16 Top and Delicious Dishes to Serve with Wonton Soup

Wonton soup is a delicious and popular dish that has become a staple in Chinese cuisine. 

The dish is made with wontons which are stuffed with ground pork and shrimp and served in a savory broth. It’s a perfect dish for cold winter evenings.

The savory broth, stuffed wontons, and fresh greens create a perfect equity of flavors and textures that can leave you satisfied for hours. 

But if you want to take your wonton soup to the next level, you need to pair it with complementary side dishes. So, what to serve with wonton soup?

Fear not! We’re sharing some quick and amazing dishes to serve with wonton soup that will elevate your dining experience to new heights. 

Whether you’re hosting a party, cooking for your family or simply craving a delicious meal, these dishes are guaranteed to impress your taste buds.

What is wonton soup? What does wonton soup taste like?

Wonton soup is a Chinese soup dish that features dumplings filled with savory ingredients such as pork, shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables. 

wonton soup

The dumplings are cooked in a broth, usually an umami-rich chicken or vegetable stock. 

The flavor of wonton soup is typically savory and slightly sweet due to the incorporation of seasonings like soy sauce and sugar. 

It also often has hints of ginger and garlic for extra depth of flavor. 

The texture of the soup can vary depending on how long it’s been cooked, but generally, it should be slightly thick from the starch in the dumpling wrappers.

16 Best Sides to serve with wonton soup

1. Fried Rice

Fried rice is an ideal classic side dish that makes a great addition to wonton soup. 

Fried Rice 

Its savory flavor and crispy texture perfectly complement the soup’s subtle flavors.

2. Stir-Fried Vegetables

Stir-fried vegetables offer a perfect balance of color and nutrition to your meal. 

Stir-Fried Vegetables

You can use any veggies you like, but I recommend using bell peppers, snap peas, and broccoli for a mouthwatering and healthy side dish.

3. Steamed Dumplings

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, steamed dumplings are a classic. They are soft and chewy and make excellent side dishes to wonton soup. 

You can fill them with pork and vegetables in a beef or chicken broth, or get creative and experiment with different fillings!

4. Chinese Chicken Salad

Chinese Chicken Salad is another great addition to your meal. It’s a light and refreshing salad that is perfect for cleansing your palate. 

Chinese chicken salad

The salad is made with grilled chicken, fresh greens, and a sweet sesame-ginger dressing.

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5. Potstickers

Potstickers are another popular Chinese dish that pairs well with wonton soup. 


They’re filled with pork, chicken, or shrimp and vegetables, then pan-fried until crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. (Recipe)

6. Crab Rangoon 

Crab Rangoon is an appetizer that is perfect as a side dish. This fried wonton is filled with a creamy mixture of crab meat, cream cheese, and spices. 

It’s crispy on the outside and warm and smooth on the inside.

You can also check out the perfect sides to serve with crab Rangoon.

7. Scallion Pancakes

A scallion pancake is a savory pancake that is made with scallions, oil, and flour. 

This crispy pancake is scrumptious and makes a great addition to your soup, adding a crispy crunch to your meal.

8. Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are excellent to serve with wonton soup.

Spring Rolls

They are deep-fried or baked until crispy, and they can be filled with pork or chicken, vegetables, or any other ingredients of your choice, making an excellent and tasty addition to your soup.

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9. Sesame Noodles 

Sesame noodles are tossed in a savory sesame sauce dressing that makes them enjoyable and simply delicious. 

You can serve sesame noodles hot or cold, and they are perfect for pairing with wonton soup.

10. Edamame

If you want a lighter and healthier option, edamame is your answer.


These soybeans are steamed and lightly salted as a snack. They’re a great way to enjoy something healthy to complement your soup.

11. Steamed Rice

Steamed rice is the absolute side dish for wonton soup as it absorbs the broth and adds a complementary texture to the meal. 

Steamed Rice

You can opt for simple white rice or more flavorful varieties like jasmine or sushi rice.

12. Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are another classic Chinese side dish that pairs well with wonton soup. 

Egg Rolls

These crispy rolls filled with vegetables, meat, and noodles provide a flavorful contrast to the soup.

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13. Noodle Salad

A refreshing and healthy noodle salad can add color and flavor to your meal. 

You can make it with thin rice noodles, cucumber, and carrots and dress it with a simple vinaigrette.

14. Soy Sauce Eggs

Soy Sauce Eggs are boiled eggs steeped in soy sauce, and spices are a traditional Chinese snack that can be served as a side dish with wonton soup. 

They are an easy and delicious way to add protein to your meal.

15. Crispy Tofu

Crispy tofu is a vegetarian side dish that pairs well with wonton soup. 


It provides a contrast in texture and a source of protein that can make your meal more satisfying. (Recipe)

16. Szechuan Cucumbers

Szechuan Cucumbers are spicy and tangy cucumbers marinated in garlic and chili oil and are a perfect side dish for wonton soup. 

