What to serve with Rosemary bread – 41 best side dishes

Rosemary bread is a delicious, savory treat that can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It pairs nicely with almost any dish, from savory main courses to sweet desserts. 

One great way to enjoy rosemary is by baking it into a delicious loaf of bread. But what should you serve with a rosemary-infused loaf?

Don’t be offended, I am here to guide you with some of the best side dishes to serve with rosemary bread, and I guarantee you that your guest will be impressed.

So, hurry up to make your dish a wow effect.

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What is rosemary bread? What does rosemary taste like on bread?

Rosemary bread is a type of artisan sourdough bread, made with natural leaven and aromatic rosemary.

This delicious loaf is both savory and just a touch sweet, perfect for snacking or using to make sandwiches

The healthy probiotics present in the natural leaven provide superior flavor, as well as numerous nutritional benefits –it’s guaranteed to act as an upgrade from your regular white toast!

Although it does take some time to prepare from scratch, the end result of warm rosemary bread makes all the effort worthwhile.

Rosemary is an herb often used as a seasoning for bread. It has an earthy, fragrant aroma that complements the crunchy texture of freshly-baked bread.

When baked into bread, rosemary unleashes its full flavor and adds notes of woodsy pine and intense lemon pepper in each bite.

Depending on how much rosemary is used, it can range from mild to robust in flavor. 

Eating rosemary-infused bread can give the diner a delicious mix of salty, pungent, and lemony flavors that can be appreciated either alone or with butter or a savory spread.

Do you really need side dishes to pair up with Rosemary bread?

Rosemary bread is a delicious and fragrant rustic-style loaf, perfect as a starter or as part of an appetizer plate. 

While it is delicious on its own, if you’re looking to expand your meal options, there are plenty of tasty side dishes that pair well with Rosemary bread.

Its strong, savory flavor pairs perfectly with veggies such as carrots, beets, potatoes, or mushrooms cooked in olive oil or butter. 

You can also serve it alongside creamy sauces such as béchamel to add rich earthy notes.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the flavor of the rosemary as the star of the show, try pairing it with a selection of charcuterie meats and cheeses.

The milder flavors of cold cuts will create a perfect balance for the punchy herb in the bread.

Other options include zesty salsas, crunchy corn chips, and sweet fig jam. Creamy hummus also adds flavor and texture to the Rosemary bread.

For something heartier that could also serve as a main course option consider layering slices of tomato and mozzarella cheese over the bread with a bit of olive oil and freshly cracked black pepper for seasoning.

With so many choices, there’s no need to stop at just one type of bread – make a variety of Rosemary loaves and experiment with different delicious accompaniments for the perfect meal!

Guide to Pairing the Perfect Side Dish with Rosemary Bread

A Guide to Pairing the Perfect Side Dish with Rosemary Bread is something that everyone should know. Rosemary bread is delicious and can be enjoyed as a side dish or main course for any occasion.

It has a light, flavorful taste that pairs perfectly with many different side dishes.

Whether you’re looking for something savory, sweet, exotic, or traditional – there are so many options out there that it can be difficult to decide what goes best with rosemary bread.

To help make your meal planning easier, here are some of the top side dishes to pair with your rosemary bread.

Start off by making Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic. This simple yet tasty side dish is perfect when served alongside rosemary bread.

The combination of garlic and rosemary gives this dish a wonderful flavor, while roasting the potatoes in the oven will bring out all of their natural flavors even more and make them extra crispy.

If you want something a little bit healthier, try substituting olive oil instead of butter or adding some additional herbs like thyme or oregano to give your potatoes an even more robust flavor profile.

Next up on the list is Sautéed Spinach With Rosemary and Parmesan Cheese.

This classic side dish combines fresh spinach, rosemary, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil for a tasty experience that’s sure to please everyone around the table!

Not only is this dish super easy to make, but it also makes for a great healthy option when paired with your freshly-baked rosemary loaf.

For something slightly more adventurous, try making Grilled Vegetables With Olive Oil & Rosemary Pesto Dressing.

This mix of grilled vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, and onions (or any other veggies you have on hand) tossed in olive oil and then topped off with rosemary pesto dressing creates an amazing meal that you won’t soon forget!

The addition of rosemary pesto dressing adds just enough flavor punch without overpowering the rest of the dish – making it perfect for serving alongside your freshly baked rosemary bread slices!

If you’re feeling even bolder, why not try Grilled Eggplant Stuffed With Herbs & Feta Cheese Topped With Rosemary Marinade? 

