What to serve with Peruvian chicken – 16 best side dishes

Peruvian chicken is an interesting and flavorful twist on traditional grilled chicken. The flavors are complex, drawing inspiration from South American cuisine. 

If you’re interested in taking your next dinner party to the next level, then introducing Peruvian chicken to the menu is sure to impress your guests.

But, deciding what to serve with it can be difficult; with the right side dishes, however, you can create a meal that is as unique as it is delectable.

Finding the perfect sides for Peruvian chicken will make your dinner a memorable event that everyone will love! And I am here to guide you in the same.

So, thank me later now; just hurry to try some of the best options for pairing with Peruvian chicken to give your taste bud a wow effect.

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What is Peruvian Chicken? What does Peruvian chicken taste like?

Peruvian chicken is a type of poultry dish originating from Peru. It is usually grilled or roasted with a variety of spices to give it its unique flavor.

Peruvian chicken is well-known for its unique and delicious flavor. Many describe it as having a slightly sweet taste that is balanced by hints of pepper and garlic, resulting in a pleasant and savory taste that leaves you wanting more.

It also has an interesting citrusy zest to it due to the cumin, oregano, paprika, and other herbs used to season the chicken.

The addition of achiote oil gives Peruvian chicken its signature red color, which is also responsible for creating a subtle smoky flavor in the meat.

This combination of sweet, savory, zesty, smoky flavors makes Peruvian chicken truly unforgettable!

Common side dishes include potatoes, beans, rice, and a simple salad for maximum flavor. Although this traditional dish can be spiced to suit any palate, its rich flavors remain classic in Peruvian cuisine.

What is Peruvian chicken made of?

The key ingredient in the dish is often aji panca, which is a red chili pepper used in many Peruvian dishes.

Peruvian chicken is a particular type of rotisserie chicken that stands out due to its unique flavor.

It is normally cooked and prepared with a marinade, which is often made from ingredients like garlic, pepper, and cumin, as well as chili peppers for extra spiciness.

The technique of marinating the chicken overnight with various herbs such as cumin and garlic provides the perfect aroma and tenderness.

The chicken can be served in a variety of ways, as it works especially well when grilled over an open flame. 

Many people enjoy Peruvian chicken as an alternative to traditional roasted or fried chicken because the marinade gives it an added tangy kick.

Additionally, Peruvian chicken is typically served with rice, aji sauce (a hot sauce), and slices of sweet potato or fried plantains.

If you’re looking for something different than the usual roast chicken, try giving Peruvian chicken a go!

What is special about Peruvian chicken?

Peruvian chicken is known for its unique, delightful flavors that tantalize the taste buds. It is truly a delightfully unique culinary experience to enjoy Peruvian chicken. 

Unlike most other types of chicken, it is marinated in flavorful ingredients such as garlic, vinegar, cumin, and chili peppers before hitting the grill.

This creates a delicious succulent taste that sets it apart from all other varieties of chicken.

Not only does this marination process create an explosion of flavor in every bite, but it also provides a juicy texture that sets it apart from the competition.

The thickness of the sauce and caramelization created by the grilling adds an extra layer of flavor and makes Peruvian chicken an unforgettable culinary experience!

Best dishes to serve with Peruvian Chicken

1. Potatoes 

Firstly you must try Potatoes, which are the classic side dish for Peruvian chicken. You can serve them boiled, mashed, or roasted potatoes to add some extra flavor to your meal

If you decide to go with boiled potatoes, try adding some herbs and spices like garlic, oregano, and paprika for added flavor.

For mashed potatoes, garnish them with chives or parsley and serve them warm.

And if you’d like to roast potatoes instead, simply toss them in olive oil and season them with salt and pepper before baking them in the oven until golden brown.

2. Classic Rice Dishes 

Rice dishes are another classic accompaniment to Peruvian chicken. The type of rice you choose depends on how you decide to season and cook your chicken.

Whether you opt for white rice, brown rice, wild rice, or even quinoa, there are endless possibilities when it comes to flavoring this side dish.

Moreover, if you are making lemon-garlic Peruvian chicken, opt for wild rice or cilantro lime quinoa as a side dish. 

If you prefer more traditional seasoning for your Peruvian chicken, white Jasmine rice would be an excellent choice.

Try adding herbs like thyme or rosemary and spices such as cumin or coriander to give the rice more flavor. You may also want to add vegetables such as carrots or celery for additional nutrition.

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3. Vegetables 

Vegetables are an essential part of any balanced diet, and they make an excellent accompaniment to Peruvian chicken dishes as well!

A wide range of vegetable options like roasted beets and squash or sautéed asparagus pair well with any version of Peruvian chicken and are also rich in vitamins and minerals essential for daily health needs.

Try sautéing bell peppers and onions in olive oil before adding garlic and herbs such as oregano or basil for an easy-to-prepare side dish that will pair perfectly with your main course.

