28 Delicious Dishes That Are Even Better With Lumpia

The sweet and savory flavor of lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) is always a hit at any gathering. It can be fried or served fresh, and it can be taken as an appetizer, side dish, or main course. 

But if you’re serving lumpia as an appetizer or main dish, what else should you serve alongside it?

Depending on your tastes and preferences, there are lots of great side dishes that go perfectly with lumpia.

Whether you’re a newbie cook or an experienced foodie looking to impress guests at your next party or gathering, here are 28 incredible dishes that are even better with lumpia.

So, just stay with me to give your taste bud a wow effect.

A quick solution on what to serve with lumpia

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What is lumpia, and what does lumpia taste like?

Lumpia is a Filipino savory spring roll that is popular in many Southeast Asian countries, such as the Philippines and Indonesia. The ingredients vary but usually include ground pork, vegetables, and spices.

Lumpia has a crunchy exterior with a flavorful filling that can be sweet or savory, depending on the recipe. 

It tastes like an Asian version of egg rolls with a subtly spicy flavor from the fresh herbs and garlic often used in preparation.

Lumpia is often served as an appetizer, and it can also be utilized as a main entree with the addition of other proteins or toppings.

It pairs well with dipping sauces, such as sweet chili sauce or soy sauce, to enhance its flavor. 

The popularity of lumpia has spread outside Southeast Asia and can now be found in many restaurants around the world.

Best side dishes to serve with lumpia

1. Rice-Based Dishes 

Rice is a staple in many Filipino dishes, so it makes sense that it would pair well with lumpia.

Some popular rice-based side dishes you can serve include garlic fried rice, steamed white jasmine rice, and turmeric coconut rice.

All three of these dishes are flavorful enough to stand on their own but won’t overpower the taste of your lumpia.

2. Vegetable Dishes 

When you serving a fried dish like lumpia, it’s important to have a few lighter options on the table.

This will help balance out your meal and make sure everyone gets their fill of veggies.

Two great vegetable side dishes for lumpia are sautéed bok choy and boiled green beans with garlic butter. Both sides provide you plenty of flavor without being too heavy or greasy.

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3. Soups & Salads 

Soups and salads are always great additions to any meal, as they provide you flavor without adding too much bulk or heaviness to the plate.

For example, you could serve a simple tomato soup alongside your lumpia for a light yet flavorful option or try something like potato salad for something heartier.

Both soups and salads also pair well with other types of Filipino cuisines, such as pancit or kare-kare, if you want to switch things up from time to time.

4. Fried Rice 

My all-time favorite Fried rice is a classic staple in Filipino cuisine and goes especially well with lumpia.

To make it extra special, you can try adding fresh vegetables—like carrots, peas, and bell peppers—and a generous spoonful of garlic paste before cooking it in vegetable oil.

fried rice is a classic staple in filipino cuisine
Fried Rice

The combination of flavors will add depth to your meal and give your guests something truly special to enjoy!

5. Salad 

Salads are both healthy and delicious, making them the perfect accompaniment for lumpia.

For a flavorful twist on the traditional lettuce-tomato combo, why do not you try adding roasted beets or grilled zucchini to your salad?

Or even go wild with some mangoes or mandarins for an extra special treat!

6. Pancit 

Pancit is another classic Filipino dish, often served alongside lumpia. It’s made from stir-fried noodles mixed with vegetables like cabbage and carrots.

You can also add shrimp or pork for added flavor. Pancit is best served hot, so be sure to have it ready right before serving the meal!

7. Pad Thai 

Pad Thai is the perfect way to enjoy lumpia as it adds extra crunch and flavor to the iconic dish.

Simply add a few pieces of freshly cooked lumpia when serving, and you’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable the dish becomes!

8. Spicy Noodles 

Spicy noodles are always a crowd-pleaser, and adding some freshly cooked lumpia gives them an extra kick of flavor!

Not only does it add to your dish’s texture, but it also helps cut through some of the spicinesses so everyone can enjoy this delicious dish.

9. Soup Noodle Bowls 

Soup noodle bowls are often served with traditional Vietnamese Pho, but you can also enjoy other types of soup, such as miso or chicken noodle soup. 

Adding some freshly cooked lumpia gives them an extra layer of flavor and texture that can’t be beaten!

10. Dumplings 

You can try Dumplings, which are usually served steamed, but why not try something different? Fry up some lumpia instead for an exciting twist on this comforting dish! 

 dumplings is a good side to serve with lumpia

The crispy exterior pairs perfectly with the juicy filling inside each dumpling for an unforgettable experience.

11. Egg Rolls 

Egg rolls are another classic Asian dish that goes great with fresh lumpia!

The combination of crunchy exterior and savory filling is always a hit at parties or gatherings, and adding some fresh spring rolls makes them even better!

12. Sushi Rolls 

Sushi rolls can be enjoyed plain or topped with all sorts of ingredients, including cucumber, avocado, and cream cheese – just to name a few!

Adding some freshly cooked lumpia will take your sushi roll game up a notch and give you something truly special to share with friends or family!

