27 best & easy sides to Serve with Escargot @ Try it now!

Escargot is a French delicacy that’s often enjoyed at fine dining establishments. However, it’s also possible to enjoy this tasty treat from the comfort of your own home.

The garlic and butter flavors in escargot have a strong taste, which means they can easily overpower any dish you pair it with. 

The question is, what should you serve it with?

While escargot tastes delectable on its own, pairing it with the right side, dishes can make your meal truly spectacular.

In this blog post, I’ll explore some delicious side dishes that are sure to impress your dinner guests.

So, you just stay with me to taste all these mouthwatering combinations.

A Quick solution for what to serve with escargot –

Baguette and Butter, Roasted Vegetables, Salad, Creamy Risotto, Ratatouille, Baguette with Garlic Butter, Truffle Fries, Creamy Polenta, Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing, Soupe à l'oignon, Pâté de Campagne, Gratin Dauphinois, Mussels Marinière, Coq au Vin, Potatoes Anna, Brussels Sprouts & Bacon, Grilled Asparagus, Roasted Cauliflower, Tabbouleh, Baked Camembert and many more.

What is escargot? What does escargot taste like?

Escargot is a French dish that consists of cooked land snails served in their shells. The snails are typically prepared with garlic, parsley, and butter.

Escargot has a savory flavor with a subtle nuttiness, similar to mushrooms or clams. It can be served as an appetizer or as part of a larger meal.

Some people also enjoy escargot as a main course when cooked in sauce such as white wine and cream sauce.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try this delicious dish, make sure to buy high-quality escargot from reputable sellers.

It should be prepared by experienced chefs who understand the nuances of the flavor profile.

27 tasty sides to serve with escargot

There are many different dishes to pair with escargot to create an even more delicious meal. Here are the 27 best dishes to serve with escargot:

1. Baguette and Butter

One of the easiest and most classic side dishes that you can serve with escargot is a crusty baguette and butter.

The flavor of the escargot goes extremely well with the buttery and crunchy texture of the baguette. 

You can warm up the baguette in the oven for a few minutes and serve it with a side of garlic butter, which is a great match for the snails.

2. Roasted Vegetables

I always prefer roasted vegetables to balance the richness of escargot by serving it with roasted vegetables.

The caramelized flavors of sweet roasted carrots, onions, and squash will complement the garlic flavors of the escargot.

You can roast your veggies in olive oil, salt, and pepper before serving.

3. Salad

A light and fresh salad is also a delicious partner to escargot. A creamy Caesar salad with crunchy croutons, a tangy vinaigrette with arugula, or a classic mixed greens salad is all excellent options.

The crisp greens and refreshing fruits will complement the richness of the escargot, balancing the flavor of the dish perfectly.

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4. Creamy Risotto

If you want to elevate your escargot experience, try serving it with creamy risotto. The rich, creamy texture of the risotto pairs excellently with the tender and briny snails.

You can enhance the dish with mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

5. Ratatouille

A French classic, ratatouille is an excellent side dish for escargot. This vegetable stew is loaded with seasonal veggies such as tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, and peppers, so you should try this now.

The flavor of the stew is bright and fresh and gives the escargot an intriguing burst of flavor.

6. Baguette with Garlic Butter

The first dish just tastes so delicious, with escargot being a classic French staple, the baguette.

This crusty bread dipped in garlic butter makes a perfect coupling to the rich and buttery flavors of escargot.

Simply slice a baguette, rub it with garlic butter, and toast it in the oven. Serve warm.

7. Truffle Fries

If your taste bud wants something more decadent, try matching escargot with truffle fries. These crispy, flavorful fries are infused with the aroma of truffles, creating a rich and indulgent side dish.

You can make them at home with store-bought frozen fries and a drizzle of truffle oil. Cook the fries according to the package instructions, drizzle with truffle oil, and season with salt and pepper.

8. Creamy Polenta

I mostly welcome Polenta in my kitchen to be served as a creamy side dish or a hearty main course.

