What to serve with Sausage Balls – 21 Top Best side dishes

Sausage balls are a classic dish that’s perfect for brunch, game day snacks, or an easy weeknight dinner.

But what to serve with sausage balls?

Whether you’re searching for a simple side dish to complete your meal or something more substantial to make the sausage balls the star of the show, there are lots of tasty options.

So, just stay with me to give your taste buds a mouthwatering feeling with all these tastiest side dishes.

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What are sausage balls? What do Sausage balls taste like?

Sausage balls are a classic southern snack that is small in size and can be enjoyed as an appetizer at holiday dinners or anytime you are looking for delicious comfort food.

They are made with sausage, chopped onion, and biscuit mix, which create a cheesy and savory flavor when mixed together. 

One bite of these tasty balls will have your taste buds craving more.

They are traditionally served at gatherings or events as an accompaniment to a meal or snack; however, in recent years, sausage balls have also become popular finger food fare for parties and potlucks due to their convenience, versatility, and crowd-pleasing flavor.

Whether you choose to make them for a large gathering or just for one person, Sausage Balls never disappoint!

What are sausage balls made of?

Sausage balls are delicious and are traditionally made of pork breakfast sausage, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and biscuit mix.

But you can also get creative and experiment with different types of sausage, cheeses, and add-ins. An egg is often used to help bind all the ingredients together.

Most people opt to bake them in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 to 20 minutes, but they can just as easily be cooked on a stovetop by frying in oil until golden brown.

Enjoy your delicious homemade sausage balls, either hot or cold, with some chili sauce or ranch dressing for added flavor!

Do you really need side dishes to pair up with Sausage Balls?

Adding side dishes to go with sausage balls can make your meal more enjoyable. If you have a diverse range of side dishes, it will create an interesting array of flavors that your guests can enjoy.

Consider serving fresh vegetables such as carrots and celery for a healthy addition, or maybe potatoes for some comfort food.

There are also plenty of salads that pair well with sausage balls, from potato salad to coleslaw.

If you’re short on time and want something quick yet appetizing, serve chips to go alongside them.

With the right combination of side dishes, you can be sure that your next gathering will be memorable and delicious.

Best side dishes to serve with sausage balls

1. Fruit Salad 

Fruit salad is always a popular side dish, but when served alongside sausage balls, it takes on an extra special flavor.

Choose your seasonal fruits like apples, pears, oranges, and grapes to create a colorful and flavorful accompaniment to your sausage balls.

You can also wrap it up with a lemon juice-based dressing or keep it light with just a sprinkle of sugar. 

Either way, the sweet and tart flavors will balance out the savory notes of your sausages perfectly.

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2. Cheese Tray 

What better way to add some cheesy goodness to your meal than by serving up an assortment of cheese slices?

For this side dish, choose cheeses that have strong and bold flavors, like blue cheese, cheddar, and gouda.

These robust flavors will stand up to the spicy kick of your sausage balls without overpowering them.

You can also add some crackers for those who prefer crunchy snacks instead of soft ones.

3. Veggie Platter 

Sausage balls are usually quite heavy in terms of fat content, so why not pair them up with something light and healthy, like vegetables?

A veggie platter is always a hit at parties since it’s not only nutritious but also visually appealing.

Make sure you pick vegetables that are easy to eat, such as carrots sticks, celery stalks, broccoli florets, and red bell peppers slices, so that guests don’t have to worry about having too much mess on their hands while munching away on both your tasty treats!

4. Roasted Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts 

Roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts are my favorite combo that pairs perfectly with sausage balls.

Start by preheating your oven and chopping up some potatoes and Brussels sprouts into bite-sized pieces.

Toss them in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese and spread them out on a baking sheet. 

Roast them in the oven until they’re crispy and golden brown—about 30 minutes—and you have yourself an easy but delicious side dish.

5. Sautéed Veggies 

Another great option is sautéed veggies. You can start by heating some oil in a skillet over medium-high heat until it’s hot but not smoking.

Add your favorite mix of vegetables (try bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, squash) along with some salt and pepper and cook until they’re tender but still crisp—about 8 minutes should do it!

