25 Best sides to serve with Dal Makhani @ Easy and tasty

The creamy, smoky flavor of dal makhani is a classic Indian dish, beloved in many households all over the world.

It’s packed full of proteins and vegetables, making it an incredibly healthy dish. But what should you serve alongside your dal makhani for a complete meal?

Don’t worry—we’ve rounded up some delicious side dishes that will complete your meal.

From traditional Indian accompaniments to creative spins on classic flavors, this list has something for everyone!

So, just stay with me to impress your guest with all these mouthwatering combinations.

A Quick solution for what to serve with dal makhani-

Jeera Rice, Naan Bread, Cucumber Raita, Vegetable Curry, Jeera Aloo, Tandoori Chicken, Raita, Cucumber Salad, Onion Pakodas, Kachori, Chutney, Samosas, Lassi, Paratha, Fried Okra, Palak Paneer, Kofta Curry, Gulab Jamun, Bhapa Doi, Paneer Tikka Masala, Bhatura, Aloo Gobi, Papadums, Plain Yogurt, Kheer.

What type of food is dal makhani, and what does dal makhani taste like?

Dal makhani is a popular North Indian dish made with black lentils, cream and butter. The lentils are cooked overnight in a traditional clay pot and then simmered in a creamy sauce the next day.

The dish is seasoned with whole spices like cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and bay leaves to give it an aromatic flavor.

Dal makhani has a thick texture with a rich taste of butter, cream and spices that make it extremely flavorful. 

It also pairs well with basmati rice or naan bread for a delicious meal.

Other than this, dal makhani can also be eaten with curry or other dishes as an accompaniment. It is a great source of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates that make it a highly nutritious dish.

Enjoy it hot with freshly cooked naan bread for a delicious meal!

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Best foods to serve with dal makhani

1. Jeera Rice 

Dal makhani is best served with Jeera rice. It is a fragrant and flavorful accompaniment to dal makhani.

This classic dish combines basmati rice with jeera (cumin seeds) and warm spices like cardamom, bay leaves, and cloves. Moreover, you could also try other kinds of rice like steamed rice, vegetable pulao or tahari (spiced yellow rice).

dal makhani is best served with jeera rice
Jeera Rice 

The result is a flavorful and aromatic base for your meal that pairs perfectly with the rich dal makhani.

It’s an easy-to-make side dish that comes together quickly and is sure to please your diners!

2. Naan Bread 

No Indian meal is finished without naan bread! Soft, fluffy naan is the perfect vehicle for scooping up every last bit of dal makhani from your plate.

When you serve warm out of the oven or tandoor, it’s an irresistible addition to the meal that will have your guests coming back for more.

For best results, you can use freshly made naan rather than store-bought varieties—you won’t be disappointed.

3. Cucumber Raita 

Cucumber Raita is one of the best partners with dal makhani. This cool and refreshing condiment may seem like an unusual addition to a spicy Indian dish – but trust me when I say it’s absolutely delicious!

Cucumber raita is made by combining cucumbers with yogurt, cumin seeds, mint leaves, and other flavorful ingredients – its light yet flavorful flavor complements the richness of the dal makhani perfectly.

Plus, it adds a welcome contrast in texture that makes this side dish stand out from other dishes served alongside dal makhani.

4. Vegetable Curry

If you want to stick with traditional Indian flavors, then you can consider serving your dal makhani with a vegetable curry.

You can make your own using whatever veggies you have on hand—try mixing in potatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers, peas, eggplant, and squash—or keep things simple by using frozen mixed veggies.

The best part about making your own curry is that you can adjust the seasoning to suit your tastes!

5. Jeera Aloo 

Jeera aloo is an Indian potato dish that can be served alongside Dal Makhani, adding a crunchy and flavorful side dish. This is a perfect match with dal makhani.

6. Tandoori Chicken 

You must try my all-time favorite tandoori chicken, which has a smoky, charcoal-infused flavor that goes perfectly with creamy Dal Makhani for a very satisfying meal.

7. Raita 

Raita is a cucumber-yogurt dip that provides a cool contrast to the heat of Dal Makhani and helps reduce its spiciness.

8. Cucumber Salad 

Another cooling side dish that goes well with creamy Dal Makhani is cucumber salad with tomato, onion, lime juice, and cilantro for added flavor and crunchiness.

