13 Best and Delicious Dishes to Serve with Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken sandwiches are a quick and easy meal that many of us enjoy. From fried chicken sandwiches to grilled chicken sandwiches, there are many ways to enjoy this classic dish. 

Whether you’re making crispy chicken sandwiches, or classic chicken salad sandwiches, choosing the right-side dishes can make all the difference. 

A great side dish can elevate your chicken sandwich to a full and satisfying meal. But what to serve with chicken sandwiches?

If you’re looking for the perfect side dishes to complement your meal, look no further! In this blog post, we’re going to cover some amazing dishes to serve with chicken sandwiches. 

These side dishes are easy to make, delicious, and sure to please even the pickiest eaters in your family.

What is chicken sandwich? What does chicken sandwich taste like?

A chicken sandwich is a type of sandwich typically made with either grilled or fried chicken filets, along with various toppings and condiments. It can be served on a bun, wrap, or toast. 

chicken sandwich

The taste of the sandwich depends on the type of ingredients used; for example, it may have a savory and tangy flavor if it includes pickles or mustard or be sweet and smoky with BBQ sauce. 

Additionally, different herbs and spices can also give a variety of flavors to this classic dish.

13 Best Sides to serve with chicken sandwiches

1. French Fries 

French fries are an ideal classic side dish for burgers and chicken sandwiches. They are crispy and salty and go perfectly with a chicken sandwich. 

French Fries

You can cook French fries in the oven, on the stove, or even in an air fryer. Serve them piping hot with your sandwich.

2. Coleslaw 

Coleslaw is an absolutely refreshing side dish that pairs perfectly with a chicken sandwich. 


It’s best when made from scratch, but you can also buy pre-made coleslaw from the store. The cabbage and carrots provide a nice crunch, while the dressing is tangy and creamy.

3. Mac and Cheese 

Mac and cheese is a simple but delicious side dish that goes great with chicken sandwiches. 

Mac and Cheese

You can make it from scratch or buy the boxed version. Either way, it’s a comforting and satisfying addition to your meal.

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4. Potato Salad 

Potato salad is a traditional side dish that’s perfect for picnics and barbecues. It’s a mixture of cubed potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, onions, and a creamy dressing. 

The addition of bacon, celery, or pickles can add extra flavor and crunch.

5. Sweet Potato Fries 

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to French fries, try sweet potato fries. 

sweet potato fries

They have a natural sweetness that pairs well with the savory chicken sandwich. You can cook them in the oven or air fryer for a crispy texture.

6. Baked Beans 

Baked beans are a perfect classic side dish that pairs well with grilled chicken sandwiches. 

The sweet and savory beans complement the smoky flavor of the chicken. You can make them from scratch or buy canned versions from the store.

7. Corn on the Cob 

Corn on the cob is an ideal summer favorite that pairs well with grilled chicken sandwiches. 

It’s sweet and juicy with a nice crunch. You can grill it or boil it and add flavored butter or spices for extra flavor.

8. Green Salad 

Green salad is a refreshing side dish that pairs well with chicken sandwich. 

Green Salad

It’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients and can be customized to your liking. You can add a variety of veggies, nuts, and dressings for extra flavor and texture.

9. Potato Chips 

Potato chips are a quick and easy side dish that goes well with any sandwich. 

They’re salty and crispy and can be bought in a variety of flavors. Serve them in a bowl or on a plate for an easy and satisfying side dish.

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10. Grilled Vegetables 

Grilled vegetables are a healthy and delicious side dish that accompanies well with any protein. 

Grilled Vegetables

You can grill a variety of veggies, like zucchini, bell peppers, and onions, for a medley of flavors. Drizzle them with olive oil and seasonings for an extra pop of flavor.

11. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a healthy and tasty way to round out your chicken sandwich meal. 

To prepare, simply toss sweet potato wedges with olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast them in the oven until they’re caramelized and tender.

12. Garlic Fries

If you’re looking for a side dish that’s crispy, salty, and just plain delicious, then garlic fries are the way to go

Toss hot and crispy fries with fresh garlic, parsley, and sea salt for a tasty treat.

13. Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit salad is a healthy and refreshing way to round out your meal. 

Fruit Salad

Add a variety of berries, melons, and citrus fruits to your salad to make it colorful and delicious.

What are the best flavors to go with chicken sandwich?

A chicken sandwich is a classic option that pairs well with a variety of flavors. 

For those looking for a traditional, savory flavor, adding mayonnaise or mustard to the sandwich is an easy way to bring out the deliciousness of the chicken. 

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to add some bolder flavors, try topping your sandwich with sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, creamy avocado slices, crunchy coleslaw, or piquant pickles. 

chicken sandwich

Some other great toppings include crispy bacon bits, jalapenos for extra heat, tangy sun-dried tomatoes, or even some garlic herb spread for an extra layer of flavor. 

