18  Delicious Side Dishes to Serve with a Breakfast Casserole

A breakfast casserole is a perfect dish to serve on holiday mornings, family brunches, or any other special occasion.

They also provide you with plenty of leftovers. But what side dishes can you serve with your breakfast casserole?

In this blog post, I have compiled my favorite list of side dishes to elevate your breakfast casserole experience.

Whether you are a home cook looking for creative side dishes or just want to impress your friends and family at your next gathering, these tasty and satisfying side dish suggestions will undoubtedly add a brilliant touch to your classic breakfast casserole.

So, let’s get started!

A Quick solution for what to serve with a breakfast casserole –

Fruit Salad, Muffins or scones, Hash Browns, Smoothies, Yogurt Parfaits, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Smoked Salmon, Roasted Potatoes, Bacon, Sausage Links, French Toast Casserole, Scrambled Eggs, Caramelized Onions, Grilled Vegetables, Corn Bread, Biscuits, Avocado Toast, Pancakes.

What is breakfast casserole? What does breakfast casserole taste like?

Breakfast casserole is a popular breakfast dish that typically combines eggs, cheese, and some type of meat like bacon or sausage with bread or potatoes.

It’s a one-dish meal that makes preparing breakfast easier, especially for those who have early morning commitments. The dish can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator to make it even more convenient.

As far as taste goes, breakfast casserole will vary depending on the ingredients used and how they are cooked together.

Generally speaking, though, it’s a savory dish with strong flavors from the eggs and cheese, combined with the saltiness from the meat and sweetness from vegetables like onions or peppers if desired.

There may also be some subtle herb flavors as well, such as oregano or thyme. All these flavors combine to make a tasty and satisfying breakfast casserole. Enjoy!

Do you really need side dishes to pair up with breakfast casserole?

Of course not! Just like any other casserole, you can serve it on its own. But if you’re looking to add a bit of variety or extra nutrition to your meal, there are plenty of side dishes that work great with a breakfast casserole.

Popular options include fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods (such as muffins or sweet bread), eggs, yogurt, bacon, sausage, and even a light salad.

Get creative and find the perfect pairing for your breakfast casserole – whatever it may be! Enjoy!

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Best foods to serve with a breakfast casserole

1. Fruit Salad

A fresh fruit salad always tastes well when served with a breakfast casserole.

You can mix up whatever type of fruits you like or go for traditional options such as apples, oranges, and bananas.

Add some yogurt, honey, or granola to give the fruit salad an extra boost of flavor and texture.

2. Muffins or scones

I just love to enjoy Muffins or scones with any breakfast dish.

Whether it’s blueberry, banana nut, or chocolate chip, muffins come in all kinds of flavors and textures that will be sure to please everyone at the table!

You can find plenty of pre-made mixes at your local grocery store if you don’t feel like making them from scratch.

But you should try making homemade muffins if you have time; they taste much better than store-bought ones.

Moreover, you can top off these treats with fresh fruit preserves or nut butter for an extra layer of flavor that matches perfectly with any breakfast casserole.

3. Hash Browns

Hash browns are another delicious side dish that pairs perfectly with breakfast casseroles. You can either make them from scratch using potatoes and onions or buy pre-made hash brown patties from the store.

If you do choose to make them from scratch, try adding some garlic powder or paprika for added flavor!

4. Smoothies

You can try Smoothies to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies without having to prepare them in advance, and it is really tasty.

smoothies is a good side to serve with a breakfast casserole

Try blending up some frozen berries with yogurt or almond milk for an easy and nutritious smoothie that goes well with any breakfast casserole.

For an extra kick of sweetness, you can add some honey or agave syrup into the mix!

5. Yogurt Parfaits

If you try Yogurt parfaits, then you can get some extra protein in your diet as well as added flavor and texture to the meal.

Start with plain yogurt and add nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews for crunchFor added sweetness, you can top off the parfait with granola and honey or agave nectar.

6. Baked Sweet Potatoes

We all know that Baked sweet potatoes offer an excellent source of vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants like beta-carotene. So, you should try this for a healthy dish.

