26 Perfect Side Dishes to Complement Your Chicken Wings -Easy and tasty

Chicken wings are a classic dinner option that offers a perfect balance of flavor and texture. Whether you prefer them hot and spicy, sweet and savory, or somewhere in between, they’re sure to please everyone at the table.

They are also cooked in so many different ways.

If you’re baking, frying, or grilling your wings, it’s important to have delicious side dishes that will perfectly complement the flavors of your wings.

That’s why I am here with some of my favorite sides to serve with chicken wings for dinner.

A quick solution on what to serve with chicken wings for dinner

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Best side dishes to serve with chicken wings 

Chicken wings make for a delicious dinner option, but they need tasty side dishes to accompany them in order to create a complete meal.

Here is our list of 26 delicious side dishes that pair perfectly with chicken wings! Hopefully, these will give you some ideas for how to serve your next batch of wings – happy cooking!

1Vegetable sides for chicken wings

When it comes to pairing chicken wings, vegetable sides are a great complement due to their contrasting flavors and textures.

Some of the best vegetables for enjoying with chicken wings include crunchy celery sticks, either plain or with blue cheese or ranch dressing; carrot sticks, which add a sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the savoriness of the wings.

And roasted potatoes, which can be seasoned in a variety of ways depending on personal preference. Other options include coleslaw, pickles, and even roasted Brussels sprouts.

When cooked and seasoned properly, Brussels sprouts can provide an earthy flavor that stands up nicely against the boldness of the chicken wings.

No matter what combination you choose for your side dishes, try to keep it simple but flavorful.

For example, season your carrots with some olive oil, salt, garlic powder, and pepper for a quick and easy side dish that will bring out the flavors in your wings.

When making coleslaw, opt for a simple vinegar-based dressing over mayonnaise-based dressings to prevent any unwanted sogginess.

Finally, when roasting potatoes or Brussels sprouts, be sure not to overcook them, so they stay nice and crispy when served with the wings.

2. Starch Options

When it comes to starch options for serving alongside chicken wings, there are plenty of choices.

Baked potatoes or smashed potatoes make great choices because they soak up all the delicious sauce from the wings while still offering a nice crunchy texture.

Rice is also very versatile; you can make a fried rice dish with vegetables or keep it simple with just white or brown rice.

For something more unique, try making quinoa pilaf, which pairs well with bold flavors like buffalo-style chicken wings.

3. Sauce Accompaniments

Of course, no plate of chicken wings is complete without some sauce!

If you’re serving hot sauce on the side, make sure you have some accompaniments such as celery sticks and ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing for dipping – this will give your meal an extra kick of flavor that everyone will enjoy!

Another great option is BBQ sauce – this can be served alongside traditional Southern-style baked chicken wings for added flavor and texture.

4. Potato Salad

One of my favorite Potato salads is a great accompaniment for chicken wings because it helps to cut through the spiciness of the wings. 

potato salads is a great accompaniment for chicken wings
Potato Salad

The creamy texture and delicate flavor of potato salad make it an ideal side dish, and there are so many variations to choose from.

From traditional mayonnaise-based recipes to lighter options like Greek yogurt-based salads, there is something for everyone.

5. Vegetable Medley

For a more health-conscious option, try serving your chicken wings with a vegetable medley.

You can mix together whatever vegetables you like—such as mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, carrots, and spinach—and roast them in the oven until they’re tender and lightly browned.

This is an easy way to get your family to eat their veggies while still enjoying their favorite chicken wings!

6. Fruit Salad

For a sweet contrast to salty chicken wings, try making a fresh fruit salad. Use whatever fruits are in season, or add some dried fruit for extra sweetness.

You can even add a drizzle of honey or balsamic vinegar for extra flavor.

Fruit salads are also a great way to get kids involved in meal preparation since they can help mix all of the ingredients together!

7. Baked Sweet Potato Fries 

A delicious and healthier alternative to regular fries, sweet potato fries are perfect for dipping in your favorite sauces or enjoying on their own.

With their natural sweetness, they also pair well with the spicy flavor of chicken wings.

8. Roasted Root Vegetables 

A mix of carrots, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, and other root vegetables roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with herbs is a delicious side dish for any occasion, especially when served with chicken wings.

9. Grilled Asparagus 

Try this option for chicken wings. Marinated in a mixture of garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil and then grilled over high heat until just tender, asparagus adds a fresh flavor to an otherwise heavy meal.

10. Cornbread Muffins 

Hearty cornbread muffins make a great accompaniment to chicken wings because they provide you carbohydrates to balance out the protein from the wings. 

Additionally, the sweetness of the cornbread compliments the spicy flavor of the wings perfectly!