They provide a unique flavor and a refreshing crunch that will complement the savory soup.

What are the best flavors to go with wonton soup?

Wonton soup is a deliciously comforting dish that pairs well with a variety of flavors. 

To accentuate the savory flavor of the broth, many people find that adding some sweetness, such as sugar or honey, can be a great compliment. 

For an added kick, garlic or ginger are also excellent options. 

To give it more depth, consider adding mushrooms, soy sauce or oyster sauce to the mix for a salty and umami flavor. 

You could also try different herbs, such as cilantro, for a fresh note or add chili oil for some heat. 

Lastly, green onions are a must-have for garnishing and providing an extra burst of flavor!

wonton soup

How do you jazz up wonton soup?

To jazz up wonton soup, you can add fresh herbs such as cilantro or parsley to the broth. 

You can also incorporate different vegetables such as mushrooms, bok choy, carrots and kale for extra flavor and texture. 

For a spicier variant of the soup, red chili peppers or sriracha sauce can be added. Toppings like scallions, sesame seeds and soy sauce can also help enhance the flavor of your wonton soup.

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How do you display wonton soup on a platter?

To serve wonton soup on a platter, begin by arranging the cooked wontons in an attractive pattern. 

A ring of wontons can be placed around the circumference of the platter with more wontons in the center. 

For a fancier presentation, create small mounds of noodles with some wontons nestled on top. 

wonton soup on a platter

Drizzle some chili oil or sesame oil and garnish with fresh herbs like scallions or cilantro for added color and flavor. 

To make it look even more inviting, sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over the top and intersperse with slices of fried garlic and freshly julienned carrots or bell peppers. 

Finally, garnish the platter with lemon wedges and chili flakes to give the dish a bright boost of flavor.

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Warp Up on what to serve with wonton soup

Wonton soup is a delicious and satisfying meal that can be enhanced with the right side dishes. 

These quick and amazing dishes we’ve shared in this blog post can add a new dimension of flavor, texture, and color to your soup and take your dining experience to the next level. 

From steamed rice to pan-fried dumplings, crispy tofu to spicy cucumbers, these dishes are easy to make and guaranteed to impress your guests or family members. 

So next time you make wonton soup, try pairing it with one of these amazing side dishes and enjoy a truly satisfying meal.


How much wonton soup per person?

An average serving of wonton soup is about 8 ounces or 1 cup
This means that if you are serving 4 people, you will need about 32 ouncesor 4 cups, of wonton soup. 

You can also adjust the amount depending on how hungry your guests are and how hearty of a meal you want to serve. 

For a lighter lunch or snack, one cup per person may suffice. For a heavier meal, two or more cups per person may be necessary.

how to cut bok choy for wonton soup

Cutting bok choy for wonton soup is relatively simple. 

First, you’ll want to wash the bok choy and pat it dry with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. 

Then, cut off both the root end and the leafy top, and discard them. 

Cut each stalk in half lengthwise so that you have two long halves. Slice each half into thin strips, about 1/4 inch wide. 

Finally, roughly chop the thin strips into small pieces. This will make it easier to stuff your wonton wrappers and get a nice texture in your soup when everything cooks together!

What are the crunchy things that come with wonton soup?

The crunchy items typically found in wonton soup are deep-fried wontons. 

These golden-brown morsels of deliciousness provide a unique texture and flavor to the otherwise smooth and savory soup. 

Other common crunchy elements that often accompany wonton soup are crispy noodles, fried onions or garlic, and sometimes even crunchy vegetables such as bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, or bean sprouts. 

Whichever ingredients you opt for, they will add an additional layer of flavor and texture to your delightful wonton soup!

What meal are wontons usually served at?

Wontons are typically served as a soup, in which the wonton wrappers are stuffed with various ingredients and boiled in a savory broth. 

This dish is usually served during Chinese meals as an appetizer or as part of a larger meal. 

Wontons can be made with beef, pork, shrimp, or vegetables as fillings and often feature delicate spicing such as ginger, garlic, pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce and spring onions.
The soup version is usually served with light but flavorful broths such as chicken stock or pork-based stocks. Variations also include crispy fried wontons for added texture and flavor.

Are wontons usually boiled and served?

Wontons are usually boiled and served in a soup or broth. They may also be steamed, deep-fried, or pan-fried. 

Wontons are Chinese dumplings made of a thin pastry wrapper that is filled either with pork, shrimp, beef, or vegetables. 

The wonton’s shape can vary between regions; some may be square, triangular, or crescent-shaped. 

In Cantonese cuisine, the wrapper is usually very thin and delicate so that it cooks quickly when boiled and is tender when eaten.
However, for northern Chinese cuisine and Japanese, gyoza wrappers are thicker, so they hold up better to cooking methods such as frying. 

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