Serve these veggies alongside your sausage balls for a healthy balance of protein and carbohydrates.

6. Coleslaw 

If you want something cool and crunchy to contrast with your hot sausage balls, coleslaw is always a great choice.

This creamy salad can be made from scratch (just mix together mayonnaise, vinegar or lemon juice, sugar or honey, salt & pepper) or purchased pre-made from any grocery store.

coleslaw is a good side dish to serve with sausage balls

Add shredded cabbage (green or purple), carrots, and onions if desired; mix everything together; chill before serving; enjoy!

7. Cranberry dipping sauce for sausage balls

If you’re looking for a dipping sauce to truly bring out the flavor of your sausage balls, look no further than a cranberry dipping sauce.

This sweet and tangy condiment has the perfect balance to compliment the savory notes of classic sausage balls. 

Not only does it add a tasty element to your dish, but it’s incredibly easy to make.

Simply mix together cranberry preserves or jellied cranberry sauce with mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and honey.

It’s an ideal combination that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any gathering.

8. Honey mustard dip for sausage balls

One of my favorite Honey mustard dips is the perfect accompaniment to sausage balls! This classic creamy sauce is a great match for the savory texture and flavor of sausage and makes it even more delicious. 

Not only is honey mustard dip easy to make at home with common ingredients like mayonnaise, sugar, and mustard, but you can also find pre-made varieties in most grocery stores.

Whether you’re making your own or buying it store-bought — don’t forget some honey mustard for your next sausage ball feast!

9. Sweet chili dipping sauce for sausage balls

If you’re looking for a deliciously unique way to enjoy sausage balls, the sweet chili dipping sauce is the perfect partner.

Not only does it pair perfectly with the savory flavors of sausage, but its pleasant heat adds an entirely new element to your snack.

A blend of sweet and hot ingredients like sugar, garlic, chili peppers, and vinegar gives this sauce a tangy kick that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Even if you think you don’t have time for the additional step, it’s well worth the effort to purchase or make a fresh batch of sweet chili sauce – your palate will thank you!

10. Remoulade 

Remoulade is a classic sauce for sausage balls that adds a delicious zing to each bite! It is an easy-to-make condiment that typically combines mayonnaise, mustard, herbs, and spices.

Serving Remoulade with sausage balls can elevate the dish and create an exquisite appetizer that will have your guests raving!

remoulade is a good side to serve with sausage balls

All you have to do is mix up the ingredients, slightly cook your sausage balls in the oven, then dip them in the homemade Remoulade.

One of the great things about this sauce is that you can change it slightly to suit any taste or dietary needs. 

Experiment with adding spicy or sweet additions to customize this mouth-watering accompaniment any way you like!

11. Sausage balls and gravy

Adding gravy to sausage balls is a great idea for any special occasion. Creating homemade sausage balls is an amazing way to please your guests, and with the help of some delicious gravy, you can make these tasty snacks even better.

Sausage balls are a time-tested favorite for any occasion, from hot breakfasts in the morning to easy yet delicious appetizers in the evening.

With just a few ingredients, you can put together a platter of wonderful sausage balls that everyone will love.

And when you top them off with some flavorful gravy, your guests won’t be able to resist reaching for another one!

12. Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

If you’re looking for an easy, crowd-pleasing side dish to serve at your next gathering, Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes with sausage balls is a sure winner.

Using potatoes, garlic, butter, and cream cheese, this dish will tantalize taste buds with its creamy texture and herby flavor.

Adding sausage balls to the mix will add an additional layer of flavor that everyone is sure to enjoy. 

This dish can be served as a comfort food or loaded with even more ingredients for a flavorful twist.

However, the way you choose to make it, Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes with sausage balls is sure to make an unforgettable impression.

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13. Cheesy Potato Casserole

Try serving up a cheesy potato casserole with sausage balls for your next family gathering or holiday meal.

This delicious dish pairs perfectly with a scoop of coleslaw and some buttered rolls, creating the perfect recipe to please even the pickiest eater!

The best part is that it is thrown together in no time at all.

All you have to do is combine potatoes, cheese, onions, and your favorite sausage ball recipe before baking.

