28 Perfect Sauces to Accompany Spaetzle- Highly Recommended

Spaetzle is a traditional German dish that has been around for centuries. It consists of small soft dumplings made from flour, eggs, and water.

This delicious dish can be served as either a side or a main course. But what sauce should you serve it with?

Don’t worry; I am here to guide you about pairing the perfect sauce with your spaetzle dishes. or you can also get an idea of what to serve with Spaetzle.

So, let’s try all these beautiful combinations one by one.

A Quick solution for what sauce goes with spaetzle -

Butter, Cheese, and Herbs Sauce, Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Cheese Sauce, Parsley Butter, Roasted Garlic Sauce, Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce, Tomato Basil Sauce, Bacon Sauce, Caramelized Onion Sauce, Apple Cider Sauce, Mustard Sauce, Mushroom Gravy, Curry Sauce, Herb Butter Sauce, Sour Cream Dill Sauce, Browned Butter, Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce, Dijon Mustard Sauce, Paprika Cream Sauce, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Bacon Ranch Sauce, Pesto, Peppercorn Cream Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, Caramelized Onion Cream Sauce, Alfredo Sauce, Maple Sage Butter Sauce, White Wine Sauce.

29 Best sauces go with spaetzle

1. Butter, Cheese, and Herbs Sauce 

The most popular way to enjoy spaetzle is with butter, cheese, and herbs. This classic combination is easy to make at home and can be tweaked to suit any palate.

To make this delicious sauce, you just simply melt butter in a pan over medium heat and add grated Parmesan cheese or Gruyere cheese when the butter has melted.

Once the cheese is melted, season with salt and pepper and add minced fresh herbs such as parsley or chives if desired.

Pour this mixture over the cooked spaetzle for a tasty side dish that pairs nicely with roasted meats or fish.

2. Creamy Mushroom Sauce 

Another great option for saucing spaetzle is a creamy mushroom sauce. This flavorful sauce pairs well with almost any type of meat but goes especially nicely with pork or chicken dishes.

To create this delectable sauce, start by sautéing diced mushrooms in butter until lightly browned and then stir in some heavy cream until thickened slightly.

great option for saucing spaetzle is creamy mushroom sauce
Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Add your favorite herbs, such as thyme or rosemary, along with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese for extra flavor.

Simmer this mixture on low heat until it reaches the desired consistency before pouring it over the cooked spaetzle noodles.

3. Tomato Sauce 

You can also enjoy your spaetzle noodles tossed in a simple tomato sauce for an Italian-inspired twist on this classic German dish!

tomato sauce
Tomato Sauce 

Start by heating olive oil in a pan over medium heat before adding finely chopped garlic cloves along with diced onions and sautéing until fragrant.

Next, add canned crushed tomatoes to the pan and simmer gently over low heat until thickened before seasoning to taste with salt, pepper, oregano, basil, paprika, or other spices, depending on your preference.

Lastly, toss your cooked spaetzle noodles in this delicious tomato sauce before serving it as a main course or side dish alongside grilled vegetables or roasted meats of your choice!

4. Cheese Sauce

My all-time favorite classic cheese sauce that goes well with spaetzle is made with Emmentaler or Gruyere cheese, cream, and nutmeg.

Moreover, it’s creamy and delicious, making it a favorite accompaniment to the dish.

5. Parsley Butter

A simple butter melted together with fresh parsley, salt, and pepper gives spaetzle an amazing flavor boost. 

Just make sure to use unsalted butter for this one!

6. Roasted Garlic Sauce

This one is also an excellent pairing for you and is a delicious way to dress up spaetzle.

Simply roast garlic cloves until softened and blend them with olive oil, parsley, salt, and pepper for an amazing flavor boost.

7. Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce

For a savory and slightly spicy flavor, you can try making a gorgonzola cheese sauce for your spaetzle.

Simply melt some gorgonzola cheese in a pan with cream, butter, nutmeg, and hot pepper flakes for a flavorful finish to the dish.

8. Tomato Basil Sauce

To give your spaetzle an Italian twist, top it with tomato basil sauce.

Simmer chopped tomatoes together with fresh or dried basil leaves until thickened, and then season with salt, pepper, and a dash of sugar.

9. Bacon Sauce

For those who love bacon, try topping spaetzle with a bacon sauce made by cooking diced bacon in a pan until crisp and then adding cream to the rendered fat for an amazing flavor boost.

10. Apple Cider Sauce

Apples are always delicious with spaetzle, so why not make your own apple cider sauce for a unique twist?

Simmer together apple cider, butter, garlic, and spices until thickened to a sauce before stirring in some fresh parsley or thyme leaves.

11. Mustard Sauce

Who doesn’t love mustard? Try making your own mustard cream sauce by whisking together Dijon mustard with cream and butter for a tangy flavor that goes well with spaetzle.

