31 Perfect Pairs to Serve with Sorbet For dessert

Who doesn’t love a sweet, refreshing treat after dinner? There are so many delicious ways to serve up a scrumptious dessert course when serving up sorbet! 

But what should you serve with your sorbet? The key is to think about what flavors will complement the sorbet you chose. 

Let me help you to customize the best match for your special occasion that will have your guests cheering about their experience! 

Create a night that is truly memorable with My delicious food and beverage selection to serve with Sorbet for Dessert. 

In a short answer- 

Serve with Fresh Fruit, Top it Off with Nuts and Seeds, Add Some Syrup, Shortbread cookies, Waffle cones, Sliced fresh fruit, Macarons, Granola, Chocolate syrup, Crumbled cookie pieces, Toasted walnuts, or almonds, Graham cracker crumbs, Coconut flakes, Blueberry and Vanilla, Peaches and Cream, Sweet-salty pretzel, Lemon and Raspberry, Mango and Coconut, Chocolate Chip Mint, Apple Pie Crumble, Gingerbread Cookie Dough, Caramelized Banana Split, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, White Chocolate Pear Parfait, crushed meringues, cookies, Candied fruits, Ice cream, chopped plums, Grapefruit and Pomegranate, cheese plate, ginger snaps.

What is Sorbet? What does Sorbet taste like?

Sorbet is an icy dessert made from sweetened water and flavoring, usually fruit juice or purees. 

Sorbets are non-dairy. The taste of sorbet varies greatly depending on the ingredients used in its creation, but typically it has a light and refreshing flavor similar to that of sherbet or ice cream.

Common sorbet flavors include raspberry, mango, passion fruit, lemon, lime, orange, strawberry, and coconut. 

10 Different types of Sorbet and Pairs

1. Coconut sorbet with fresh mango and pineapple slices.

2. Chocolate-covered strawberry sorbet bites with a side of dark chocolate sauce.

3. Mango, lime, and basil sorbet served with a sprinkle of crushed graham crackers on top.

4. Raspberry ripple sorbet topped with toasted coconut flakes and almonds.

5. Citrus sorbet served in a hollowed-out orange half sprinkled with chopped walnuts and grated lemon zest for garnish.

6. Sorbet sundae featuring layers of raspberry, mango, lemon, and lime flavorings spooned into individual glasses or bowls. It is topped off with dollops of whipped cream and colorful sprinkles.

7. Salted caramel sorbet paired with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of toasted hazelnuts.

8. Peach melba sorbet featuring layers of peach and raspberry sorbet topped with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream and crunchy almond flakes.

9. Mocha almond fudge ice cream served on top of creamy vanilla bean-infused sorbet for an indulgent combination.

10. Banana split featuring scoops of pineapple, mango, cherry, lemon, and lime sorbets topped with fresh bananas, chocolate sauce, and colorful sprinkles for the ultimate cool dessert experience!

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Ingredients for Your Homemade Sorbet Treats 

1. Start with quality ingredients: 

Whenever you’re making homemade sorbet, it’s important to start with the best ingredients possible. Fresh fruits and purees are ideal for a delicious and healthy treat. 

When selecting produce, choose those that are in season for the freshest flavor. Consider buying organic when available as well, as this will help ensure your sorbet is free of pesticides.

2. Look for pre-made fruit purees:

If you don’t have enough moment or energy to prepare your own fruit purees from scratch, look for pre-made versions instead. 

Many grocery stores now carry ready-to-use purees specifically designed for frozen treats like sorbet and ice cream. These can be great time savers and can help you create a delicious dessert quickly.

3. Choose the right sweetener: 

When selecting a sweetener for your homemade sorbet, consider both taste and health benefits. 

Agave syrup is an excellent option as it has a mild flavor that won’t overpower the natural fruit flavors of the sorbet. 

Honey, cane sugar, and maple syrup are all suitable alternatives as well.

4. Add flavorings: 

To enhance the overall flavor of your homemade sorbet, try adding extracts like almond or vanilla to give it a more complex flavor profile. 

You could also add spices like cinnamon or nutmeg for an extra special touch. Just be sure to only use small amounts, as too much flavoring can ruin the mixture.

5. Consider adding extras:

If you’re feeling excited, you can try adding extra ingredients like nuts, chocolate chips, or candied fruit to your sorbet mixture. 

These additions will add flavor and texture to your dessert and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Just be sure not to use too much of any one type of ingredient, as this could cause the mixture to become too thick or thin.

31 Perfect Foods to serve with Sorbet for Dessert

1. Serve with Fresh Fruit 

Fresh fruit is always a great accompaniment to sorbet. If your sorbet has a fruity flavor, go for fruits that will enhance the taste of your dish. 