It’s made with cornmeal, water, and cheese and is enriched with cream and butter for a luxurious texture.

When served with escargot, it creates a comforting and savory combination that’s sure to please your dinner guests.

9. Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

You can consider serving escargot with a spinach salad. This salad is topped with crispy bacon and a warm bacon vinaigrette, creating a savory and satisfying flavor profile.

The acidity of the dressing cuts through the richness of the escargot for a perfectly balanced meal for your family.

10. Soupe à l’oignon 

This creamy onion soup is the perfect couple to escargot, adding depth and flavor while still allowing the snails to be the star of the plate.

11. Pâté de Campagne 

This coarsely ground pork-based terrine brings a wonderfully rich flavor that works beautifully with the escargot’s delicate texture and subtle taste.

12. Gratin Dauphinois 

A classic French dish, this potato gratin adds your plate a creamy layer of comfort food that goes perfectly with escargot’s unique flavor.

13. Mussels Marinière 

This simple but delicious dish of steamed mussels in a white wine and herb broth enhances the seafood notes in escargot and adds contrast through its use of herbs like parsley, bay leaves, thyme, peppercorns and garlic.

14. Coq au Vin 

I tried it many times to make my dish extra delicious. Simply put, this classic chicken stew in red wine adds a hearty warmth perfect for winter evenings when paired with escargot.

15. Potatoes Anna

Another classic French side dish, potatoes Anna, is made from thinly sliced potatoes layered together and then roasted until crispy on top.

Offering yet another delicious way to enjoy potatoes alongside your favorite snail dish!

16. Brussels Sprouts & Bacon 

What better way to take your snails up a notch than by adding bacon? The salty smokiness of bacon tastes perfect with earthy Brussels sprouts and makes them even more flavorful when paired with escargot!

Grilled Asparagus
Grilled Asparagus

17. Grilled Asparagus 

Not only is grilled asparagus an ideal side dish due it its crunchy texture, but it also provides some much-needed green vegetables into your meal alongside your snails!

18. Roasted Cauliflower 

Roasting cauliflower until golden gives it an amazing nutty flavor that can make your meal special — especially when served alongside escargots!


19. Tabbouleh 

If you prefer something lighter than potatoes or rice, tabbouleh is the perfect option.

This Middle Eastern salad consists mainly of parsley but can also include chopped tomatoes, bulgur wheat, onions or mint for extra flavor — making it an ideal companion for snails cooked in garlic butter!


20. Baked Camembert 

This is something indulgent yet pared down enough not to overpower your main course, then why not give Baked Camembert a try?

The melted cheese will add some creaminess whilst still allowing the flavors from the Escargots to come through clearly.

21. Garlic Bread

Who doesn’t love garlic bread? With its crisp exterior boasting sheer crunchiness and soft center oozing garlicky goodness—it’s sure to complement any snail dish well!

creamy Mashed Potato
Creamy Mashed Potato

22. Mashed Potatoes 

You can never go wrong with mashed potatoes — they are always comforting no matter what else you have accompanied them at dinner time!

Adding some herbs like sage or rosemary gives them extra depth, which works particularly well when combined with Escargots!

Fried Potatoes
Fried Potatoes

23. Fried Potatoes 

Fried potatoes provide your dish great contrast against any snail dish as they bring crunchy texture along with their mild potato flavor; plus, they are easy enough to make at home without too much effort!

24. Rice Pilaf 

Whether you prefer brown, white or wild rice, a pilaf is always a good option, adding a nutty flavor to the table while eating the Escargots’ subtle taste perfectly.

It’s also incredibly versatile, as it can be dressed up by adding your favorite veggies or herbs.

Quinoa Pilaf
Quinoa Pilaf

25. Quinoa 

If you’re looking for something on the healthier side, quinoa is the way to go; with its mild nutty flavor and light texture, it provides a great base for almost any kind of Escargot dish.

26. Farro 

For something with a bit more bite than rice or quinoa, farro has you covered.

