15 Top Rated Quick pairs to Serve with Scones for Breakfast

Scones are a classic breakfast pastry enjoyed by people all over the world. There are many different flavor options to choose from when it comes to scones, which means there are also many different pairing options. 

Tasty Tips for Picking the Perfect Pairing Partner

When it comes to finding the perfect dish to serve with your scones.

15 Best Side Dishes to Serve with Scones for breakfast

1. Classic Jam goes best with scones 

Jam is popular for scones, as it is sweet and tart. It can also be used to add flavor to the scones themselves. Our personal favorite type of jam to pair with scones is raspberry jam.

The combination of fluffy, buttery scones with sweet, fruity jam is simply irresistible. But what makes this classic pairing so special? Part of it has to do with the contrast in textures. 

The light, airy scones provide the perfect backdrop for the rich, thick jam. But the real key to success is in the balance of sweetness. 

Jam is popular for scones, as it is sweet and tart. It can also be used to add flavor to the scones themselves. Our personal favorite type of jam to pair with scones is strawberry jam.

The jam should be sweet enough to satisfy your craving for something dessert-like but not so sweet that it overpowers the delicate flavor of the scones. 

With these factors in mind, it’s no wonder that jam and scones have been enjoyed together for centuries.

2. Cheese served with scones

Cheese is a delicious way to add some savoriness to your breakfast scone. 

Whether it’s crumbled feta, grated cheddar, or sliced camembert, It pairs well with sweet and savory flavors. It can also help round out a meal.

3. Cream goes with scones

The cream is another classic accompaniment to scones. It is rich and flavorful, and it helps to balance out the sweetness of the scones.

4. Rich butter 

Butter might seem like an obvious choice, but it really brings out the scone flavors while adding some complexity. 

you can serve butter with the scones dish

For an extra special treat, we recommend using flavored butter; our favorite is honey butter because it pairs well with most types of scones. 

5. Light and Refreshing fruit Salad 

This option is perfect for those who want something light and refreshing to pair with their scones. A fruit salad is also great for getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. 

When putting together a fruit salad to pair with scones, we recommend using ripe and flavorful seasonal fruits. For example, some of our favorite fruits to include in a summer fruit salad are watermelon, strawberries, and cantaloupe. 

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6. Savory eggs 

If you’re looking for a heartier option to pair with your scones, look no further than eggs! Eggs are an excellent source of protein and can be cooked in many different ways. 

One of our favorite ways to cook eggs to pair with scones is sunny side up; the yolk creates a delicious sauce that brings out the flavors of the scone. 

7. Potato pancakes 

A big breakfast is a perfect way to start the day. A hearty meal will give you the energy you need to get through your morning routine and keep you feeling full until lunchtime. 

One of my favorite breakfast combinations is potato pancakes with scones. The pancakes are light and fluffy, with a slight hint of garlic. The scones are golden and flaky, with a touch of sweetness. 

Together, these two dishes make a delicious and satisfying meal. And there’s nothing better than starting the day with a delicious meal that you know will keep you going until lunchtime.

8. Decadent bacon 

Move over fruits and vegetables; it’s time to indulge! Bacon is always a good idea, but it’s especially delicious when paired with scones. 

The key here is to find balance; you don’t want your dish to be too greasy or too dry. We recommend cooking bacon until it’s crisp but not burnt. 

9. Sausage

Sausage is an excellent addition to scones if you want something hearty and filling. It pairs well with both sweet and savory flavors, making it a versatile option for breakfast.

10. Lemon curd

Tangy and sweet, lemon curd is the perfect partner for scones. It’s also lovely spread on toast or used as a filling for cakes and pastries.

Tangy and sweet, lemon curd is the perfect partner for scones. It's also lovely spread on toast or used as a filling for cakes and pastries

11. Brown sauce

There is nothing quite like a freshly baked scone with a dollop of rich, brown sauce. The sweetness of the scone pairs perfectly with the savory sauce, creating a delicious contrast of flavors. 

And although some might say that brown sauce is best reserved for lunch or dinner, I believe it makes an excellent addition to breakfast. 

Whether you are enjoying a leisurely weekend brunch or grabbing a quick bite before heading out the door, brown sauce is the perfect way to add a little something extra to your scones. 

12. Baked beans

Baked beans are a popular breakfast food in many parts of the world. While they can be enjoyed on their own, they are often served with scones. 

Baked beans are typically made with navy beans stewed in a tomato-based sauce. This combination of foods is a delicious way to start the day. The scones provide a fluffy and slightly sweet contrast to the savory beans, and the two foods complement each other perfectly. 

Whether you enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, baked beans and scones are a classic pairing that is sure to please.

13. Irish breakfast tea

Traditional Irish breakfast tea is usually served with scones, butter, and jam. The scones help to balance out the bold flavors of the tea, while the butter and jam add sweetness and richness. 

Irish breakfast tea and scones make for a delicious and satisfying meal when served together.

14. Chocolate spread

If you’re looking for something a little different, try spreading your scone with a chocolate spread. It might not be traditional, but it’s sure to be delicious!

15. Honey

Last but not least, honey is another wonderful accompaniment for scones. Drizzle it on top or use it as a dip – either way, it’ll be delicious!

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Do the British eat scones for breakfast?

While it is true that scones are often served with afternoon tea, they can also be eaten at other times of the day, including breakfast. 

In fact, many British people would argue that scones are just as suitable for breakfast as tea. 

After all, scones are typically made with relatively healthy ingredients such as flour, milk, and butter. They can be served with various toppings, such as jam or cream. 

Given their flexibility and nutritional value, it is little wonder that scones have become a popular choice for breakfast in the UK.

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