13 Best Veggies go In Seafood Boil Must Add 

Seafood boils are a great way to bring everyone together and enjoy a delicious meal. 

When preparing a seafood boil, there are 13 different types of vegetables that can create interesting flavors and textures. 

13 Best Vegetables Go In seafood Boil with Bonus tips

1. Corn

Corn is a classic choice to go in a seafood boil. It brings sweetness and crunch to the mix, making it an easy favorite for pairing with cooked seafood


Grits or rice are also great to offer as a side dish, as they provide a slightly different texture from the boiled seafood.

2. Celery 

Celery is another popular addition to seafood boils, bringing subtle flavor and crunchy texture.

Celery is another popular addition to seafood boils

It gives a bit more uniqueness; consider adding green beans or okra. Both of these vegetables add an earthy richness that helps balance out the seafood’s flavors.

Trim 1-2 stalks of celery, then cut them into 3″ pieces before adding them in with all other ingredients.

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3. Root Vegetables

Root vegetables like carrots and beets are perfect when added to seafood boil since they absorb some of the flavorful juices in which the seafood has been cooked. 

Root Vegetables
Root Vegetables

Carrots are especially tasty when paired with shrimp or lobster, while potatoes can bring a creaminess to crab or crawfish dishes.

4. Zucchini

Zucchini is also mild but absorbs flavors well, so it goes great with bolder-tasting ingredients such as scallops or clams. 

5. Mushrooms

Adding mushrooms like button mushrooms, shiitake, or cremini will help create an even more flavorful and earthy experience.


Mushrooms add earthiness and umami notes, while tomatoes provide brightness and acidity that cuts through rich sauces poured over cooked fish or shellfish dishes.

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6. Potatoes

Boiled potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to a seafood boil. 

Boiled potatoes
Boiled potatoes

Choose waxy red potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, or baby Dutch yellow potatoes for their flavor and texture. Be sure to quickly dice them into cubes before boiling them in the same pot as your seafood and vegetables.

7. Corn on the Cob

Sweet corn on the cob is another wonderful addition that offers a slight sweetness while adding more substantial texture to your seafood boil – after shucking, simply break each ear into thirds and add directly into the boiling broth with all other ingredients (about 5 minutes before everything is finished cooking).

8. Onion

sweet onion such as Vidalia can offer an excellent sweetness during cooking, while red onions add a mild pungency that compliments shellfish flavors nicely – 

sweet onion is an excellent choice for seafood boil
Sweet onion

Both can be added directly into the pot before boiling everything together in salted water over high heat until tender-crispness is achieved (about 10 minutes).

9. Bell Peppers

Colorful bell peppers bring crunchy texture and bright flavor to any seafood boil dish – choose from green, yellow, or red varieties depending on preference (be sure not to overcook these veggies, as they tend to have a more delicate texture).

10. Garlic Cloves

Add some aromatic garlic cloves along with your peppers and onions – just peel off their paper skins and toss in directly with everything else towards the end of cooking time (about 5 minutes).

11. Asparagus Spears

For added color and earthy sweetness, throw some asparagus spears into your seafood and boil about 2 minutes before it’s done so that they stay crisp and retain their vibrant green hues – chopped chives make a great addition here too!

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12. Tomatoes

To make your seafood boil even brighter and tastier, add diced fresh tomatoes right at the beginning of cooking time. 

– this will help bring out their natural sweetness while also adding some acidity and depth to the dish. 

13. Green Beans

Last but not least, green beans are an ideal vegetable choice for boiling alongside your favorite shellfish dishes. 

– just trim off any ends from each bean before throwing them into the pot about 5 minutes prior to being finished cooking altogether! 

Bonus Part


To add a fresh and zesty flavor to your seafood boil, simply cut an organic lemon into wedges and add the slices directly into the pot during cooking time. 

This helps enhance all of the other flavors and adds a hint of a bright, citrusy taste that pairs wonderfully with seafood dishes! 


Adding herbs like parsley, dill, thyme, or rosemary can create an even more flavorful seafood boil experience – 

Just grab some organically-grown herbs from your local farmer’s market or grocery store, then toss them in with everything else towards the end of cooking (about 5 minutes before done). Enjoy!


For added zing and warmth, add some of your favorite spices like paprika, garlic powder, or cumin to the seafood boil – these can be added at any point during the cooking time for a unique flavor twist! 

Hot Sauce

Finally, give your seafood boil an extra spicy kick by stirring in a spoonful of your favorite hot sauce before serving (this is especially great for those who love a bit of heat!). 

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To add a smoky and salty flavor to your seafood boil, simply cut up some bacon into small pieces and add them directly into the boiling broth with everything else. 

The bacon will cook down nicely along with all the other ingredients and help create an even richer flavor profile! 


For added protein and a touch of smokiness, add some precooked smoked sausage links to your seafood boil – just slice them into 1-inch pieces and let them cook along with all other ingredients (about 10 minutes before everything is finished). 

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White Wine

Finally, adding a splash of white wine to your seafood boil will help bring out all the other flavors even more – pour a cup in during cooking time for an extra delightful final product!

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