Alternatively, you could opt for steamed vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower, which can be seasoned with salt and pepper for extra flavor.

For a lighter option, try making a salad of mixed greens tossed in a light vinaigrette dressing before topping it off with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese crumbles, or olives for added texture and flavor.

Additionally, vegetable sides provide color and texture contrast and make your plate look aesthetically pleasing!

4. Fruit Salsa Toppings 

If you really want to turn up the flavor of your Peruvian chicken, add a fruit salsa topping!

Combining diced mangoes, papayas, limes, tomatoes, cilantro, and jalapeños creates an amazing flavor combination that works well with most versions of Peruvian chicken.

This sweet and spicy topping will give your dinner guests something unique they won’t forget – plus, they get a burst of flavor in every bite!

5. Garlic butter cauliflower rice

Peruvian chicken is a zesty and flavorful dish often made with white wine and both red and yellow peppers.

When served, it’s important to keep the dish light and balanced, so serving it with garlic butter cauliflower rice is an excellent choice.

It adds a hint of creamy, buttery taste while heating up the overall flavor profile of the Peruvian chicken.

Not only that, but cauliflower rice also provides you an extra dose of vitamins C, K, B6, and more!

So when you’re looking for a nutritious side to complete your Peruvian chicken dinner, garlic butter cauliflower rice is definitely the way to go!

6. Greek Lemon Potatoes

If you’re searching for a simple and tasty side dish to serve alongside Peruvian chicken, Greek Lemon Potatoes are an excellent choice.

This classic recipe has a blend of flavors that pair beautifully with the juicy, citrus-marinated chicken.

greek lemon potatoes are good dishes to serve with peruvian chicken
Greek Lemon Potatoes

The potatoes are boiled till tender and then sautéed until crispy in butter and lemon juice – the perfect combination to bring out the unique flavor of a Peruvian chicken dish.

With minimal effort, this simple yet scrumptious side can easily complete your meal. Enjoy!

7. Peruvian chicken & green sauce

A classic dish from Peru, roasted chicken is always a crowd-pleaser. You can serve it with a homemade green sauce to create an authentic Peruvian experience.

This green sauce is a staple of many Latin American dishes and is usually made from cilantro, garlic, jalapenos, onion, lime juice, and olive oil.

A few variations on this traditional recipe may include adding cumin or other spices to add an extra note of flavor.

Serve this delicious sauce on the side as a dip, or spread it generously over the roasted chicken to give it the traditional flavor that will leave your guests asking for more!

8. Cuban black beans

If you’ve been looking for a perfect side dish to serve with Peruvian chicken, look no further than Cuban black beans!

This classic Latin American dish incorporates flavorful onions and garlic, as well as traditional black beans cooked slowly until they become soft and succulent.

The savory smoky flavor of the beans offers a delightful contrast to the traditional spicy flavor of Peruvian chicken. 

Whether you are looking for an exotic twist on a traditional meal or just want to pair two delicious dishes together, adding Cuban black beans as a side makes for a truly amazing culinary experience.

9. Crisp arugula-corn salad

Try my other favorite, A crisp arugula-corn salad that is the perfect accompaniment to Peruvian chicken. This classic side dish is vegan, gluten-free, and low in calories, making it a healthy option that everyone can enjoy.

It’s also full of great flavors, such as sweet corn and garlic, tart lime juice, and the nutty flavor of Parmesan cheese.

You can customize this salad by adding your favorite ingredients – grilled peppers, feta cheese, or jalapeños can all be used to add layers of flavor to the dish. 

The bright colors and crunchy texture make this a delightful addition to any table. Serve it alongside your tasty Peruvian chicken for a meal that will be sure to please!

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10. Steamed Green Beans

When it comes to Peruvian chicken, you may not immediately think of what is the best dish to serve alongside it. One seemingly obvious choice is green beans.

Steamed green beans make the perfect accompaniment to Peruvian chicken – they provide you a fresh vegetable to contrast with the more savory flavors in the dish. 

Not only are they tasty, but they are also incredibly healthy, providing a great source of vitamins A and C.

Plus, their subtle flavor allows the unique notes of your Peruvian chicken dish to really stand out.

So if you’re looking for a dish that perfectly complements your next Peruvian feast, try steamed green beans – both your taste buds and waistline will thank you!

11. Yuca fries

Peruvian chicken can be a great addition to your dinner table and it is even better when served with yuca fries.

Yuca fries are produced by cutting the yuca, also known as cassava root, into thick sticks and then frying them.

Although the classic way of making yuca fries is to fry them in oil, there are healthier ways to make them, such as baking them.

The combination of Peruvian chicken and yuca fries is amazing and truly one of a kind, as you get an explosion of flavors. 

The taste of crunchy golden potato-like texture from the yuca complements the flavor of the Peruvian chicken perfectly, creating a memorable overall experience for anyone who tries it.

12. Creamy Mushrooms

When it comes to side dishes, few choices pair with Peruvian chicken better than Creamy Mushrooms.