With all these options available, there are plenty of ways to make your chicken sandwich truly unique.

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How do you jazz up chicken sandwich?

There are lots of ways to jazz up a chicken sandwich! Some ideas include adding toppings like bacon, avocado, tomatoes, or roasted red peppers for a bit of crunch and flavor. 

You could also opt for sauces such as pesto mayonnaise or buffalo sauce to give it an added kick. For added texture, you can try adding some sliced almonds or crushed cashews on top. 

Lastly, you could add a sprinkle of freshly grated cheese for extra flavor and creaminess. Enjoy your delicious jazzed-up chicken sandwich!

How do you display chicken sandwich on a platter?

To display a chicken sandwich on a platter, start by taking two slices of freshly-baked white bread and spreading a layer of mayonnaise onto the top of one slice. 

Place thinly sliced cooked chicken breast onto the mayonnaise-spreaded piece of bread. 

Add lettuce and tomato slices on top, and then cover with the other piece of bread. Secure the sandwich with toothpicks if desired. 

Arrange the chicken sandwiches on a large platter in an aesthetically pleasing way, such as alternating slices of tomatoes, lettuce and bread. 

chicken sandwich

Sprinkle parsley leaves or other herbs to add color and decoration to the platter. 

Accompany the platter with condiments such as ketchup, mustard, pickles or olives for added flavor. 

Serve with potato chips or French fries for a delicious meal that’s sure to please!

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5 healthy sides for chicken sandwich

A chicken sandwich is a classic and versatile meal that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. To make it even healthier, here are five flavorful sides to pair with your chicken sandwich:

1. Salad

A bright and refreshing salad featuring crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers – all tossed together with a light vinaigrette dressing for added flavor.

2. Roasted sweet potatoes

Cut into wedges and seasoned with herbs like rosemary or thyme, these potatoes make an excellent side for your sandwich.

3. Roasted Brussels sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted to perfection with olive oil and garlic, these flavorful sprouts are high in fiber and vitamins A and C.

4. Steamed or sautéed green beans

Packed with iron, vitamin K, and folate, these beans are a great way to get extra veggies in your diet without sacrificing taste.

5. Sautéed mushrooms

Sautéed Mushrooms

Lightly cooked in olive oil or garlic butter for an earthy flavor that perfectly complements the flavors of the chicken sandwich.

cold chicken sandwich ideas

1. Herb-Crusted Chicken Sandwich

Start with some fresh chicken tenders coated in a blend of herbs like oregano, thyme, and rosemary. 

Combine these with a piece of focaccia bread toasted to perfection and spread with garlic aioli. 

Top the sandwich off with crispy lettuce, tomato slices, and pickle chips for an extra layer of flavor.

2. Greek Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich takes classic Greek flavors and puts them into a zesty chicken sandwich.

Greek Chicken Sandwich

Grill up some chicken breasts that have been marinated in a mixture of oregano, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and red pepper flakes. 

Assemble the sandwich on a pita pocket with creamy tzatziki sauce, feta cheese crumbles, chopped cucumber and tomatoes for an explosion of flavors in every bite!

3. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Make sure your taste buds are ready for this fiery sandwich! Marinate some chicken breasts in hot sauce before grilling it up until it’s nice and juicy. 

Place the cooked chicken onto two pieces of toasted brioche buns and top it off with blue cheese dressing, shredded carrots and celery for the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. (Recipe)

4. Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

If you enjoy savory, smoky flavors, this is just the ticket! 

Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

Start by marinating boneless chicken thighs in your favorite barbecue sauce, then cook it over medium heat on the grill until it’s charred yet tender inside. 

Pile it high on a sesame bun slathered with more barbeque sauce, crunchy romaine lettuce and thinly sliced red onions for an all-American classic!

5. Crispy Bacon wrapped Chicken Sandwich

This one is sure to fill you up! Take some grilled chicken breasts and wrap them in crispy bacon strips before placing them onto a pretzel roll with melted cheddar cheese slices for an added layer of flavor and texture. 

Add tomato slices, lettuce leaves, avocado slices or any other desired topping for a truly indulgent experience!

6. Hot Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich

Create an unforgettable sandwich by coating grilled chicken breasts in honey mustard before setting them aside to cool down slightly so that when it’s time to build the sandwich, it’s still hot from the grill but not too saucy or greasy either! 

Load this dreamy combination onto thick slices of country-style white bread along with crisp lettuce leaves or baby spinach leaves–a delicious treat awaits!

7. Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich

Layer grilled chicken breast fillets onto whole wheat pita breads spread generously with hummus.

Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich

Then add shaved brussels sprouts tossed lightly in balsamic vinaigrette for an unexpected crunch factor, followed by sliced cucumbers to bring out all those Mediterranean flavors even further!