13. Spring Rolls 

Spring rolls may sound redundant, but they’re actually quite different from traditional Chinese egg rolls since they don’t contain any meat or vegetables inside them.

Just lots of herbs, spices, garlic, ginger, onion, etc., wrapped up in thin sheets of dough, then deep fried until golden brown perfection is achieved!

Adding fresh spring rolls makes these already delicious treats even better by providing you additional texture and flavor that will have everyone coming back for more!

14. Gyoza 

Gyoza is Japanese dumplings filled with pork, veggies, or seafood, then steamed or pan-fried until golden brown perfection is achieved – usually, you can be served alongside soy sauce for dipping purposes!

Adding some freshly cooked lumpia makes these already yummy treats even yummier since it provides additional texture as well as the flavor from the herbs.

And spices used in making them which can really elevate any mealtime experience when shared amongst friends/family members alike!

15. Udon Noodles 

Udon noodles have been around for centuries in Japan but have become increasingly popular in Western countries due to their hearty yet flavorful nature.

Usually, you can be served hot after being boiled and then topped off with various toppings like tempura shrimp & vegetables.

And it can really bring out all those amazing flavors contained within each bite-sized morsel you partake in a while enjoying this beloved noodle dish alongside fresh spring rolls.

16. Coconut Shrimp Curry 

Coconut shrimp curry is one of the most popular dishes in Southeast Asia due to its unique blend of sweet & spicy flavors that really tantalize one’s taste buds while providing tons upon tons of nutrition & health benefits thanks to its extensive list of ingredients.

Adding fresh Lumpia into this already tasty treat provides you additional texture/flavor while allowing diners alike indulgence pleasure without having to worry about feeling guilty afterward.

Since no one wants to feel bad after eating something so delicious, right? Right!?

17. Stir Fry Vegetables 

Stir fry vegetables provide you plenty of nutrition benefits due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals found inside each piece of vegetable you consume while cooking up batch stir fry veggies.

Adding freshly cooked Lumpia into the mix allows the diner to indulge their taste buds without worrying about feeling guilty afterward, thanks aforementioned nutritional properties found inside each piece of vegetable used in preparing stir fry goodness.

So why not give it a try? Who knows, maybe the result might surprise you pleasantly?

18. Ramen Noodles 

Ramen noodles are another beloved Japanese staple item found in virtually every corner globe nowadays.

It can enjoy either hot or cold, depending on individual preference. These noodles provide you ample opportunity to explore a wide array of flavors thanks to their versatile nature when it comes to topping off bowl classic ramen goodness.

Adding freshly cooked Lumpia into the mix provides the diner unique texture/flavor experience that should not be missed out on during the next trip abroad to Japan, perhaps?

19. Fried Wontons 

Fried wontons provide you tasty treats anytime, day or night; whether you want a quick snack between meals, noon, or otherwise late, a night craving needs satisfying; nothing compares to fried wonton goodness.

Adding fresh Lumpia into the mix takes things to a whole level providing diner something special to enjoy every single time they indulge themselves in bit fried won ton excellence.

So why wait? Go ahead and give it a try today and see what all fuss about yourself, shall we?

20. Dim Sum Buns 

Dim sum buns have a long staple item in dim sum restaurants throughout China; thanks to their versatile nature when it comes to stuffing filling, these delightful buns offer endless possibilities for those brave enough to explore them further.

Adding freshly cooked Lumpia into the mix provides your diner unique texture/flavor experience that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else; therefore should definitely be taken advantage of whenever possible, we say?

21. Lumpiang Shanghai 

This is the most popular type of lumpia and is usually served as an appetizer at parties. It’s made up of ground pork and vegetables wrapped in a thin wheat-flour wrapper.

The pork is seasoned with soy sauce, garlic, and other seasonings before being deep-fried until golden brown. Serve this dish with your favorite dipping sauces!

22. Lumpiang Sariwa

This version of lumpia uses fresh ingredients like lettuce, bean sprouts, carrots, and cabbage wrapped in a soft crepe-like wrapper made from cornstarch.

The filling can also include meats like chicken or pork, depending on preference.

To serve this dish, you can drizzle it lightly with sweetened condensed milk and top it off with crushed peanuts and diced spring onions for added flavor and crunch!

23. Lumpiang Togue 

This type of lumpia features tiny mung bean sprouts (togue) mixed in with minced pork or beef as the filling for the wrappers.

lumpiang togue is a good side to serve with lumpia
Lumpiang Togue 

It’s then fried until golden brown, and then you can serve it hot with vinegar-based dipping sauces for added flavor.

24. Lumpiang Ubod 

A perfect fusion of Filipino flavors!

This dish combines sliced ubod (heart of palm), which has been cooked in coconut milk until tender, along with pork.

Or shrimp mixed in a savory seasoning blend before being wrapped in a thin wrapper made from rice flour and deep-fried until crisp on the outside but still soft inside!

Then you can serve this dish piping hot alongside your favorite dipping sauce, such as sweet chili sauce or bagoong alamang (shrimp paste).