Season it up with salt, pepper, and fresh chopped herbs for an extra kick of flavor!

This zesty sauce combines the flavors of mustard and cream for an unforgettable taste experience.

12. Mushroom Gravy 

For a savory touch, you can try topping your spaetzle with a mushroom gravy made from sautéed mushrooms, butter, and cream.

13. Curry Sauce 

Give your spaetzle an Asian twist by serving it with a flavorful curry sauce made with coconut milk, ginger, garlic, and spices of your choice.

14. Herb Butter Sauce 

You can try this simple yet delicious combination of butter and fresh herbs will add dimension to any spaetzle dish.

herb butter sauce is pair well with  spaetzle
Herb Butter Sauce 

15. Sour Cream Dill Sauce 

Another classic pairing for spaetzle is this creamy and tangy condiment made with sour cream, mayonnaise, minced garlic, white vinegar, chopped fresh dill, and other seasonings.

It has a mild flavor that combines the zesty tartness of the vinegar with the subtle sweetness of the herbs.

The creamy texture adds richness to dishes and can be used as a dip or side dish accompaniment.

Sour cream dill sauce pairs well with seafood such as salmon or halibut, grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, chicken wings, and more.

It can also be utilized as an ingredient in salads or sandwiches for added flavor. 

Try to Serve this delicious sauce at your next gathering for an easy yet flavorful way to enhance any meal!

16. Browned Butter 

Browned butter, also known as beurre noisette in French, is a type of clarified butter that has been heated until its milk solids caramelize and it takes on a deep golden brown color.

It has a rich, nutty flavor with hints of toasted nuts and caramel. 

Browned butter can be used as an ingredient in many dishes, from savory sauces for seafood or poultry to sweet treats like cakes and cookies.

It’s perfect for adding depth and complexity to any dish! 

When browning the butter, it’s important to keep a close eye on it since it can burn quickly if left unattended.

Once you’ve mastered the art of making browned butter, you’ll find yourself reaching for this flavorful ingredient time and time again.

17. Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce 

Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce is a rich and creamy sauce made from cream, garlic, Parmesan cheese, butter, and a blend of herbs and spices.

The flavor profile of this sauce is creamy, garlicky, and cheesy, with hints of nuttiness. It pairs perfectly with all types of pasta dishes, baked dishes, and even pizza.

This sauce can also be used as a dip or to enhance the flavor of any dish. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for busy weeknight dinners or special occasions alike.

Try adding Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce to your favorite recipes for an added layer of deliciousness!

18. Dijon Mustard Sauce 

You must try this Tangy Dijon mustard and butter to make a delicious sauce to top spaetzle. I can guarantee you that it will definitely satisfy your taste bud.

19. Paprika Cream Sauce 

Classy Paprika Cream Sauce is a creamy, savory sauce that is made by combining paprika and cream.

The flavor of the sauce is slightly sweet with a smoky, peppery undertone from the paprika. It pairs wonderfully with chicken, pork chops, or even roasted vegetables.

Paprika Cream Sauce also provides you an interesting twist on macaroni and cheese or other pasta dishes.

When served as a topping for baked potatoes or steamed vegetables, it adds depth and richness to the dish. 

This versatile sauce can be enjoyed in any number of ways and adds rich flavor to a variety of dishes. Enjoy!

20. Roasted Red Pepper Sauce 

Roasted red peppers blended into a smooth sauce are the perfect accompaniment for spaetzle dishes.

This sauce is a delicious, rich, and creamy sauce made from red peppers that have been fire-roasted to give them an added depth of flavor.

The sauce has a subtle smokiness, with underlying notes of garlic, onion, and herbs. It’s usually served over pasta dishes or as a dip for bread, vegetables, or seafood.

Some recipes may also include cumin, paprika, chili powder, vinegar, or cream for additional zing.

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce has a sweet and slightly spicy taste that pairs well with other flavors like tomatoes and olives.

Its vibrant color makes it especially appealing for presentation on the plate.

Overall its flavor profile is fresh and flavorful, making it a great choice for adding some zest to any meal.

21. Bacon Ranch Sauce 

This rich and creamy bacon ranch sauce is sure to please any palate.

It is an American-style condiment made with a creamy base of mayonnaise and sour cream combined with diced bacon, garlic, onion, and herbs.

It has a slightly smoky flavor from the bacon and a tanginess from the buttermilk in the dressing. The sauce complements many dishes from salads to sandwiches, tacos to burgers – even french fries!

For those looking for more of a kick, it can be spiced up with extra herbs or hot sauces like Tabasco or Sriracha.

Bacon Ranch Sauce adds zest and flavor to any dish that needs a little something extra!