This simple yet flavorful dish is an excellent complement to the savory spiciness of this unique main course. 

To make, simply sauté mushrooms of your choice (such as Portobello or Shitake) with garlic, white wine, and cream cheese until creamy and delicious.

creamy mushrooms are great dishes to serve with peruvian chicken
Creamy Mushrooms

Serve the mushrooms over noodles like fettuccine to make a complete meal that will tantalize the taste buds.

Alternatively, if you are hosting a dinner party, Creamy Mushrooms can be served in small bowls alongside toothpicks for guests to enjoy as part of their dining experience. 

Whichever way you choose to serve it up, rest assured that everyone will be asking for seconds!

13. Aji Verde Sauce

Peruvian chicken and aji verde sauce make for the perfect dish! The marinade of traditional Peruvian spices is the star of the dish, combined with molten and flavorful aji Verde sauce.

Aji Verde sauce is made from jalapeños, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, and salt; all of which deliver a unique blend of flavors that will bring your Peruvian chicken to life.

All you require to do is cook the chicken until it’s shimmering and golden brown, then top it with a slick layer of Aji Verde Sauce. 

Your guests will be feeling satisfied after digging into this delicious meal!

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14. Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

If you’re looking for a tasty side to pair with your Peruvian chicken dinner, look no further than Parmesan Roasted Asparagus!

The unique flavors of Peruvian chicken make it the perfect accompaniment to this delicious vegetable dish. 

The preparation is simple – just season your asparagus spears with olive oil, garlic, and grated Parmesan, then bake until the cheese is melted and the asparagus spears are tender-crisp.

The salty flavor of the parmesan pairs beautifully with the cumin and herbs in the Peruvian chicken for a meal that’s sure to be a big hit. 

Whether you serve it as part of an entree or appetizer for your family or guests, this pairing of Peruvian Chicken and Parmesan Roasted Asparagus offers up a delicious flavor combination that will leave everyone wanting more!

15. Fresh Avocado Salad

Peruvian chicken is a dish that will delight every palate, and the perfect accompaniment to round out an exquisite meal is Fresh Avocado Salad.

This light yet flavorful salad comes together quickly and provides you a delightful contrast in temperature and texture to the succulent Peruvian chicken.

fresh avocado salad is a good side to serve with peruvian chicken
Fresh Avocado Salad

The cool, creamy avocado combines deliciously with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime juice, and just a hint of jalapeno to give the salad its classic zing.

Serve this delicious salad alongside your Peruvian chicken for a meal that will be remembered long after the last taste of the food is gone!

16. Bacon Fat Crispy Smashed Baby Potatoes

When serving Peruvian chicken, you’ll want something to complement the flavors of cumin and oregano that are so prominent in traditional recipes.

Bacon Fat Crispy Smashed Baby Potatoes are a great choice to bring out the best in your dish. This potato dish is bursting with flavor yet perfectly light, making it an ideal pairing for poultry.

It begins with baby potatoes cooked until they’re almost soft, then smothered with bacon fat, garlic, and fresh rosemary before being flattened a bit with a fork and finished off in the oven.

The result? This a unique side dish that’s crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside – a perfect complement to this tasty and flavorful dish.

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The bottom line on serving with Peruvian chicken

Whether it’s classic rice dishes or exciting fruit salsas that tickle your taste buds the most – there are plenty of side dishes that pair perfectly with Peruvian chicken.

Incorporating these sides into your meals will not only enhance the flavors but also help create balanced plates full of nutrients essential for everyday health needs!

So next time you prepare this classic dish – remember these side combinations too! By doing so – you can create restaurant-quality plates from the comfort of your home!

FAQs on serving with Peruvian chicken

Q1. What are 6 popular Peruvian dishes?

Peru is home to a unique fusion of influences from many different cultures, which has been reflected in the cuisine.

Some popular Peruvian dishes include cebiche, a classic seafood dish with lemon juice, onions, and chili peppers; lomo saltado, a stir-fry made from beef, tomatoes, onion, and French fries; papa a la huancaína.

A classic potato salad with creamy cheese sauce; anticuchos, marinated skewers of grilled meat served with potatoes; seco de pollo, chicken stewed in herbs and spices; and aji de gallina, shredded chicken cooked in creamy yellow pepper sauce.

Each of these delicious dishes offers a unique regional taste that won’t be found anywhere else!

Q2. What is Peruvian sauce made of?

Peruvian sauce is a delicious condiment that adds flavor to many dishes. It is made from an array of ingredients, most commonly ají peppers, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and salt.

To make the traditional version of this sauce, the ají peppers are de-seeded and blended with the other ingredients before being slowly cooked in a saucepan over low heat.

The result is a thick, spicy sauce that can liven up any meal!

Peruvian sauce can also be made using other ingredients, such as cilantro and onions, for added flavor. No matter what ingredients are used, it’s sure to be an exciting addition to any dish!

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