12 Delicious Sides to Serve with Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a meal that consists of poached eggs in a tomato and pepper stew. It is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

While the ingredients in shakshuka are usually pretty simple, there are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can serve on the side. 

Listed below are some of our favorite shakshuka side dishes.

12 Best Sides to Serve with Shakshuka

1. Bread

A nice, crusty loaf of bread is the perfect accompaniment to shakshuka. Dip it in the sauce and soak up all of the flavors. Bonus points if you toast the bread first!

2. Roasted vegetables

Roasted veggies are a tasty and nutritious way to round off dinner. We like to roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and Brussels sprouts. 

You can even roast them in the same pan as the shakshuka for easy cleanup.

3. Baked Falafel

Baked falafel is a healthier alternative to fried falafel balls. It is completed with chickpeas, herbs, and spices. 

baked falafel

Baked falafel is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It is a perfect side dish for shakshuka because it adds a crunchy element to the dish.

4. Shakshuka served with rice

Rice is a simple side dish that goes well with just about anything – including shakshuka! Try cooking up some basmati rice or Israeli couscous to serve alongside your dish.

5. Hummus

Hummus, a famous dip made from chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice, is a favorite Middle Eastern snack. It’s creamy and soothing.

Creamy hummus makes an excellent dipping sauce for pita bread or roasted potatoes.

Hummus pairs well with shakshuka because it is light and refreshing. It cuts through the dish’s richness and helps balance out the flavors.

Hummus pairs well with shakshuka because it is light and refreshing. It cuts through the dish's richness and helps balance out the flavors.

6. Baba Ghanoush

Another delicious Middle Eastern dip, baba ghanoush, is made from eggplant, tahini, olive oil, and garlic. Its smoky flavor compliments the tomatoes in shakshuka perfectly.

7. Pita Bread

Pita bread is ideal for scooping up every last bit of shakshuka. It is a soft round bread that originates from the Middle East. 

It is often used as a scoop for dips like hummus or tzatziki sauce. 

Pita bread pairs well with shakshuka because it soaks up all of the delicious sauce. Plus, its chewy texture pairs well with the creamy eggs and tomato sauce.

8. Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? A little crumbled feta or goat cheese on top of your shakshuka will take it to the next level.

9. Tzatziki Sauce

The tzatziki sauce is a Greek yogurt-based sauce made with cucumbers, garlic, dill, and lemon juice. It pairs well with shakshuka because it adds a cooling element to the dish. The acidity of the lemon juice also brightens the dish’s flavors.

10. Roasted za’atar potatoes

The earthy flavors of za’atar seasoning complement the tomatoes in the shakshuka perfectly. For an extra-flavorful dish, roast the potatoes in olive oil before adding them to the shakshuka.

11. Grilled Lamb

Grilled lamb is a traditional accompaniment to shakshuka in North Africa. The rich flavor of the lamb complements the tomatoey sauce perfectly.

12. Egyptian onion rings

These fried onions add a touch of sweetness and a crispy texture to shakshuka. They’re also incredibly easy to make – simply slice some onions and fry them in oil until golden brown!

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5 Best Salads to go with Shakshuka 

1. Fattoush salad

This is a Levantine salad made with chopped vegetables (such as cucumber, tomato, and onion), herbs (such as mint and parsley), and crispy fried pita bread pieces. The crunchy texture of fattoush pairs well with the creamy eggs in shakshuka.

2. Tabbouleh

This traditional Levantine salad is made from bulgur wheat, fresh herbs, tomato, and onion. The bright flavor of tabbouleh is a refreshing contrast to the rich shakshuka.

This traditional Levantine salad is made from bulgur wheat, fresh herbs, tomato, and onion. The bright flavor of tabbouleh is a refreshing contrast to the rich shakshuka.

3. Lebanese cucumber salad

Lebanese cucumber salad is a refreshing salad option made with cucumbers, tomatoes, mint, and lemon juice, providing a welcome contrast to the rich shakshuka.

4. Salad

A simple green salad is a great way to lighten up the meal. The acidity of the vinegar or lemon juice will help balance out the richness of the dish.

5. Fruit Salad

Fruit is a fantastic way to add sweetness and freshness to the dish. We like to serve grapefruit or orange slices on the side. You can also do a fruit salad or a fruit compote.

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What to serve with cod shakshuka?

Cod shakshuka is a delicious and healthy meal that can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The dish is made with eggs, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cod. 

While it can be served on its own, there are a few sides that can complement the flavors of cod shakshuka. 

One option is to serve it with whole-wheat toast or pita bread. This will help to soak up the flavorful tomato sauce. 

Another option is to serve cod shakshuka with a side of roasted vegetables. This combination is healthy and filling, and the roasted vegetables add a nice depth of flavor to the dish. 

Cod shakshuka can also be served with a dollop of yogurt or labnehThis will add a creamy component to the dish and help balance out the tomatoes’ acidity. 

Bottom Line- What to serve with ShakShuka

Shakshuka is a delicious one-pot meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. While it is typically served with bread on the side for dipping, many other delicious sides pair well with this dish. 

Some of our favorites include baked falafel balls, hummus, pita bread, and tzatziki sauce. What’s your favorite side to serve with shakshuka? Let us know in the comments below!


What meat to serve with shakshuka?

Bacon is a popular choice, as the smoky flavor pairs well with the acidity of the tomatoes. Another option is chorizo, which adds a spicy kick to the dish.

What bread goes with shakshuka?

Flatbread and Pita bread are the perfect choices to go with Shakshuka.

What to serve with shakshuka for breakfast?

When it comes to presenting shakshuka for breakfast, there are numerous delectable choices.

For a classic shakshuka, I like to serve it with crusty bread for dipping and a simple green salad on the side. 

If you’re looking for something heartier, try serving shakshuka with roasted potatoes or a hearty grain like quinoa or farro. And, of course, no shakshuka is complete without a sunny-side-up egg on top! 

For an exceptional breakfast, top your shakshuka with fresh herbs, feta cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil.

What to eat with shakshuka for dinner?

Shakshuka is a hearty dish often served for breakfast, but it can also make a great dinner. The key to a good shakshuka is to use fresh, flavorful ingredients. 

Start with a base of sautéed onions and garlic for the best results. Then add your favorite vegetables, such as bell peppers, eggplant, or zucchini. 
Once the vegetables are cooked, add in the eggs and let them set until they are cooked to your liking. Ultimately, top with fresh herbs and serve with warm pita bread.

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