Fresh fruit is always a great accompaniment to sorbet. If your sorbet has a fruity flavor, go for fruits that will enhance the taste of your dish. 
Fresh Fruits

Try serving raspberry or strawberry sorbets; serve them with some fresh blueberries and raspberries

Or, if you have lemon or lime-flavored sorbets, try adding some sliced kiwis and oranges to your dish. You can also mix and match fruits depending on the flavors of your sorbets.

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2. Top it Off with Nuts and Seeds. 

Nuts and seeds are an excellent way to add texture and crunch to your desserts. 

If you’re serving chocolate or caramel-flavored sorbets, try adding some crushed hazelnuts or almonds on top of each scoop of ice cream. This will give your guests something extra special! 

For vanilla-flavored or other lightly flavored sorbets, sprinkle some chia seeds or sesame seeds over each scoop before serving up the dishes. 

This will add an interesting nutty flavor that everyone will love! 

3. Add Some Syrup 

A drizzle of syrup over each scoop of sorbet can make a world of difference in terms of taste and presentation. 

Chocolate syrup pairs perfectly with chocolate-flavored desserts, while caramel sauce goes wonderfully with vanilla-flavored ones.

Chocolate syrup pairs perfectly with sorbet
Chocolate syrup

You can also try adding some honey or maple syrup for a more natural sweetness that won’t overpower the flavors of your dessert course. 

For those who like their desserts extra sweet, try adding some whipped cream too! The possibilities are endless! 

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4. Shortbread cookies

Shortbread cookies are the perfect treat to go with a sorbet. The sweetness of the cookie offsets the tartness of the sorbet and creates an indulgent flavor combination.

5. Waffle cones

A classic favorite, waffle cones go great with a scoop of sorbet inside! This is an excellent way to get some crunchy texture with your creamy dessert.

6. Sliced fresh fruit

Picking up some in-season fruits at your local farmers market will take your sorbet from good to great! Fresh fruit adds natural sweetness and adds bright colors for presentation.

7. Macarons

Macarons make for an elegant match for your sorbet. The chewiness of the macaron balances nicely with the smooth texture of the sorbet.

Macarons make for an elegant match for your sorbet.

8. Granola

Sprinkle a tablespoon of granola onto your sorbet for a crunchy and flavorful addition. This is a great way to add some protein to this otherwise sweet dessert!

9. Chocolate syrup

A drizzle of chocolate syrup over a scoop of sorbet adds an irresistible flavor combination. Be sure to use high-quality dark chocolate for maximum deliciousness!

10. Crumbled cookie pieces

If you have leftover cookies after making shortbread, crumble them up and sprinkle them on top of your sorbet for extra deliciousness!

11. Toasted walnuts or almonds

Give your sorbet a nutty crunch by toasting some walnuts or almonds and sprinkling them over your dessert.

12. Graham cracker crumbs

Turn up the flavor of your sorbet with graham cracker crumbs! This adds a nice smokiness to balance out the sweetness of the ice cream.

13. Coconut flakes

For a truly tropical twist, top your sorbet with coconut flakes! The nuttiness of the coconut pairs beautifully with this icy dessert.

14. Blueberry and Vanilla

Blueberry sorbet is a classic flavor that pairs perfectly with vanilla ice cream to create a luxurious dessert. 

Blueberry sorbet is a classic flavor that pairs perfectly with vanilla ice cream to create a luxurious dessert. 
vanilla ice cream

The sweet blueberries and creamy vanilla create a tantalizing combination that will make everyone’s mouth water. 

The contrast of colors can also make for an impressive presentation that will have guests asking for seconds.

15. Peaches and Cream

Soft, juicy peaches are the perfect complement to cool, creamy sorbet. 

Whether you combine them together in one serving or serve them separately, the pairing of this classic flavor combination is sure to be a hit at any dinner party. 

For those who want some extra texture, add some crushed nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, on top for a delightful crunch!

16. Lemon and Raspberry

If you’re looking for something zesty and tangy, then look no further than this citrusy-tart duo! 

A scoop of tart lemon sorbet followed by a scoop of raspberry ice cream creates an irresistible flavor combination that is sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. 

It also looks great when served side-by-side, making it ideal for special occasions too!

17. Mango and Coconut

If you’re after an exotic twist on traditional sorbet flavors, then why not try out mango and coconut?

This tropical pairing features the sweet taste of mango combined with the nutty notes of coconut – it’s like having summer in your bowl all year round! 

Plus, both flavors work equally well when heated up in crumbles or pies, too – so why not give it a go?

18. Chocolate Chip Mint

Everyone loves chocolate chips – but who knew they could pair so well with minty sorbets too? 

This unique combination is sure to delight even the pickiest eaters. 

Serve it up as two scoops side-by-side, or mix them together for an indulgent treat that will leave guests wanting more!