This beautiful eggplant dish takes things up a notch by adding feta cheese and herbs like oregano and basil into the mix before topping it off with fragrant rosemary marinade, creating an unforgettable flavor experience!

Not only does this make for a unique side option, but the feta cheese helps keep these eggplants from becoming too dry, which makes them perfect when served alongside warm slices of rosemary bread!

If you’re in need of something sweet to balance out all these savory flavors, try making Honey & Almond Baked Apples With Rosemary Syrup Topping!

These honey-sweetened baked apples filled with crunchy almonds are truly amazing when topped off with fragrant rosemary syrup – creating an incredibly decadent treat that no one can resist when served alongside freshly made slices of aromatic rosemary bread!

Finally, end your meal on a high note by preparing Balsamic Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms Topped With Parmesan Cheese & Fresh Rosemary Sprigs!

These sautéed onions and mushrooms are flavored perfectly with balsamic vinegar before getting caramelized.

Then topped off with parmesan cheese and freshly chopped up sprigs of fragrant rosemary leaves, create an unforgettable flavor experience – definitely one worth trying out when served along slices of warm rosemary bread!

Whether you’re looking for something savory, sweet, exotic, or traditional – pairing the perfect side dish with rosemary bread doesn’t have to be hard work anymore, thanks to these creative ideas. 

All of these dishes are easy enough for beginner cooks yet sophisticated enough for culinary experts, so there truly is something for everyone at every level in between!

Now go ahead and enjoy everything this wonderfully flavorful herb has to offer without worrying about having enough side dishes in tow – your meals will thank you later!

Best sides to serve with rosemary bread

Rosemary bread can be enjoyed as a side dish or main course for any occasion. When it comes to pairing it with side dishes, there are many options to choose from. Here are 41 of the best side dishes to serve with rosemary bread.

1. Cheese Pairs Well with Rosemary Bread                  

Rosemary bread pairs superbly with cheese. Both the warm, earthy flavor of rosemary and the creamy, rich taste of cheese make for an extremely satisfying combination.

If you’re looking for a delicious side to serve with your rosemary bread, cheese is always a safe bet.

When selecting the right cheese for your rosemary bread dish, it’s important to consider the texture and taste of both the cheese and the bread. 

For instance, creamy cheeses such as brie pair best with softer varieties of rosemary bread. On the other hand, hard cheeses such as Parmesan or Cheddar are ideal for crispier types of rosemary bread.

To elevate your dish even further, try adding some herbs like oregano or thyme into your cheese mix before spreading it onto the rosemary bread slices.

Serve alongside slices of apples, pears, and honey for added sweetness and crunch.

2. A Variety of Meats 

If you’re searching for something more substantial than just cheese and bread, meats can be another great option!

Consider pairing smoked salmon with cream cheese on top of rosemary baguettes for an elegant brunch item or snack.

Alternatively, shredded pork or chicken can be tasty additions – especially when combined with BBQ sauce or ranch dressing!

You can also go classic with ham or turkey sandwiches made on thick slices of rosemary focaccia – yum!

3. Fruits & Veggies Make Great Side Dishes 

For those who prefer a lighter side dish alongside their rosemary bread, fruits, and vegetables make excellent accompaniments!

A simple cucumber salad goes well with all types of rosemary-infused miniature loaves.

Simply chop up some cucumbers into small cubes and season them lightly with salt & pepper before serving them chilled in a bowl alongside freshly-baked mini ciabattas.

Another great option is grilled vegetables – simply cut up some bell peppers and zucchini into thin strips before tossing them in olive oil & salt & pepper, then grilling them until they’re tender yet still crunchy.

Serve this side dish alongside oven-fresh focaccia rounds for an unforgettable meal!

4. Soups & Stews 

Rosemary adds a distinct flavor to hearty soups and stews that make them stand out from other dishes.

Try serving your rosemary bread alongside creamy pumpkin soup or beef stew for an unforgettable meal that will leave everyone asking for seconds.

For added flavor, try adding in some fresh herbs like thyme or parsley when cooking your soup or stew – this will take it over the top!

5. Fruit & Nut Salad 

I always choose Salads when deciding what to serve with rosemary bread. For something light yet flavorful, try making a fruit and nut salad that can be served as either a side dish or as part of the main course.

Start by combining diced apples, pears, walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries, and feta cheese in a large bowl.

Then mix together olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt & pepper for the dressing – toss everything together until combined.

