho. These skewers add a smoky flavor that enhances the soup’s refreshment.

Grilling the shrimps only take a few minutes, so you can throw them on the grill while your gazpacho chills in the fridge.

8. Panzanella Salad

If you’re in the mindset for something light and healthy, a Panzanella salad is perfect to pair with gazpacho.

This traditional Italian salad combines simple ingredients such as bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, infused with a touch of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

It’s not only filling but an excellent option for vegetarians and gluten-free eaters who want to enjoy a full meal with soup.

9. Stuffed Mini Peppers

Stuffed mini peppers are a colorful and exciting dish that screams summer. These rainbow peppers filled with ricotta, feta, and spinach are both cute and delicious.

stuffed mini peppers are good to serve with gazpacho for dinner

They add an exciting burst of cheese and veggie flavors, making them an excellent complement to the gazpacho’s strong tomato flavors.

10. Lemon and Herb Chicken Skewers

Another fun protein dish to go with gazpacho is lemon and herb chicken skewers.

The mixture of lemon and herb enhances the grilled chicken’s flavor, making it an excellent option to balance the soup’s acidity.

This dish is perfect for guests who prefer a heartier meal and the perfect way to complete your summer dinner.

11. Grilled shrimp

Again this dish adds some protein to your meal; try grilled shrimp. This can be cooked on an outdoor grill or indoors in a skillet and adds a fantastic depth of flavor to the dish.

12. Manchego cheese

Manchego cheese is a Spanish sheep’s milk cheese that tastes wonderfully with gazpacho soup. Its nutty and salty notes perfectly complement the fresh taste of your dish.

13. Garlic croutons

Adding crunchy garlic croutons to the top of your gazpacho gives it extra texture, as well as adds a mild garlicky flavor to the soup.

14. Marinated olives

One of my all-time favorite side Olives is a must-have pairing for any Spanish-inspired meal, and marinating them in olive oil, garlic, thyme, and rosemary helps to enhance their flavor even more.

marinated olives are good to serve with gazpacho for dinner

15. Avocado slices

Adding creamy avocado slices to your bowl of gazpacho boosts both its flavor and texture significantly while also providing essential healthy fats and vitamins too!

16. Pickled vegetables

For an extra punch of flavor in your dish, you can try pickling vegetables such as onions or cucumbers first before adding them into the mix!

17. Hummus

This is absolutely great for vegetarians or those looking for something different than meat partners; hummus provides a great alternative option that still pairs very well with gazpacho soup!

18. Pesto toast

Take some rustic toast, spread some pesto over it liberally, and then place it onto your bowl of gazpacho – you have yourself an easy yet tasty side dish!

19. Grilled corn on the cob

You should roast ears of corn on an outdoor grill until they’re lightly charred; it brings out their natural sweetness, which works exceptionally well next to acidic flavors like those found in gazpacho soup!

20. Feta cheese crumbles

Feta cheese crumbles not only provide another layer of salty cheesiness but also add some eye appeal too; so don’t forget to sprinkle it on top!

feta cheese crumbles is good to serve with gazpacho for dinner

21. Pan con Tomate (Tomato Bread)

This classic Catalan snack consists of thickly sliced bread rubbed with juicy ripe tomato – delicious when you dipped into Gazpacho soup!

22 . Chorizo slices

You must try tasty Chorizo, which adds another fantastic smoky element to this Spanish favorite – fry up some chorizo slices until crisp before throwing them onto your bowlful!

23 . Garlic Aioli 

Everyone loves a good garlic sauce – make sure you serve some garlic Aioli alongside this hearty dish for added oomph!spani

24 . Cherry tomatoes 

Cherry tomatoes may look small, but they definitely pack lots of flavors –you can try roasting these little red gems before serving them up alongside your Gazpacho Soup!

25 . Tortilla chips 

Tortilla chips are just what you need if you want something crunchy enough to hold up when dunked into Gazpacho Soup – dip away happily without fear they will disintegrate completely in liquid form!

tortilla chips are just crunchy enough to hold up when dunked into gazpacho soup

Happy Eating! 🙂

What are the best flavors to go with gazpacho soup?

The best flavors to go with gazpacho soup depend on personal preference, but some popular flavors include tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, garlic, onions, olive oil, sherry vinegar, and basil.

For a more flavorful dish, adding jalapenos or other hot peppers can add a nice kick.

If you’re looking for something lighter and refreshing, try adding fruit such as diced apples or mangoes.

Other herbs, such as oregano and parsley, can serve to enhance the flavor of the soup even further.

Lastly, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you could always substitute vegetable broth for traditional chicken broth for added nutrition and flavor.

Have fun experimenting with different varieties to find your own unique twist on this classic soup!

How do you jazz up gazpacho soup?

One way to jazz up gazpacho soup is by adding some spicy ingredients. This could include cayenne pepper, chili flakes, or even hot sauce!

Adding some diced jalapeno peppers can also give the soup a kick of heat and flavor. For an extra punch of flavor, try counting garlic, onion, and/or bell pepper to the soup.

Fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro can also add complexity to the dish. Finally, you can top off your gazpacho with some croutons for added crunch and texture! Enjoy!

How do you display gazpacho soup on a platter?

To display gazpacho soup on a platter, start by pouring the chilled soup into a wide, shallow bowl.

Arrange chopped vegetables and other garnishes around the bowl in an attractive pattern. Sprinkle croutons or tortilla chips over the top and finish with a few sprigs of fresh herbs to add a bright splash of color.

Serve with extra garnishes on the side for guests to customize their own portions. Enjoy!

FAQs on what to serve with gazpacho for dinner

Q1. How much gazpacho soup per person? 

That depends on the size and appetite of your guests! Generally speaking, allow for about one cup (240 mL) of gazpacho soup per person. If you’re serving other dishes, you can reduce this amount to a half-cup (120 mL) per person.

If it’s the main course, consider increasing the portion sizes slightly so that everyone is satisfied. As always, adjust according to your own tastes and preferences – but don’t forget to make enough for seconds! Enjoy!

Q2. How is gazpacho traditionally served?

Gazpacho is traditionally served cold and can be enjoyed as a starter or a light meal. It is usually eaten with a spoon, but it can also be served in a bowl, cup, or glass. Some people like to garnish their gazpacho with croutons, diced vegetables, chopped herbs, or cheese. Some restaurants even offer unique variations of the classic dish, such as adding shrimp, fish, or meat to the soup.

Q3. Is it OK to heat gazpacho?

Yes, it is OK to heat gazpacho. Some people prefer eating gazpacho hot. In fact, there are some recipes that call for heating the soup. When heating gazpacho, it’s best to do so gently and on a low setting to avoid burning or curdling the soup.

Depending on your recipe, you may be able to simply microwave the soup in a bowl or transfer it to a pot and warm it over medium-low heat on the stovetop. If you’re worried about making your gazpacho too hot, consider adding a few ice cubes when reheating it to help keep the temperature down.

However, if you decide to reheat gazpacho, make sure not to boil the soup and ruin its fresh flavor. Enjoy your hot gazpacho!

Q4. Should gazpacho be cold or room temperature?

The answer to this question depends on personal taste. Some people prefer to eat gazpacho cold, while others opt for a room-temperature version. In general, since gazpacho is served chilled, it can be enjoyed either way.

If you’re looking to get more flavor out of your gazpacho, try heating it up slightly before serving. This will bring out the deep flavors of the vegetables and seasonings in the dish. However, no matter how you choose to enjoy your gazpacho, it’s sure to be a delicious meal! Enjoy!

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