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19. Apple Pie Crumble

Apple pie is a timeless classic – so why not transform it into a delicious dessert by combining it with some sorbet? 

Start by scooping out some apple pie filling onto each plate before topping it off with some cinnamon-spiced apple sorbet – yum! To add even more texture, sprinkle over some oats or granola before serving – divine!

20. Gingerbread Cookie Dough

Take gingerbread cookies to the next level with this delectable pairing! Start off by baking your favorite gingerbread cookie dough recipe before crushing up the cookies into small pieces. 

Then top off each bowl of gingerbread sorbet with these delicious bits before indulging in this comforting winter warmer!

21. Caramelized Banana Split

Who doesn’t love banana splits? 

Well, now you can kick things up several notches by swapping out regular ice cream for caramelized banana-flavored sorbet. 

– trust me when I say this is one dessert that won’t disappoint! Top off your creation with melted chocolate sauce and chopped nuts for added decadence – yum!

22. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Sweet strawberries combined with tart rhubarb create an amazing flavor profile – especially when combined with strawberry rhubarb pie-flavored sorbets like these ones from Gifford’s Ice Cream Co. 

For an extra zip of special touch, top each bowl off with some homemade streusel crumbles – deliciousness awaits!

23. White Chocolate Pear Parfait

This indulgent parfait combines white chocolate pear-flavored sorbets along with chunks of poached pears in honey syrup – talk about decadent perfection! 

For added richness, drizzle over some heavy cream or melted white chocolate once assembled – either way, it’s guaranteed to make any dinner party something special indeed!

24. Crushed meringues

Serve crushed meringues with sorbet, fruit, and raspberry coulis. 

Alternatively, use meringue as a topping for an indulgent trifle. For something a bit more savory, make meringue nests filled with bacon, egg, and cheese as an appetizer or light meal. 

Meringue can also be used to decorate cakes and bakes – crumb them over the top of cupcakes or layer them into classic French desserts like mille-feuille and Saint-Honoré cake.

25. Cookies to serve with sorbet

Cookies are a great way to balance out the light, bright flavors of sorbet. 

Consider serving shortbread cookies, ginger snaps, or oatmeal raisin cookies with your sorbet. 

You can even make a chocolate-dipped version of one of these cookie varieties. To help keep the dessert light and refreshing, opt for smaller cookie bites than full-size cookies. 

You can also consider incorporating other sweet ingredients into your cookies, such as chopped dried fruits or nuts, for an added layer of flavor and texture. 

26. Candied fruits 

Candied fruits make a delightful topping for sorbet or ice cream. 

You can find candied lemon, orange, and lime slices in most grocery stores, or you can make your own at home using fresh fruit and simple syrup. 

To make your own candied fruits, slice the chosen fruit into thin rounds and place them into a pot of boiling syrup made from equal parts sugar and water. 

Boil the pieces until they become soft and translucent, then remove them from the heat and allow them to cool before serving them with sorbet. 

For added flavor, add a splash of citrus juice when making the syrup. The sweet, tangy flavors will complement the creamy texture of your favorite sorbets perfectly!

27. Ice cream

Homemade ice cream is a delicious and classic treat to pair with sorbet. 

There are so many flavors of ice cream available, from traditional favorites such as chocolate and vanilla to more adventurous options like salted caramel or macadamia nut. 

Consider making small batches of different types of ice cream so that everyone can choose their favorite flavor. 

28. Chopped plums

Chopped plums can be a delicious and refreshing accompaniment to sorbet. 

Not only do they provide a burst of sweet juiciness when eaten together, but their tart flavor pairs beautifully with the cold and creamy texture of sorbet. 

When chopped into small pieces, plums can easily be added to many dishes to enhance flavor and nutrition. 

When served with sorbet, the natural sweetness of the plums cuts through the richness of the treatment while providing a pleasant contrast to its icy texture. 

For those searching for a healthier dessert option that still packs plenty of flavor and satisfaction, adding chopped plums to your sorbet is sure to be a hit!

29. Grapefruit and Pomegranate

Sorbet is a great accompaniment to the sweet and tart flavors of grapefruit and pomegranate. 

The light, refreshing texture of sorbet helps to balance out the richness of these two fruits. 

To serve them together, scoop out some of your favorite sorbet into individual dishes and top them with freshly cut slices or wedges of grapefruit and pomegranate. 

The combination will make for a delicious snack or dessert that your guests are sure to love! 

For an extra special touch, try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg on top for a hint of warmth and flavor. Enjoy!

30. Cheese plate

A cheese plate is an ideal side to any meal. Not only does it provide a wonderful array of flavors, textures, and colors, but it also provides an easy way for your guests to sample several types of cheese without having to purchase large amounts of each kind.