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What soup goes with chicken sandwiches

When you’re looking for the perfect side to accompany your delicious chicken sandwich, consider one of these seven soups

Each of them offers a unique flavor profile and will add an extra layer of tastiness to your meal.

Start off with a classic tomato soup. This bright red soup is filled with savory flavors and goes great with a chicken sandwich. 

Tomato soup

Try adding some diced bell peppers or some freshly grated Parmesan cheese for an even more flavorful twist.

If you’re looking for something creamy, give French onion soup a try. 

Caramelized onions blended together with cream and beef broth make this soup both comforting and delicious when paired with a chicken sandwich. 

Top it off with melted cheese for an extra special indulgence!

Minestrone is another great option when it comes to pairing soups with chicken sandwiches. 

Filled with plenty of vegetables, beans, and pasta, this hearty soup can fill you up fast while still providing tons of flavor. Add some spicy sausage or pancetta to make it even more flavorful!

Try out something different with Thai coconut curry soup! Sweet coconut milk contrasted with spicy green curry paste makes this soup an interesting addition to your meal that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

Stir in additional vegetables like carrots, broccoli, or mushrooms if desired.

For classic comfort food lovers out there, try having your chicken sandwich alongside some creamy potato leek soup. 

potato leek soup

The combination between potatoes, leeks, butter and cream creates an incredibly smooth texture that, when combined with your favorite poultry-filled sandwich, is sure to please any palate!

For those who love a bit of spice in their meals, give black bean chili a try! 

This full-bodied chili is made from black beans cooked together in chili powder and other flavorful spices that provide just the right amount of heat without being too overwhelming.

Finally, top it all off by trying white bean garlic puree soup as well! 

Soft white beans blended together into a velvety puree are made even better by adding fresh garlic cloves and herbs like oregano or thyme for added aromatics and flavor depth.

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Wrap Up On what to Serve with chicken sandwiches

There you have it, some quick and amazing side dishes that you can serve with your chicken sandwiches. 

From roasted sweet potatoes to garlic fries, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

Whether you’re looking for something healthy or indulgent, you’re sure to find a side dish that complements your chicken sandwich perfectly. 

So next time you’re making chicken sandwiches for dinner, consider adding one of these delicious side dishes to make your meal complete. Happy cooking!


How much chicken sandwich per person?

Assuming that everyone will have one chicken sandwich, it is recommended to plan for one chicken sandwich per person

This way, you can ensure that everyone will have an equal amount of the delicious meal. 

The chicken sandwich consists of a freshly toasted bun filled with succulent grilled chicken breast and flavorful vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. 

Additionally, creamy mayonnaise and tangy mustard give the sandwich a unique flavor profile. 

All of these ingredients come together to make a truly unforgettable meal that is sure to satisfy any appetite!

What are good side dishes to serve with chicken and dumplings?

Chicken and dumplings are an ideal classic comfort food dish. It pairs well with several side dishes that can round out the meal and add an extra layer of flavor. 

Some great sides to serve with chicken and dumplings include roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes, green beans, fresh salads, coleslaw, sautéed mushrooms, or warm bread like cornbread or biscuits.

Root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, turnips and sweet potatoes are full of flavor when roasted in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper. 

The veggies will caramelize slightly in the heat and add a unique depth to your meal that complements the hearty flavors of chicken and dumplings.

Mashed potatoes are also a great accompaniment for this dish as they provide a creamy texture that balances the more dense ingredients in the chicken and dumplings. 

You can use regular white potatoes or opt for something more interesting, like garlic mashed potatoes or sweet potato mash, to give your plate an extra layer of flavor.

Green beans are also a good choice for this dish as they are fresh yet still have some substance to them, so they don’t get lost amidst all the other flavors on your plate. 

Try sautéing them in olive oil with garlic before adding them to the spread for an extra kick!

Salads are always welcome on any dinner table as they provide freshness along with important vitamins and minerals. 

A simple side salad offers a light crunch that goes perfectly with this comforting dinner while adding nutrients to your meal, like Vitamin K from spinach or Vitamin C from tomatoes. 

Coleslaw is another option – make yours tangy by adding cider vinegar or spicy by adding chili powder – both ways offer an extra depth of flavor that pairs nicely with chicken and dumplings.

Sautéed mushrooms may seem like an odd addition, but their savory umami flavor really helps round out this dish.
Use any type you prefer, be it button mushrooms or something more exotic like shiitake mushrooms – just sauté them up in butter until slightly browned, then season with salt and pepper to taste! 

Finally, nothing rounds out a dinner quite like some warm bread.

Try serving homemade cornbread made with honey butter alongside your chicken and dumplings for added sweetness or freshly baked biscuits for a touch of indulgence!

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