This ancient grain is high in fiber and packs a punch with its chewy texture, which pairs very well with Escargots cooked in garlic butter! So, try it today to satisfy your taste bud.

27. Risotto 

Last but not least, risotto always makes an impressive side when you are served with Escargots as part of dinner — whether that’s mushroom risotto or one made using wild mushrooms!

The creamy texture will help balance out the escargot’s earthiness and make your meal complete.

What are the best flavors to go with escargot?

When it comes to escargot, there are a variety of flavors that can be used to enhance its flavor. Some popular options include garlic and butter, white wine and shallots, parsley and lemon, mushrooms and cream, and rosemary and thyme. 

Each of these flavors pairs well with the unique texture of escargot.

Other spices or herbs like nutmeg, oregano, tarragon, or paprika can also be used to create interesting flavor combinations for your escargot dish.

Another great way to add depth of flavor is by using some type of broth or stock in the recipe. 

Lastly, for an extra bit of richness, consider adding a small portion of cream in the sauce or gravy as well.

How do you jazz up escargot?

Escargot is a delicious and sophisticated dish that can be easily elevated with a few simple ingredients.

To jazz up your escargot, try adding some herbs and spices such as garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley or bay leaves to the butter mixture.

You can also try using different types of butter for added flavor. Adding fresh chopped tomatoes or mushrooms will provide an extra burst of flavor.

Another way to add some excitement to escargot is by serving it on crispy toast points with a dollop of crème fraiche or béarnaise sauce.

For a truly decadent dish, top the escargots with grated Parmesan cheese before baking in the oven.

Finally, serve them in a shallow dish or ramekin with a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice for an extra zing.

How do you display escargot on a platter?

When displaying escargot on a platter, begin by arranging the snails in an attractive pattern. Consider using different types of edible garnishes, such as parsley and lemon wedges, to add texture and color to the presentation.

Place the escargot shells in individual compartments on the platter for easy access when eating. Provide small tongs or forks for each diner so they can easily extract the snail from its shell.

Once arranged, you may wish to drizzle melted butter over the top of the escargot before serving. This will help keep them moist and flavorful while dining.

Conclusion on what to serve with escargot

Pairing side dishes with escargot can be tricky, but with a little creativity and experimentation, you can create exciting flavor combinations that will enhance the flavors of the dish.

Whether you choose a simple baguette and butter, a fresh salad, or a hearty stew, these side dishes will offer the perfect balance to the rich and decadent flavors of escargot.

So, why not bring home some escargot, try out these side dishes, or come up with your own and create a truly memorable dining experience for yourself and your loved ones.

FAQs on what to serve with escargot

Q1. How much escargot per person?

The general recommendation for escargot is to serve about 6 snails per person. However, the exact amount may depend on other factors, such as the type of escargot being served and how it is prepared/served. If you are serving a full meal with several courses, then you could opt to serve fewer than 6 snails per person.

On the other hand, if you are serving an appetizer course or only a few dishes, then you could choose to serve up to 10-12 snails per person. Ultimately, it is up to your personal preference and the preferences of your guests. Bon appétit!

Q2. What is the French dish with snails?

The French dish most often associated with snails is Escargots de Bourgogne. This traditional dish is typically served as an appetizer and consists of cooked escargot (snail) in garlic-parsley butter, usually placed in the shell for presentation.

Traditionally, Escargots de Bourgogne is prepared using Burgundy snails, though other varieties of edible land snails can be substituted. The escargots may also be served with a variety of sauces, including Béarnaise sauce or vinaigrette.

Escargots de Bourgogne can be found on many menus throughout France and is considered a true delicacy.

Q3. Do you eat escargot with bread?

Yes, escargot is often served with a slice of French bread to help soak up the rich garlicky butter sauce. This tasty appetizer pairs especially well with a crusty baguette or herbed focaccia.

Enjoy your escargot as an appetizer, or serve it over pasta for a unique delicacy.

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