9. Onion Pakodas 

Onion pakoras are crispy fritters made from besan (chickpea flour) batter fried in oil and make an excellent appetizer or side for Dal Makhani fans looking for something hearty yet light to munch on before dinner time arrives!

onion pakoras are great side to serve with dal makhani
Onion Pakodas 

So, try it today with your family.

10. Kachori 

You know! Kachori is another popular Indian snack made from dough filled with spiced peas or potatoes deep-fried until golden brown and makes a delicious accompaniment to the rich flavors of dal makhani.

11. Chutney 

Sweet or spicy chutneys can be used as a condiment to add flavor to your meal.

Additionally, Cooling mint chutney can be used as both a condiment or dip when you enjoying dal makhani, as it balances out its warmth and lends an interesting flavor profile to the meal overall.

12. Samosas 

A Spicy pairing for you. Samosas are classic Indian pastries filled with vegetables such as potatoes, peas, onions, carrots, etc., fried until golden brown perfection; these make for wonderful starters or snacks alongside your dal makhani dishes!

13. Lassi 

This is an absolutely refreshing match with Dal makhani, and you should try it also for a refreshing vibe. 

Sweet or salty lassi also helps soothe any digestive issues one may experience after consuming too much chili pepper in their meal!

14. Paratha 

Paratha is an unleavened flatbread often served with pickles or chutneys as accompaniments; additionally, parathas provide texture and bulk up meals like dal makhani making them more filling without being too heavy!

15. Fried Okra 

Fried okra may not sound like traditional fare, but this Southern staple makes for great eats alongside creamy bowls of dal makhani; okra adds some freshness while still giving you those desired crunchy bites!

fried okra is a great side to serve with dal makhani
Fried Okra 

16. Palak Paneer 

Palak paneer is another classic Indian side dish made up of spinach coupled with cubes of cottage cheese; this delightful combination complements the creaminess of your dal mhakni in every bite!

17. Kofta Curry 

Kofta curry provides depth to your dinner plate with its nutty undertones thanks to cashews blended into its tomato-based sauce.

So, you should enjoy kofta curry alongside your favorite bowl of dal makhani for a truly delicious pairing!

18. Gulab Jamun 

If you’re craving something sweet, try some Gulab Jamun! These deep-fried balls of milky dough soaked in rose syrup make for a rich and comforting dessert after your meal of dal makhani.

19. Bhapa Doi 

Bhapa Doi is an Indian steamed yogurt dessert that is creamy and sweet; it couples wonderfully with the richness of dal makhani as its lightness helps to cut through all that flavor!

20. Paneer Tikka Masala

You can try this one. Paneer Tikka Masala goes perfectly with cool, comforting dal makhani.

21. Bhatura

Fluffy fried bread is a great way to add some crunchy texture to dal makhani.

22. Aloo Gobi

Spicy potatoes and cauliflower cooked in an Indian-style curry sauce taste amazing with Dal Makhani. So, enjoy this combination with your people.

23. Papadums

These thin, crispy snacks are the perfect complement to any Indian dish.

24. Plain Yogurt

A dollop of yogurt on top of your dal helps to cool down the spiciness while adding creaminess at the same time.

25. Kheer 

Last but not least, kheer is a classic Indian rice pudding made from milk, sugar, cardamom, saffron and sometimes nuts which adds a delicious touch of sweetness to your meal of dal makhani.

kheer is a good side to serve with dal makhani

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What are the best flavors to go with dal makhani?

When it comes to pairing flavors with dal makhani, there are a variety of options that work exceptionally well.

Some popular and delicious choices include adding spices such as cloves, cardamom, cumin, coriander powder, garam masala and bay leaves to the dish.

For additional flavor and texture, you can also add diced onions or garlic for a savory taste. For some added sweetness and richness, try adding ginger-garlic paste or tomatoes.

Additionally, you could also try adding some cream or yogurt for an extra creamy finish.

Lastly, don’t forget about aromatic herbs like fresh cilantro or mint, which will round off your perfect bowl of dal makhani!

All these flavors should be blended in a way that the sweetness and earthiness of the dish are balanced. Bon Appetit!

How do you jazz up dal makhani?