To make them even sweeter (and heartier), sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the potatoes before baking them in the oven for about 45 minutes at 350°F.

Serve them warm alongside your breakfast casserole for an extra dose of flavor.

7. Smoked Salmon

My other favorite breakfast dish and equally popular worldwide, smoked salmon, is a perfect partner to a breakfast casserole.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and B vitamins, it adds a savory hint of smokey flavor while providing you a healthy meal.

8. Roasted Potatoes

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, roasted potatoes are an excellent side dish that tastes great with a breakfast casserole.

Not only can you easily prepare them, but it can also add a delicious crunch with each bite.

9. Bacon

What’s not to love about bacon? I know that you also love much!

Crispy and salty, bacon provides your dish great contrast to the soft breakfast casserole and is cooked up quickly on the stovetop or oven for added convenience.

10. Sausage Links

Another classic breakfast item, sausage links, is easily cooked with the casserole in the oven or skillet for an all-in-one meal.

sausage links are good side to serve with a breakfast casserole
Sausage Links

Here you can choose leaner options, such as turkey sausage, for increased health benefits without sacrificing flavor.

11. French Toast Casserole

You can welcome French Toast Casserole in your kitchen.

Another type of casserole altogether, French toast casserole, is made from cubed bread soaked in egg mixture before baking in the oven for several minutes until golden brown and crisp.

It’s a sweet addition to any breakfast plate that goes especially well with typical savory dishes like breakfast casserole.

12. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a delicious choice when looking for something quick and easy yet tasty to add to your breakfast spread, including breakfast casserole dishes.

scrambled eggs are good side to serve with a breakfast casserole
Scrambled Eggs

You can either make them ahead of time or whip up them up quickly while your other items cooked in the oven – even better!

13. Caramelized Onions

Onions might not always come first when picking sides but caramelizing them creates an entirely new level of flavor intensity that couples perfectly with hearty dishes like breakfast casseroles!

The sweet caramelized onions add depth and complexity that elevates your simple meal from good to great!

14. Grilled Vegetables

If you’re looking for something a little lighter than meat-based options, then grilled vegetables are definitely worth considering as well!

Try grilling peppers, mushrooms or zucchini slices quickly over medium heat before adding them onto your plate next to some freshly made eggs or bacon – mmmmmm….

15. Corn Bread 

I tried this many times to enjoy breakfast casserole.

Soft yet slightly crunchy on the top, cornbread makes a tasty addition to any meal, especially those where cheese is used–which explains why it goes so well with most types of omelets and hashes alike–it’s simply yummy!.

corn bread is a great side to serve with a breakfast casserole
Corn Bread 

Not only enjoyable but also wheat free, this side dish will leave everyone at your table feeling happy after eating it!

16. Biscuits 

Flaky, buttery biscuits straight from the oven… need I say more? The couple particularly well with pork dishes such as sausages or bacon.

Or even both if you want even more indulgence added into your morning feast—either way, no one will be complaining about lack of carbs here!.

17. Avocado Toast 

A relatively newer invention in comparison to most dishes listed above, this one has nonetheless become extremely popular way faster than anyone would have predicted–it’s simply too delicious, not too!.

avocado toast is a good dish to serve with a breakfast casserole
Avocado Toast 

Combining fresh avocado slices over the top and some lightly charred bread brings out amazing flavors, plus its high content in healthy fats makes it both nutritious AND yummy, so why not try some today?

18. Pancakes 

Last but certainly not least, pancakes make a tasty side dish if you’re looking for something sweet rather than savoryfluffy pancakes topped off with syrup or honey are surefire hits among kids big alike!.

Plus, if you decide on making them yourself rather than buying them pre-made, you can easily make them in a variety of shapes and flavors–the possibilities are truly limitless!.

What are the best flavors to go with breakfast casserole?

When it comes to a breakfast casserole, there are many different flavors that can be incorporated into the dish.

Some of the best flavors for breakfast casserole include savory herbs like rosemary and thyme, as well as sweet spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Cheese is also a classic addition to any breakfast casserole, with popular options being sharp cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and feta cheese.

Bacon or sausage can add some smokiness and richness to the dish, while vegetables such as mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, spinach or broccoli add a pop of flavor and texture.