11. Coleslaw 

The creamy tanginess of this classic side dish is a perfect contrast to the richness of chicken wings.

coleslaw give a perfect contrast to the richness of chicken wings

It’s also incredibly versatile; you can add different herbs and spices or top it with hot sauce for a whole new taste experience!

12. Homemade Biscuits 

I always prefer Flaky biscuits as they are delicious and served plain or even better when smothered in butter or honey butter.

Moreover, they’re sure to be a hit at any dinner table featuring chicken wings!

13. Garlic-Parmesan Potatoes 

Parmesan cheese gives these oven-roasted potatoes an extra burst of flavor that complements the crispy texture and spiciness of chicken wings nicely!

And since they’re made with minimal ingredients, they’re also easy to prepare ahead of time, so you can enjoy them quickly after frying up your wings!

14. Broccoli Salad 

This cool salad is easy to make and full of crunchy vegetables like broccoli and red onion, which give it some much-needed balance when served alongside fried foods like chicken wings.

broccoli salad  is a great accompaniment to serve with chicken wings
Broccoli Salad 

Adding bacon pieces gives it an extra tasty zing that your guests will love!

15. Peanut Noodle Salad 

An unexpected twist on an old favorite, peanut noodle salad combines cooked noodles with crunchy vegetables such as bell peppers and cucumbers, plus peanuts for an extra nutty flavor, which pairs perfectly with chicken wings.

Top it off with a sweet chili sauce for added interest!

16. Fried Macaroni & Cheese Balls 

You can’t go wrong combining two favorite comfort foods into one amazing side dish – deep-fried macaroni & cheese balls are sure to be a hit at any gathering featuring chicken wings!

They’re crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, providing you both texture and indulgent creaminess that’s hard not to resist!

17. Grilled Zucchini 

Zucchini slices seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic make a delicious side dish to rich dishes like chicken wings.

Plus, they’re incredibly easy to prepare and take very little time to cook – you just toss them on the grill for a few minutes until they’re tender and golden brown!

18. Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

Crispy roasted Brussels sprouts are an excellent accompaniment to chicken wings because of their earthy sweetness, which really complements the spicy flavors of the wings.

Plus, roasting is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy this superfood vegetable, so it’s a win-win situation all around!

19. Baked Potato Wedges 

If you’re searching for a healthier alternative to traditional fries, these crisp potato wedges are a great option.

Simply cut potatoes into wedges and bake in the oven until golden brown – they’ll be the perfect companion to your chicken wings!

20. Garlic Green Beans 

Fresh green beans cooked with garlic, oil, and herbs provide you a nice crunchy, savory flavor that pairs deliciously with chicken wings.

Plus, you can customize it based on what spices or seasonings you have on hand – so get creative and see what unique flavors you come up with!

21. Sweet Potato Fries 

If you’re looking for another healthy side dish to serve alongside your chicken wings, sweet potato fries are a great choice.

They’re full of vitamins and minerals, plus the natural sweetness of the potatoes pairs perfectly with the spicy flavor of wings.

22. Garlic Bread 

This classic side dish is sure to be a hit at any table! Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, garlicky toast makes an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of fried foods, such as chicken wings.

garlic bread  is a great side to serve with chicken wings for dinner
Garlic Bread 

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Plus, it’s super easy to make – just brush slices of bread with melted butter and garlic powder and bake until golden brown!

23. Caesar Salad 

The crispness of lettuce combined with a creamy dressing created a perfect contrast when you served it alongside fried foods like chicken wings – try adding some croutons for extra crunch!

caesar salad  is a good accompaniment to serve with chicken wings
Caesar Salad 

24. Roasted Carrots & Parsnips 

A great way to enjoy your veggies, carrots, and parsnips roasted with olive oil and herbs, make a delicious side dish for chicken wings.

Plus, they are packed with nutrients that provide you essential vitamins and minerals – so you can feel good about adding them to your plate!

25. Pasta that goes with chicken wings

Chicken wings are an incredibly popular dish, and they go particularly well with pasta! A classic combination is chicken wings and spaghetti, as the rich, savory flavors of the wings pair perfectly with the pasta’s comforting texture.

For a more unique pairing, you can consider trying baked ziti with chicken wings.

The ziti absorbs some of the flavors from the sauce on the chicken wings while still providing a satisfyingly chewy texture.

Alternatively, penne alfredo is another great option for pairing with chicken wings – its creamy sauce complements the savory flavor of the dish.

No matter what pasta you choose to serve with your chicken wings, it will surely make for an unforgettable meal!

