What to Serve with Smoked Duck- 17 Delicious Pairs

A smoked duck main course is usually a show-stopping main entrée for a dinner party. Smoked duck is an incredibly rich and flavorful dish, with a delightful smokiness adding complexity to its flavor profile. 

It will become a more unforgettable meal if you find the right pairings for your smoked duck. There are plenty of delicious options that will make your dish shine.

From crunchy roasted potatoes to succulent corn on the cob, these 17 side dishes provide the perfect accompaniment for any smoked duck dish. 

Let’s explore some of the best sides to serve with smoked duck. Also, you can have 13 Best Sauces to Serve with Duck Confit.

The 17 Best Side Dishes to Serve with Smoked Duck 

1. Roasted Veggies

Roasted vegetables are a great accompaniment to smoked duck because they bring out its smoky flavor while adding a pop of color and crunchy texture. 

Choose from roasted vegetables like asparagus and Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, roasted eggplant, onion, zucchini, and mushrooms in olive oil and herbs for an easy yet impressive side dish. 

2. Polenta

Polenta is another excellent pairing for the smoked duck that adds creaminess and depth of flavor without overpowering the dish. 

Polenta is another excellent pairing for the smoked duck that adds creaminess and depth of flavor without overpowering the dish. 

You can make polenta from scratch by boiling cornmeal in salted water until it thickens or using store-bought varieties that require heating before serving. 

Topped with Parmesan cheese or butter, polenta makes an elegant addition to any plate featuring smoked duck. 

3. Crunchy salad

A simple salad is a great way to brighten up the plate and provide a healthy contrast to the richness of the duck. 

A simple salad is a great way to brighten up the plate and provide a healthy contrast to the richness of the duck. 
Crunchy Salad

Try tossing together mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and walnuts for a light yet flavorful side dish. Or add fresh fruit like apples or pears for sweetness and extra crunchiness. 

4. Mac and cheese

One of the best sides to complement it is a classic Mac and Cheese. 

Rich and creamy, this comforting dish packs its own robust flavors while providing an ideal balance to the smokiness of the duck. 

The smooth texture of the cheesy pasta helps contrast with the slightly crispy skin of the duck. Further, it enhances the wonderful flavors that come together on one plate. 

Mac and Cheese is also always a crowd-pleaser, making it an excellent choice for dinner parties and family dinners.

5. Roasted Potatoes 

Roasted potatoes are an ideal side dish for smoked duck because they provide a nice contrast in texture with their crunchy outside and creamy inside. Furthermore, they are quick to prepare and cook.

6. Green Beans 

Green beans are a classic pair for the smoked duck. They can be cooked quickly and have a nice crunchy texture that pairs well with the smokiness of the duck. 

7. Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are another great option for pairing with smoked duck. Their creamy texture complements the smokiness of the duck while also providing a nice contrast in terms of temperature. Serve them hot or cold, depending on what you prefer! 

8. Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is the perfect pairing for a succulent smoked duck dish. The cranberries’ sweetness perfectly complements the duck’s smoky and savory flavors, resulting in a delicious combination. 

Cranberry sauce is the perfect pairing for a succulent smoked duck dish
Cranberry Sauce

Not only does this help to bring out an extra layer of flavor in the meal, but it also gives you a lovely contrast of color on your plate. 

The tangy pop of red sauce looks stunning when served with dark-brown slices of smoked duck. For anyone looking for a delicious and visually beautiful side to serve at their next dinner, the delightful Cranberry Sauce is definitely worth trying!

9. Cornbread 

Cornbread is a perfect way to soak up some of the juices from your smoked duck dish. It’s also a classic southern side dish that goes perfectly with almost any type of protein, especially when served warm and fresh out of the oven. 

10. Roasted Carrots

Roasted carrots make an excellent pairing for smoked duck because they offer a slight sweetness that contrasts nicely against the smokiness of the meat. 