31. Sweet-salty pretzels

Serve sweet-salty pretzels with a side of sorbet for an unexpected twist on a classic snack. The salty flavor of the pretzel combined with the sweet, cold taste of the sorbet creates a delicious balance that is sure to be appreciated by all. 

Whether you choose to dip each bite into the sorbet or enjoy them together as one indulgent treat, this combination is sure to be a hit! 

Serve up this tasty snack at your next gathering and watch as your friends and family devour it. 

Do you really need some pair-up with sorbet for dessert?

Sure, why not? It’s a great way to end the meal on a light and refreshing note. You can choose from several different types of sorbets, such as raspberry, lemon, mango, and even coconut. 

Just select your favorite flavor and pair it with whatever desserts you are serving. This is an easy way to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth without overloading it with sugar or calories. 

Don’t forget to add something crunchy, like chopped nuts or crushed cookie pieces, for some added texture and flavor. 

What are the best flavors to go with sorbet?

There are many delicious flavors that work great with sorbet! Some of the most popular pairings are coconut, mango, raspberry, passion fruit, strawberry, lemon, and lime. 

You can also get creative and mix multiple flavors together to make a unique flavor combination. 

For an extra dose of sweetness, add some fresh fruit or a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top. 

What is the best way to serve sorbet?

The best way to serve sorbet is in chilled glasses. Before serving, allow the sorbet to soften at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. This will make it easier to scoop and distribute evenly into each glass. 

To add a special touch, you can garnish the top of each dish with fresh berries or herbs. If desired, you can also top the sorbet with some whipped cream or chocolate shavings for an extra-special treat! 

Another great way to dress up your dish is by using edible flowers like pansies and marigolds for decoration. 

Finally, don’t forget about presentation; arrange the ingredients on the plate in an aesthetically pleasing manner, such as alternating colors and shapes for a visually appealing result. 

Lastly, consider pairing sorbet with another dish, such as cake or pie, for added texture and flavor complexity. 

For example, if you are serving lemon sorbet, pair it with a lemon meringue pie for tartness that will cut through the sweetness of both dishes. 

Or, if you are serving raspberry sorbet, pair it with a chocolate cake for sweet contrast that will bring out the best of both desserts! 


What toppings are good on sherbet?

There are various toppings that work well on sherbet, including chopped nuts, fresh or dried fruit, coconut flakes, granola, mini marshmallows, cookie crumbles, and even chocolate shavings. 

Also, crispy cereal pieces or pretzels, honey, or caramel sauce.

Which dish should be served after sorbet?

The dish that is traditionally served after sorbet is a palate cleanser, such as a glass of champagne or sparkling cider. 

This helps to clear the palette from the intense sweetness of the sorbet and prepares you for a more savory course. 

Salads are often served after sorbet since they provide a refreshing contrast in flavor, texture, and temperature. Grilled vegetables can also be a great option after sorbet since their smoky flavors offer an interesting complement to the sweet treat. 

For something heartier, consider serving grilled fish with lemon wedges alongside some ratatouille or roasted potatoes for a balanced and delicious meal. 

What is the difference between sorbet and sherbet?

Sorbet and sherbet are both frozen desserts, but they differ in ingredients and texture. 

Sorbet is made from frozen fruit puree that has been sweetened and mixed with a liquid such as water or syrup. It contains no dairy products and often has pieces of fruit in it for added texture.

Sherbet, on the other hand, contains some form of a dairy product like milk or cream combined with flavoring agents like sugar, fruit juice, or syrups. 

It tends to be smoother than sorbet due to the presence of dairy fat. 
Both types of desserts can contain artificial flavors and food coloring to enhance their appearance. 

While sorbets tend to have more intense flavors due to the lack of dilution from dairy products, sherbets can be creamier. Both sorbet and sherbet are enjoyed by many people as a refreshing summer treat.

What is sorbet vs. ice cream?

Sorbet is a dessert that has been around for centuries and is made from fruit puree and syrup. It is typically much lighter than ice cream, with less fat and fewer calories. 

Sorbet also often contains no dairy or eggs, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions. The texture of sorbet can range from icy to creamy, depending on the amount of air incorporated into the mixture during the freezing process. 

It usually has a bright, intense flavor that comes from the freshness of its ingredients.

Ice cream, on the different hand, is a decadent treat made primarily with milk, cream, sugar, and sometimes eggs. 

Ice cream’s flavor comes largely from its ingredients but can be enhanced by added mix-ins such as chocolate chips, nuts, and fruits. 

Ice cream is usually much creamier than sorbet and has a higher fat content due to its dairy ingredients. It also contains more calories than sorbet and typically requires refrigeration or freezing to stay fresh. 

Both ice cream and sorbet can be enjoyed in a variety of ways; however, they have distinct differences that make them unique treats on their own.

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