Finally, don’t forget about adding some crunch with croutons on top. The possibilities are truly endless.

How do you jazz up breakfast casserole?

One way to jazz up a breakfast casserole is by adding some extra ingredients. For example, you can add a variety of vegetables like mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and garlic for added flavor.

You can also add cooked bacon or sausage for an extra protein boost.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more sweetness, try adding diced apples or pears. And don’t forget to top your creation off with shredded cheese!

Another great way to spice things up is to use different types of cheeses, such as feta or blue cheese, instead of the traditional cheddar.

Finally, if you’re looking for that special something, drizzle some hot sauce or sriracha over the top before baking for an added kick of flavor.

Experiment with different combinations, and you’ll be sure to find a breakfast casserole that’s perfect for your tastebuds!

How do you display breakfast casserole on a platter?

When you’re ready to serve your breakfast casserole, place it in the center of a platter. Arrange some fresh seasonal fruits or berries around the edges for a beautiful presentation that will make the meal even more inviting. 

You can also garnish with herbs like parsley or mint for an added pop of color and flavor.

Serve with hot toast, warm biscuits, buttered croissants, coffee and juice — a simple yet comforting start to any day! Enjoy!

FAQs on what to serve with a breakfast casserole

Q1. How much breakfast casserole per person?

It will depend on how much food you need to serve. A general rule of thumb is to plan for an about one-half cup (or 4 ounces) of casserole per person.

If you are expecting more people, or if you want to have leftovers, you may want to make more. To determine the amount of breakfast casserole needed for a group, simply multiply the number of servings by 0.5 (or 4 ounces).

For example, if you need to serve 10 people, then you would need 5 cups (40 ounces) of breakfast casserole. Keep in mind that this amount can vary depending on individual appetites and desired portion sizes.

Q2. Can breakfast casserole sit in the kitchen all night, or should it be refrigerated?

It is not recommended to leave the breakfast casserole in the kitchen all night, as it should be refrigerated. After cooking the breakfast casserole, any leftovers should be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated within two hours of preparation.

If the cooked casserole has been sitting out for more than two hours, it should be discarded. This is true even if it was kept at or below room temperature during that time. Storing cooked food that has sat out too long can increase the risk of food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses. Refrigerating your breakfast casserole will help to keep it safe for consumption and prevent any food safety issues from arising.

Furthermore, you should use leftovers within four days to ensure they are still safe to eat. If you have leftovers that have been refrigerated for four days or more, it is best to discard them. Taking these precautions will help keep your breakfast casserole safe and delicious for consumption.

Q3. How do you keep breakfast casserole from drying out?

One way to keep breakfast casserole from drying out is by adding a layer of cheese on top. Cheese helps to add moisture and flavor to the dish. Additionally, you can brush the top of the casserole with melted butter or olive oil before baking it, as this will help to create a golden-brown crust that locks in moisture.

Finally, you can also try adding vegetables such as mushrooms and peppers, which will help to increase the amount of moisture in the dish. This can be especially beneficial if you are using lean meats such as turkey sausage. Adding some extra liquid, such as milk or half-and-half, in your recipe can also help keep it from drying out.

Q4. Is breakfast casserole good reheated?

Yes, breakfast casserole can be reheated in the oven or microwave for a delicious meal. It is best to store any leftovers in an airtight container and consume them within two days of cooking. If you’re planning to reheat it in the oven, preheat the oven first and then place the casserole dish on the center rack.

Make sure to cover it with a lid or foil so that it doesn’t dry out while baking. The baking time will depend on how much food is inside; usually, 10 minutes at 375°F should do it. If using a microwave, make sure that your container isn’t too large; heat it in 30-second intervals until everything is hot enough.

Q5. How long can you keep a breakfast casserole in the fridge before baking?

It is recommended that you eat a breakfast casserole within 2-3 days of preparing it. If you need to store the casserole for longer, it can be kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days before baking.

However, it is important to note that some ingredients may spoil after being stored for too long and could affect the taste or texture of your casserole. Therefore, it’s best to bake and consume your breakfast casserole as soon as possible post-preparation. Enjoy!

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