Next, top it all off with some freshly grated parmesan cheese for a truly mouth-watering result that your family will love.

14. Fried Eggs

You can try Fried eggs are a simple dish that can be served for any meal of the day. When paired with fried sausage balls, the dish becomes an easy and tasty treat that your family will love. 

To make sure the fried eggs come out juicy and flavorful, crack them open into a pre-heated skillet that has some oil or butter in it.

Cook them to the desired doneness and season them with salt and pepper before serving them alongside some homemade sausage balls. This classic combination is sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger and cravings.

15. Caramel Sauteed Onion and mushrooms

Caramel-sauteed onions and mushrooms make a delicious side dish to serve with sausage balls.

The slight sweetness of the caramelized onions, combined with the savory mushrooms, create a perfect pairing that adds an element of flavor to any meal.

When preparing your sausage balls, you can cook them on their own prior to serving them with the Caramel Sauteed Onion and Mushroom side dish.

To make the dish itself, begin by heating up some butter or olive oil in a large pan over medium heat.

Then throw in some sliced onion and mushrooms into the pan, stirring regularly until they are cooked through and lightly caramelized.

Finally, top it off with sugar and a pinch of salt for added flavor.

Whether you’re hosting an event or just looking for something special to make for dinner, this Caramel Sauteed Onion and Mushroom side dish is sure to be a hit when served alongside classic sausage balls!

16. Pancakes or waffles

If you’re looking to make an amazing brunch meal that everyone will love, consider mixing up a batch of pancakes or waffles with sausage balls.

All you need is your favorite pancake or waffle mix – plus some small breakfast sausages and breadcrumbs.

Simply shape the sausage into bite-sized balls and dip them into the pancake batter before frying them until golden brown.

Serve with syrup for dipping, and enjoy! This tasty combination makes for one crowd-pleasing breakfast feast.

17. Pasta dish

Serving up a delicious pasta dish with sausage balls is an easy and delightful way to make any meal special.

The subtle spiciness of the sausage provides you a perfect counterpoint to the heartiness of the dish, making for an incredibly satisfying experience.

It can be prepared in advance, taking away some of the stress of mealtime prep.

Try stirring through some wilted spinach, adding parmesan shavings on top, or topping with your favorite sauce for extra flavor – whatever toppings you choose, this classic combo will always be a crowd-pleaser.

18. Jezebel sauce

Sausage balls are a delicious and easy dish to prepare, and they taste even better when served with a special Jezebel sauce!

The sweet-and-spicy combination adds an extra level of flavor to the sausage balls. 

Creating Jezebel sauce involves blending together pineapple preserves, dry mustard, prepared horseradish, cider vinegar, and hot sauce.

It’s an unexpected twist on the classic dish that you’ll be sure to love!

So the next time you’re whipping up some sausage balls, why not make it extra scrumptious by adding some Jezebel sauce? Your guests will thank you for it!

19. Ranch dressing

Why not try Ranch dressing! It is a tasty and creamy condiment that’s the perfect partner to savory sausage balls.

Its richness helps to cut through the salty spices and grease of the sausage while adding a pleasingly cool, tangy flavor to each bite. 

ranch dressing is a suitable side to serve with sausage balls
Ranch dressing

Despite its unsubtle name, ranch dressing pairs well with an array of sides, from salads and vegetable crudités to warm pretzels or crunchy crackers – making it the ideal addition to your next appetizer spread.

And it goes without saying that ranch dressing and sausage balls go together like peas in a pod!

20. Light Fried Cabbage

Serve up a tasty and light start to the meal with lightly fried cabbage and sausage balls. This delicious accompaniment to any main course adds a savory punch to any menu.

Start by heating oil in a big skillet, then cook diced cabbage for about five minutes until it starts to soften, stirring occasionally.

Add in your favorite seasonings for an extra flavor boost. Once cooked, remove from heat and set aside.

For the sausage balls, combine lean ground beef, fresh herbs, and seasonings together in a bowl. Form into bite-sized balls and fry in a shallow pan until golden brown on all sides – be sure not to overcook! 

Serve together as a flavorful first course that won’t leave everyone feeling weighed down after dinner. Enjoy!