The tanginess of the lemon juice will balance out the savoriness of the feta while still allowing you to enjoy all of that delicious rosemary flavor!

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Baked sides

6. Baked Mushrooms

This side dish combines mushrooms, garlic, and rosemary for a savory flavor that goes perfectly with your rosemary bread.

you can try baked mushroom to serve with rosemary bread
Baked Mushrooms

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7. Baked Acorn Squash With Feta Cheese

Acorn squash is cut in half, drizzled with olive oil, and you just sprinkled with feta cheese and fresh rosemary before being baked until golden brown.

8. Baked Spinach With Feta And Garlic

Fresh spinach is combined with feta cheese, garlic, and rosemary before being baked until golden brown to make your dish flavorful.

9. Baked Cod With Rosemary And Tomatoes

You can try Fresh cod fillets that are topped with a tomato and rosemary sauce before being baked until the fish is flaky and tender.

10. Baked Okra With Tomatoes And Rosemary

You can combine Fresh okra with tomatoes, garlic, and rosemary before being baked until the vegetables are tender and caramelized for a tasty side dish.

11. Roasted Root Vegetables

Root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onions, and parsnips can be tossed with olive oil and rosemary and then roasted to perfection for an easy side dish.

Roasted sides

12. Roasted Tomatoes and Olives

Roast Tomatoes until they burst with flavor, then paired with black olives and rosemary to complete this delicious side dish, and your guest will be impressed.

13. Roasted Carrots

Try my all-time favorite Baby carrots are tossed with olive oil and rosemary, then roasted until they become tender and caramelized.

14. Roasted Butternut Squash

You can drizzle Butternut squash with olive oil and rosemary, then roast until it’s tender and caramelized for an easy side dish that pairs well with rosemary bread.

15. Roasted Eggplant With Rosemary And Garlic

Sliced eggplant is roasted until it becomes tender, then you just toss in garlic and rosemary for an easy side dish that pairs perfectly with rosemary bread.

16. Roasted Potatoes With Rosemary And Garlic

Roast Red potatoes until they become tender; then, you can be tossed in garlic and rosemary for extra flavor.

17. Roasted Cauliflower With Parmesan And Rosemary

Roast Fresh cauliflower florets until tender, then you just topped with parmesan cheese and fresh rosemary for an easy, delicious side dish.

18. Roasted Broccoli With Feta Cheese

Try Fresh broccoli florets that can be roasted with olive oil, feta cheese, and fresh rosemary for an easy side dish that pairs perfectly with your rosemary bread.

Gratin sides

19. Asparagus Gratin

Thinly sliced asparagus is placed on top of a bed of rich cream sauce, then you just sprinkle it with grated cheese, then topped off with fresh rosemary before being baked until golden and bubbly.

20. Potato Gratin

Thin slices of potatoes are layered in a baking dish, then you just topped off with cream cheese and rosemary sauce before being baked until the top is golden and bubbly.

21. Broccoli Gratin

You can combine Fresh broccoli florets with cream sauce, parmesan cheese, and rosemary before being baked until the top is golden brown.

22. Spinach Salad With Feta Cheese

This simple salad is made up of spinach, feta cheese, red onions, dried cranberries, and cucumbers.

You can be dressed in a flavorful homemade vinaigrette featuring rosemary for an extra punch of flavor.

23. Bacon Wrapped Potatoes

Who doesn’t love bacon? These potatoes are wrapped up in bacon, which can be drizzled with olive oil and rosemary, then roasted until golden and crispy.

24. Caramelized Onion Tart

This tart is made up of a delicate puff pastry crust filled with creamy caramelized onions, and you can be finished off with a sprinkle of fresh rosemary for extra flavor.

25. Green Beans With Almonds

You can try one of my favorite Green beans that are lightly sautéed, then combined with slivered almonds and fresh rosemary to create an easy side dish that pairs nicely with rosemary bread.

26. Garlic Lemon Green Beans

Bursting with flavor, these green beans are sautéed in garlic, lemon juice, and rosemary for a unique side dish that pairs perfectly with your rosemary bread.

27. Zucchini With Parmesan Cheese

Thin slices of zucchini are pan-fried in butter with garlic, lemon juice, and rosemary and topped off with grated parmesan cheese for a tasty side dish.

28. Herbed Potato Salad

Red potatoes are boiled until tender, then tossed in a homemade vinaigrette featuring fresh herbs like rosemary, parsley, chives, and thyme for a unique flavor combination to your dish.