25. Crispy Fried Lumpiang Prito 

Another delicious way to enjoy lumpia is by frying it until crisp on the outside but still soft inside!

This version uses a variety of fillings such as potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger root, bell peppers, mushrooms, shrimp paste (bagoong alamang), tofu cubes (tahong), soy sauce (toyo), sugar (asukal), salt (asin), ground black pepper (paminta).

Before being carefully wrapped in a thin egg roll wrapper made from all-purpose flour then, you can be deep-fried until golden brown and crispy perfection!

Serve this crunchy delight alongside your favorite dipping sauces, such as sweet chili sauce or bagoong alamang (shrimp paste).

26. Baked Lumpiang Ubod 

For those looking for a lighter fare without sacrificing flavor – this baked version of ubod will fit the bill perfectly!

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F, and next assemble your ingredients – ubod that has been cooked in coconut milk until tender, along with pork or shrimp mixed in a savory seasoning blend.

Before wrapping them up tightly into egg roll wrappers, then baking them for about 20 minutes until golden brown perfection!

Serve these baked treats warm alongside your favorite dipping sauces, such as sweet chili sauce or bagoong alamang (shrimp paste).

27. Grilled Lumpiang Shanghai 

Who says you need to fry everything? For those looking for something different – why not try grilling your lumpia instead?

You can start by marinating thinly sliced pork belly slices along with garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper flakes, then grill them over medium heat for about 10 minutes per side or until cooked through.

Then you can wrap them up into warm egg roll wrappers along with some freshly grilled veggies such as bell peppers or julienned carrots before serving these tasty grilled morsels alongside your favorite dipping sauces such as sweet chili sauce or bagoong alamang (shrimp paste).

What are the best flavors to go with Lumpia?

Lumpia, a popular Filipino dish, pairs well with numerous flavors. Sweet, savory and spicy are all great options that contrast the fried wrapper and filling of Lumpia.

For sweet pairings, a classic condiment for Lumpia is a sweet and sour sauce made from vinegar, sugar, garlic, ginger and soy sauce.

This condiment brings out the subtle umami notes of the egg roll wrapper.

Another way to add sweetness to Lumpia is by using a fruit-based dipping or glaze such as mango salsa or pineapple chutney.

Savory flavors pair excellently with Lumpia as well. Garlic-infused oil is one particularly tasty way to compliment the crunchy outer layer of the egg roll.

An alternative savory option would be Thai basil pesto or an Indonesian sambal oelek chili paste to give a bit of heat without overpowering the flavor profile of the Lumpia.

Finally, many people enjoy adding a touch of spice to their Lumpias with traditional hot sauces such as Sriracha or Tabasco.

For those wanting something more complex in terms of flavor than just heat, harissa (a North African red pepper paste) makes for an excellent condiment when it comes to Lumpias, as does chipotle mayonnaise.

Whichever combination you choose for your Lumpias will surely be delicious!

How to jazz up lumpia?

Jazzing up lumpia is a great way to add global flavors to the beloved Filipino dish. Lumpia, which is often served as an appetizer or snack, consists of thin wrappers filled with seasoned ground pork and vegetables.

To give lumpia some extra pizzazz, consider adding different ingredients such as shrimp, cheese, mushrooms, or even sweet potato.

You could also use a variety of sauces and seasonings – try adding Thai curry paste for an Indian-inspired flavor or teriyaki sauce for an Asian-fusion twist.

Additionally, you can make the wrappers from egg roll skins or wonton wrappers for added crunch and texture.

Finally, you can top your lumpia with crunchy toppings like crushed peanuts or sesame seeds to bring in more flavor and texture.

With these creative additions and preparations, you’ll have an exciting new version of the classic Filipino dish that will tantalize your taste buds!

Things to remember while choosing side dishes for lumpia – expert tips

When selecting side dishes to accompany lumpia, there are a few key considerations to remember.

First, consider the type and flavors of fillings used in the lumpia. If the lumpia has a sweet filling like mango or coconut, then you may want to pair it with a salty side dish such as fried rice.

On the other hand, if the lumpia has a savory filling like pork or veggies, then you may want to pair it with a sweeter side dish such as steamed vegetables or fruit salad.

Second, consider what types of sauces you’ll be serving with the lumpia. Sauces can often make or break a dish, and if you’re planning to serve a dipping sauce or gravy with the lumpia, then it’s important to select side dishes that will complement it.

Sweet sauces may require sweeter side dishes, while savory sauces may call for more savory sides.

Finally, keep in mind the overall flavor profile of your meal.

If you’re serving other Asian-inspired dishes as well, then selecting similarly themed side dishes can help tie everything together nicely and create an enjoyable and balanced meal.

For example, steamed bok choy or bean sprouts would be great accompaniments for either sweet or savory lumpia.

Overall, when selecting side dishes to accompany lumpia, consider the fillings and sauces used, as well as the overall flavor profile of your meal.

With a bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, you can make a delicious and enjoyable meal that everyone will love!

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