21. Apricot mustard sauce

Making a delicious meal doesn’t mean you have to take hours in the kitchen preparing it! Serve up something different and fun with sausage balls paired with apricot mustard sauce.

This easy-to-make dish is perfect for any occasion, no matter how busy your schedule is. Heat up your favorite type of sausage and shape it into small balls.

Place them in the oven at 350°F until they are golden and cooked through.

As they bake, get the apricot mustard sauce prepped by combining apricot preserves, mustard, minced garlic, and salt in a bowl and stirring together until combined.

Once the sausage balls are ready to be served, drizzle them with the flavorful apricot mustard sauce for an amazing dining experience that only took minutes to prepare!

What are the best flavors to go with Sausage balls?

Sausage balls make a tasty and versatile appetizer perfect for game day, movie night, or just when you are craving something savory.

When it comes to finding the ideal flavor combinations, there are no hard and fast rules.

For a taste of some classic flavors, combine the sausage with sharp cheddar cheese and mix in your favorite herbs like oregano or thyme.

Or try out some new flavor combinations, such as basil pesto and parmesan cheese or diced jalapenos and cilantro.

For an added kick, choose sauce-based flavors like buffalo wing sauce or barbecue sauce.

Whether you opt for a classic already-perfected combination or experiment to find your own delicious creation, sausage balls offer tantalizing options for any taste palate!

FAQs on what to serve with sausage balls

Q1. Why are my sausage balls dry?

If your sausage balls are coming out dry and crumbly, there could be a few reasons why. The most common is that you are using too little moisture.

Try adding more egg or some dairy, like cream cheese, to the mix. Another potential problem may be allowing the mixture to rest in the refrigerator for too long without baking it right away.

During this waiting period, some of the moisture can evaporate, leaving your sausage balls dry. If you find that you have to bake them longer than suggested in order to cook through, they may be over-browned and dry on the outside, even if they have cooked through internally.

In that case, reduce the time or temperature listed in your recipe. With these tips in mind, you should be able to perfect your sausage ball recipe and have deliciously moist snacks every time!

Q2. How do you warm up sausage balls?

Sausage balls are a delicious and easy-to-make appetizer that can grace the tables of any gathering. To warm them up, preheat your oven to 350°F.

Put the sausage balls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 10-15 minutes until they’re hot and golden brown.

If you’re short on time, you can also pop them in the microwave for about 30 seconds or as needed to warm them up. No matter how you choose to heat them, you’re sure to be delighted by their crispy outer layer and savory flavor inside!

Q3. Do sausage balls reheat well?

Sausage balls are just the perfect snack, whether it be for a get-together or just an afternoon snack. But let’s face it, sometimes we reheat leftovers, and sausage balls are no exception.

The good news is that sausage balls do indeed reheat well, leaving you with delicious golden bites of flavor that can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Reheat them either in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until they reach 165 degrees internal temperature or microwave them for 30 seconds at a time till they reach the same temperature. No matter how you choose to do it, enjoy your perfectly warm, savory treats!

Q4. How long are sausage balls good in the fridge?

When it comes to sausage balls, you can get a few days of fridge protection before the flavor begins to degrade. More specifically, fully-cooked sausage balls will last up to four days in the fridge and will taste best if consumed within that timeframe. 

However, if you choose to go with raw ingredients and bake your very own delicacy, you will be able to extend its lifespan quite a bit. If done correctly and kept refrigerated at all times, this homemade version can remain fresh for an entire week.

Regardless of the method chosen cooking or buying pre-made – make sure to double-check expiration dates, inspect the product for potential signs of spoilage, and store leftovers properly in airtight containers located in the lower warmer area of your refrigerator.

Q5. Is it better to freeze sausage balls before or after cooking?

Sausage balls are a great dish for any occasion, and the consensus among experienced cooks is to freeze them after they have been cooked.

This allows the flavor of the sausage to be locked in, which will make your dish even tastier when it comes time to eat them. It also prevents the texture from changing after thawing and reheating.

If you’re pressed for time and required to prepare your sausage balls ahead of time, freezing them after cooking is definitely the way to go!

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