29. Broccoli With Garlic And Feta

Fresh broccoli florets are sautéed with garlic and rosemary, then you just sprinkle them with feta cheese for a delicious side dish that pairs perfectly with rosemary bread.

30. Creamy Asparagus Soup

This creamy soup is made up of fresh asparagus, cream, chicken stock, and rosemary for a flavorful side dish that is sure to impress your guests.

Grilled sides

31. Grilled Vegetables With Balsamic Glaze

Colorful vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant are grilled until tender and then drizzled with balsamic glaze featuring herbs like rosemary for an extra punch of flavor to your dish.

32. Grilled Asparagus

Fresh asparagus spears are grilled until just done, then you just drizzle them with olive oil, salt, and pepper and sprinkle them with fresh rosemary for an easy side dish.

33. Grilled Zucchini With Herbs

Thin slices of zucchini are marinated in a combination of olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and thyme before being grilled until just done for a flavorful side dish.

34. Potato Puffs

These crispy potato puffs are packed with flavor and herbs such as rosemary, garlic, and chives, and they make your dish a tasty meal.

you can use potato puffs to serve with rosemary bread
Potato Puffs

35. Herbed Rice Pilaf

This flavorful pilaf is made up of white rice, chicken broth, olive oil, and fresh herbs like rosemary for extra flavor to your dish.

36. Rosemary Fried Potatoes

Thinly sliced potatoes are fried in a skillet with olive oil and rosemary until they become crispy for a tasty accompaniment to any meal.

37. Cornbread Stuffing

This simple stuffing is made up of cornbread cubes, butter, chicken broth, celery, and fresh herbs like rosemary for extra flavor to your dish.

38. Herbed Risotto

Arborio rice is cooked in a creamy stock featuring fresh herbs such as rosemary, parsley, and thyme for a flavorful side dish.

you can try herbed risotto to serve with rosemary bread
Herbed Risotto

39. Potato Pancakes With Rosemary And Parmesan

You can also try this combo. Shredded potatoes are mixed with fresh rosemary, parmesan cheese, and onion before being fried in a skillet until golden brown for an easy side dish.

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40. Steamed Shellfish

Rosemary bread is a savory and aromatic delight. Did you know that it can be perfectly accompanied by steamed shellfish?

This combination of the flavors of rosemary and steamed shellfish can’t be beaten; the taste is both subtle and rich, creating an absolutely delicious flavor! 

These two items are so complementary that they are known to have been served together in restaurants around the world.

If you have not yet tried this classic combination, then what are you waiting for? You won’t regret it!

41. Hummus dip

Try my other all-time favorite Hummus dip and rosemary bread combination that makes a delightful, delicious combination that is perfect for any meal.

Combining this traditional Middle Eastern spread with the punch of rosemary and other herbs brings out the flavor in both components. 

Hummus dip is made with chickpeas or other beans mixed with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper to give it a creamy taste.

For added nutrition and flavor, this dish can also include herbs like parsley and cumin. The rosemary bread complements this mix wonderfully with its robust flavor of rosemary and oil baked inside a crusty loaf.

The good news is, almost anything goes with hummus dip when paired with rosemary bread; vegetables, chips, crackers, or even french toast can be used as substitutes if you’re out of the traditional accompaniments. 

If you’re looking for something unique but tasty, consider adding roasted red peppers along with some feta cheese to your hummus!

What are the best flavors to go with Rosemary bread?

Rosemary bread is a delicious, flavorful treat that can make many meals even more special! Its unique taste makes it especially suited to accompaniment by complementary and creative flavors.

To bring out the full flavor of this hearty carb base, consider pairing it with complementary flavors.

Olive oil and garlic are classic staples for bringing out the herbaceous notes of rosemary, but richer flavors such as bacon and cheese will add a savory depth that elevates any meal.

To give your next meal with Rosemary bread an extra boost, try pairing it with light, nutty flavors such as lemon juice or balsamic dressing and artichoke hearts.

As for sweeter accompaniments to pair with rosemary bread, honey, and cranberries mixed with butter makes an excellent spread, or try adding it to moist fruits like figs, dates, or apricots.

Using sweet-savory combinations will create an inviting experience that your guests won’t soon forget!

If you’re looking for something heartier to pair with the garlic and rosemary notes, consider adding olives or feta cheese – all ingredients which will surely bring out the flavor of the Rosemary bread.

With these flavors in mind, you’re bound to have success when crafting your own tantalizing meal!

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