There’re lots of ways to jazz up dal makhani. You can start by adding a variety of spices and herbs, such as cumin, garam masala, coriander powder, turmeric, ginger, garlic, green chilies, and more.

You can also add chopped onions and tomatoes for extra flavor and texture. 

To make it even more delicious, try adding some cashews or almonds to the dish. For an extra punch of flavor, you could also stir in some cream just before serving.

Alternatively, you could top your dal makhani with fresh herbs like coriander leaves or curry leaves for a fragrant finish. Enjoy!

How should dal makhani be served?

Dal makhani should be served hot, garnished with a dollop of butter or ghee and some freshly chopped coriander leaves.

It is most often eaten with either plain boiled rice, jeera (cumin) rice or naan bread. 

It can also be enjoyed as part of an Indian thali meal along with other dishes such as sabzi (vegetables), raita (yogurt dip), papadam and pickles.

Accompanying chutney and salads are also great for adding layers of flavor to the dish. 

For a more substantial version, you could add some paneer cubes or potatoes to the dal makhani before serving. Enjoy!

Conclusion on what to serve with dal makhani

When served together, dal makhani and its accompanying side dishes provide an incredibly flavorful and nutritious meal.

With so many options available—from white basmati rice or naan bread to salads or vegetable curries—you can easily find something that fits your tastes and dietary needs.

So next time you make dal makhani at home, don’t forget to pair it up with one of these delicious side dishes!

FAQs on what to serve with dal makhani

Q1. Which sabzi is good with Dal Makhani? ( vegetables)

A dish of Dal Makhani pairs perfectly with a variety of vegetables. Popular accompaniments for this classic Indian dish include aloo gobhi (potatoes and cauliflower), Punjabi bhindi (okra in tomato sauce), paneer butter masala (grilled cheese cubes in creamy gravy) and jeera aloo (cumin-spiced potatoes).

If you want to add some green leafy vegetables, palak paneer is an excellent choice. 

For something healthier, try steamed broccoli or spinach stir-fry, as they are low in calories and add valuable nutrition to the meal.
You can also serve Dal Makhani with flatbreads like roti, naan, or parathas. A classic caesar salad with crunchy croutons is a great side dish to serve alongside Dal Makhani too. Enjoy!

Q2. Which dal is used in dal makhani? 

The main ingredient in Dal Makhani is whole black lentils (urad dal). Urad dal is a small, round and creamy lentil with an earthy flavor. In addition, it is often combined with red kidney beans or rajma to provide additional texture and protein.

The combination of these two ingredients results in the signature creamy texture of Dal Makhani. Other spices such as onions, ginger, garlic, coriander powder and garam masala are also added to the dish for extra flavor. Lastly, the cream is stirred into the mixture at the end of cooking to give it its rich and creamy finish.

Dal Makhani is usually served with rice or roti and can be garnished with cilantro, butter or ghee for added flavor. It is a popular side dish in Indian cuisine, and it is often served on special occasions.

Q3. What to make with dal makhani? 

Dal makhani is one of the most famous Indian dishes and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas for what to make with this delicious dish:

1. Dal Makhani Curry – This classic curry is made with simmered lentils, spices, and cream. It makes a great meal when served over steamed basmati rice or naan bread.

2. Dal Makhani Soup – Transform your dal makhani into a comforting soup! The creamy flavor of the lentils pairs well with added vegetables like spinach or kale, making it an ideal light meal.

3. Dal Makhani Tacos – Spice up taco night by stuffing your tortillas with dal makhani! This dish is ideal for those who prefer a milder flavor, as the lentils provide a subtle nutty taste.

4. Dal Makhani Quesadillas – This vegetarian-friendly quesadilla makes an easy dinner when paired with a green salad. The creaminess of the dal makhani adds plenty of flavor and texture to this Mexican-inspired favorite.

5. Dal Makhani Burrito Bowls – Turn your dal makhani into an exciting burrito bowl! Top it off with your favorite toppings like avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice for a flavorful meal.

Q4. How much dal makhani per person?

Typically, it is recommended to serve approximately 1/2 cup of dal makhani per person. Depending on the size of your gathering, you may need to adjust this amount accordingly. Make sure to also have some extra on hand in case guests want seconds! Enjoy!

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