Try using Bacon Ranch as your go-to sauce on everything from grilled octopus, and fish to roasted vegetables; its versatility makes it a great addition to any meal.


22. Pesto 

Try topping your spaetzle with homemade pesto or store-bought for an easy yet flavorful addition.

23. Peppercorn Cream Sauce 

I tried this savory cream sauce with freshly cracked peppercorns, and it added a spicy kick to spaetzle dishes. So, you can also try this combination.( Recipe)

Peppercorn cream sauce is a creamy, rich sauce made with heavy cream and whole peppercorns.

It has a subtle yet distinct flavor that can be described as savory and slightly peppery. The texture of the sauce is quite thick, adding body and depth to any dish it’s paired with.

This type of cream sauce can be served over pasta, mixed in with vegetables, or even used as a dip for chicken or seafood

While the taste is unique, people typically find it both comforting and satisfying.

Additionally, because peppercorns are so versatile, they can easily be combined with other herbs and spices to customize the flavor profile of this delicious sauce.

Honey Mustard
Honey Mustard

24. Honey Mustard Sauce 

Honey Mustard Sauce is a condiment made from a combination of honey, mustard, and mayonnaise.

It has a creamy texture with a sweet and tangy flavor that is perfect for dipping chicken tenders, vegetables, or pretzels.

The sweetness of the honey tames the spiciness of the mustard while adding some floral notes to the dish.

For an extra kick, you can add in some garlic powder or cayenne pepper. Honey Mustard Sauce is great for adding some excitement to your regular lunch or dinner routine!

Enjoy it as an accompaniment to salads, sandwiches, burgers, or wraps. You’ll be sure to love its unique flavor!

25. Caramelized Onion Cream Sauce 

Rich and creamy caramelized onion cream sauce is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Caramelized Onion Cream Sauce is a savory and flavorful condiment made from caramelized onions, cream, butter, and herbs.

It has a sweet and tangy flavor with hints of garlic and onion that pairs nicely with many dishes. The sauce is creamy in texture but still light enough to not overpower other flavors in the dish.

Caramelizing the onions adds a depth of flavor and complexity that can enhance any meal.

This delicious sauce is great on top of burgers, hot dogs, and fries or as an accompaniment to steak or poultry.

It can also be utilized as an ingredient in dips or sauces for pasta or vegetables. With its versatility and unique flavor profile, it’s sure to become one of your favorite condiments!

alfredo sauce is a good sauce to with  spaetzle
Alfredo Sauce 

26. Alfredo Sauce 

This classic white sauce made with cheese, butter, and cream makes for a delectable topping for spaetzle dishes.

27. Maple Sage Butter Sauce 

Try Maple Sage Butter Sauce, which is a delicious blend of sweet and savory flavors. It is made with real maple syrup, sage, butter, garlic, and salt. (Recipe)

The combination of these ingredients creates a creamy sauce that has a unique sweetness from the maple syrup and a subtle herbal flavor from the sage.

With its light creaminess, it pairs perfectly with poultry or pork dishes.

Its delicate flavors enhance each bite with an unforgettable taste experience that will leave your guests wanting more! Enjoy this simple yet flavorful sauce on any occasion!

white wine cream sauce
white wine cream sauce

28. White Wine Sauce 

A velvety white wine sauce is the perfect addition to spaetzle dishes for a sophisticated touch.

White Wine Sauce is an aromatic and flavorful sauce that combines white wine with butter, herbs, and spices.

It has a rich texture and a slightly sweet flavor with notes of citrus, garlic, and shallots. The complexity of the flavors makes it great for pairing with fish, chicken, or vegetables.

White Wine Sauce can be used as a base for other sauces such as Alfredo or puttanesca by adding additional ingredients like cream or capers.

It can also be served on its own over pasta or seafood dishes for added flavor. With its bright acidity and creamy richness, White Wine Sauce is sure to enhance any dish!

The taste of White Wine Sauce will depend upon the types of ingredients used in preparation.

Generally, it is a combination of sweet and tart flavors from the white wine that is balanced out by the richness of the butter.

Herbs and spices like garlic, shallots, parsley, oregano, or thyme provide an added layer of flavor.

Depending on the recipe used, there may also be hints of lemon or other citrus fruits for extra zest.

The finished product should have a pleasant balance between acidity and creaminess with just enough complexity to make each bite interesting.

Wrap up on what sauce goes with spaetzle

No matter what type of cuisine you’re searching to create at home—whether it’s Italian-inspired dishes or traditional German fare—spaetzle noodles are always sure to please!

By pairing them with one of these tasty sauces—butter, herb sauce, creamy mushroom sauce, or tomato sauce—you’ll take your cooking game up a notch and impress everyone at the dinner table!

So next time you’re making spaetzle noodles at home, don’t forget to choose the perfect accompaniment from our list above! Bon Appétit!

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