26. Rice to go with chicken wings

Rice is a great accompaniment to chicken wings as it provides a filling, nutritious base to the meal. Plus, its mild flavor can complement the spicier flavor of the chicken wings.

There are many different types of rice available, including white and brown varieties.

White rice is the traditional choice; however, brown rice offers more nutritional benefits due to its higher fiber content, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

For those looking for an extra punch of flavor with their meal, wild or basmati rice can be substituted for added texture and taste.

When preparing the rice, it is important to cook it properly so that it is not undercooked or too mushy. Boiling water before adding the raw rice helps bring out its full flavor and texture.

Serve up a steaming hot side of rice with your delicious chicken wings for an unforgettable dinner!

What are the best flavors to go with chicken wings?

Chicken wings are a classic American favorite, and the possibilities for flavors are endless.

Some of the most popular and well-loved flavors to pair with chicken wings include barbeque, buffalo, garlic parmesan, honey mustard, sweet & sour, teriyaki, and Thai chili.

Barbeque is a classic flavor that pairs perfectly with chicken wings; its smoky flavor complements the fatty richness of the chicken wings.

Buffalo sauce is also a well-known companion for chicken wings; this spicy sauce can be as mild or as hot as desired and takes chicken wings to the next level.

Garlic Parmesan is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more mellow flavor; the combination of garlic and cheese enhances the savory taste of the poultry.

Honey mustard is another tasty option that offers a balance between sweetness and zestiness.

To satisfy those with an affinity for tangy flavors, sweet & sour sauce provides just enough acidity to make it addictive. 

Similarly, teriyaki’s slightly sweet flavor gives chicken wings an Asian flair that’s hard to resist.

For those looking for something with more heat, Thai chili sauce is an ideal choice; this fiery condiment will definitely leave your taste buds tingling!

How do you jazz up chicken wings?

There are many ways to jazz up chicken wings! One way is to marinate the wings in your favorite sauce or seasoning blend and then bake them until golden brown.

You can also spice up the dish with a variety of herbs and spices, such as cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Another option is to toss the cooked chicken wings in a flavorful glaze made from honey or hot sauce for some added sweetness.

Finally, top off your creation with freshly chopped green onions and some crumbled blue cheese for an extra flavor boost! Enjoy!

How should chicken wings be served?

Chicken wings can be served in a variety of ways, depending on personal preference. They can be grilled, fried, baked, or even roasted.

Grilling gives the wings a smoky flavor and crunchy texture, while baking results in crispy skin and juicy meat.

For those who prefer their wings fried, they will get a golden-brown exterior with a soft and tender inside.

Roasting is another popular technique for preparing chicken wings; it produces meat that is juicy and tender with crispy edges.

To add extra flavor to the wings, marinades or sauces can be used before cooking.

Additionally, different spices or herbs can be added to give the wings an extra punch of flavor.

With so many different ways to prepare chicken wings, everyone can enjoy this classic finger food in their own unique way!

Lastly, I can tell you that no matter how they are prepared, chicken wings are a great addition to any meal and can be enjoyed by your friends and family alike.

Whether it is an appetizer at a party or the main course of a meal, chicken wings are sure to please!

So why not try something new today and get creative with your favorite recipes for chicken wings. Bon appétit!

Wrap up on what to serve with chicken wings 

With these suggested side dishes in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making an amazing dinner featuring delicious chicken wings!

No matter what types of flavors you decide to go with – spicy or sweet – these sides will complement your main course perfectly.

So don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun in the kitchen as you experiment with different flavors and recipes! Bon appétit!

FAQs on what to serve with chicken wings 

Q1. What is the best cooking method for wings?

The best cooking method for wings is to bake or grill them. Baking the wings allows them to cook evenly on all sides and keeps in the natural juices, while grilling adds a smoky flavor that can’t be replicated any other way.

For bonus points, finish by lightly tossing cooked wings with your favorite sauce before serving. Enjoy!

Q2. Should I boil wings before frying?

When frying chicken wings, it is important to consider pre-cooking them first. Boiling the wings prior to frying can help keep them juicy and tender, as boiling helps to release some of the excess fat and proteins, which can make fried chicken tough.

Boiling also helps to cook the wings more evenly, which prevents some from burning while others are undercooked. Additionally, pre-boiling can help reduce the amount of time needed when frying in order to get a fully cooked result.

This technique is often used in Asian cooking, where boiled chicken wings are then deep-fried until crisp on the outside. Seasonings or sauces such as teriyaki or honey garlic are often added during this step for extra flavor.

If you choose to boil the wings before frying, aim for an internal temperature of around 160°F (71°C) before transferring them into hot oil or butter. This will ensure that they’re cooked through before you add any additional seasonings or sauces.

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