Plus, they’re easy to prepare and add some vibrant color to your plate as well! 

11. Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad is full of healthy ingredients like nuts, vegetables, and fruits, which makes it a great choice as a side dish for your smoked duck meal. The combination of flavors in this salad will surely tantalize your taste buds! 

12. Coleslaw

Coleslaw is always a great way to add some crunchy texture and tangy flavor to any meal, including one featuring smoked duck! 

Make sure you choose one without mayonnaise if you want something light yet flavorful that won’t overpower your main course too much. 

13. Aired Fried root Vegetables

Aired Fried Root Vegetables make a great side to serve with smoked duck. They are easy to prepare and offer an array of flavors and textures. 

The air fryer gently crisps up the vegetables without making them greasy or soggy. 

The result? A colorful dish of deliciousness that brings out the flavor of smoked duck – whether it’s crispy-skinned, juicy brisket slices or savory strips of jerky-style smoked duck. 

Serve this tasty accompaniment to your smoked duck entrée to wow your family – they won’t believe how easy it was!

14. Baked Apples 

Baked apples offer a sweet-tart flavor that pairs wonderfully with many proteins, including smoked duck. They also contain fiber which helps fill you up without adding too many calories or fat into your diet! 

you can serve baked apples with smoked duck
Baked Apple

15. Garlic Bread 

Garlic bread goes with any meal featuring poultry, such as smoked duck, because it helps cut through some of the richness from the main course while adding some delicious garlic flavor to each bite as well! 

16. Gravy

The perfect accompaniment for this dish is Gravy – the savory, meaty sauce expertly balances out the richness of the duck, resulting in a beautiful harmony of tastes. Whether homemade or store-bought, Gravy provides just the right amount of contrast to make smoked duck even more delectable and enjoyable for any diner.

17. Sauteed Mushrooms

Sauteed mushrooms make an easy yet delicious pairing for any type of poultry, such as smoked duck, because they add earthy umami flavors into every bite without being too heavy on their own either. 

Plus, mushrooms provide plenty of nutrients like vitamins B & D, which makes them even more appealing as part of this meal! 

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So, What do you eat smoked duck with?

Smoked duck is a versatile protein that pairs well with many different ingredients. 

It goes excellent with sides like roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, or wild rice. You can also make delicious salads by adding smoked duck to mixed greens and other vegetables of your choice. 

If you’re looking for something more indulgent, try serving it with creamy risotto or polenta and a warm sauce. 

You could also incorporate smoked duck into pasta dishes or sandwiches for a delightfully smoky flavor. There are so many options when it comes to pairing smoked duck with other ingredients, so get creative and experiment!


What vegetables do you serve with duck?

When serving duck, vegetables like roasted potatoes, carrots, turnips, parsnips, and Brussels sprouts are great choices. 

You can also add some steamed green beans or asparagus for a little more color. 

Consider adding roasted butternut squash or honey-glazed acorn squash. Adding some kind of sauteed or stir-fried greens like kale or spinach is an excellent way to get some extra nutrients into your meal. 

For a flavor boost, try adding some fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme during the roasting process. 

Don’t forget about mushrooms — they pair especially well with duck! Whatever vegetables you choose to serve with

What sides go with duck breast?

When it comes to sides that pair well with duck breasts, the options are practically endless. 

Classic accompaniments for a roasted or pan-seared duck breast include creamy mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed green beans, or other seasonal vegetables like Brussels sprouts or cauliflower. 

For a more flavorful option, consider pairing your duck breast with a crunchy salad, such as a kale and roasted almond salad, or a fruity side dish like an apple chutney. 

You can also serve it with classic starchy sides like couscous, quinoa, or rice. 

Try glazing your duck breast in a sweet-and-savory sauce or basting it in a honey-mustard glaze to make the most of the flavor. The sauce’s sweetness will pair perfectly with the saltiness of the duck and any sides you choose. 

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